Dressed-Up Sneakers feat. Marcus Troy

August 20th, 2013

Fellow Canadian Marcus Troy is an expert in bringing fashion bloggers together with fashion brands.

“I consider myself a content creator who works with brands to enhance consumer experiences… I started consulting with the PROJECT tradeshow two years ago when I created the BLOGGER PROJECT – my way of connecting the right editors with the vast number of brands on display at the show.”

At the show Marcus is all business, which means networking throughout the convention center and being on his feet for three straight days. Therefore, dressing-up a sharp pair of sneakers is his ideal look.

Here’s what he wore for the three-day show.

1. Camo Crazy


“I like the idea of tonal looks, like a navy suit & navy shirt… but adding a disruptive pattern like a silk camouflage tie & pocket square.”

For years menswear editors and bloggers have been preaching “never wear a matching tie and pocket square”, but here Marcus kind of pulls it off. Does this “rule” perhaps have exceptions?


As a creative business person in the fashion industry Marcus has to stay a on-trend, making the camo briefcase a perfect bag for him.

“The camo briefcase is a great conversation piece.”


The best sneakers to wear with a suit are low-cut, sleek (not chunky) and minimal in design.

“The silhouette of these leather sneakers by Benjamin Daedfyshe is specifically designed to wear with a suit.”


2. New School Blue Blazer


“My style is often inspired by Tokyo, my favorite city in the world. I think the Japanese are some of the most stylish people and I make it a point to be in Japan every year for inspiration.

I also try to incorporate some Tokyo influence into my looks…here it’s the Kapital pin on my blazer.”


“I recently started wearing nato straps as bracelets which is my new thing. Who needs a watch when my phone tells me the right time!”

Featuring other stylish people is always a great source of conversation. For example, I’m a watch lover (I feel naked without one) but more and more guys are using gadgets to tell the time, like Marcus. What do you think?


Hard to go wrong with white low-top canvas sneakers, especially limited editions.


3. Navy’d Out


“This is a look that I can wear pretty much anywhere. It’s serious but relaxed at the same time…”


As you may know, we’re big advocates of monochromatic looks, and navy blue.

Here Marcus keeps it navy down to his blue suede shoes.


Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Marcus for participating.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford

  • Wes

    Look 2 is definitely my favorite. The NB sneakers sort of ruin look 3 for me, but hey. That’s how it goes sometimes.

  • Lee

    I think Marcus pulled off every look lovely, dude has mad style. I love traditional classic wears as much as the next man and yes “traditionally” wearing sneakers with a power suit is not the way to go. But adding a personal twist like Marcus did is always fun to see. As long as the articles of clothing are tailored and measured nicely to your body then you can practically go awol with the rest, just my opinion.

  • yoko

    I love how super crisp and clean his outfits feel. Sporty yet sophisticated and awesome color combos, with eccentric details. His outfits feels fresh in an enviroment where everything has been about americana and vintage stuff for a long time. Just the way I would like to dress.

  • Dani

    This was awesome! I really liked the first and second looks, and the cut of his trousers (always kinda a place where, with sneakers+higher end top half, you wanna get spot on).

    Marcus seems to brilliantly understand colour. No, he’s not understated. Why should he be?

  • Tom

    theres so many diff type of sneakers, so saying “sneakers” with a suit is too broad. I mean there are athletic sneakers meant for performance like fly knits, nike free, adidas clima cool…the you have sneakers that arent really sneakers lol like vans and ish, then there are classic retros in diff brands like NB, Adidas stan smiths, Nike AF1 lows & blazers, etc, then you have the whole high end designer sneaker route with LV, gucci, balenciaga etc…

    so when someone says you can wear “sneakers” with suits, it is VERY VERY important that they specify.

    I didnt even mention jordans or yeezys lol dont get me started..

    great post though…Dan let me know your thoughts bro

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    Maybe it’s because Dan has almost always (if not always) had a watch on in his posts, or because there was an entire post on obtaining a great time piece but this post is very relatable to me only because I feel the same way about the “phone instead of watch” deal, and I’m only saying this part because the TSB audience has had a great deal to speak on it. It feels good to see someone step out and simply say “hey I use my phone for time, and???” As for the sneakers with a suit, GQ put out an article in their magazine that suggested this look, BUT had they not exposed this I still would have rocked with it because it’s made for the “on the go” type such as Marcus Troy who’s always on his feet. It’s a streamline/modern look made for the modern day suit. Everyone’s style isn’t for everyone. Great exposure Dan! Great work and photography.

  • Ben

    Pretty funny story:
    I work at the Club Monaco store in Montreal. As I was looking at this post I realized that Marcus looks incredibly familiar and then it dawned on me that I actually sold him the blazer and polo that he is wearing in Look 2. I remember him being a really nice and cool guy, who, considering he works in the fashion industry and obviously knows what he’s doing, was actually really cool with me and was genuinely very interested in my advice and input.
    Really cool to see one of my suggestions on this site!

  • TO

    I am not going to call a lot of the comments here “hate”, because I don’t think they are, but I can’t say I agree a lot of the opinions contained within them. I think Mr. Troy makes a very good case for sneakers with a suit here, from using them as a statement, to being apart of a unified look. The colour story here is simple and classic and will always work.

    • Christopher

      TO – if you feel they look good then more power to you!

      A suit paired with New Balance shoes? I don’t think I would ever do that combination…again, my comment wasn’t to rag on the outfits, it was just to point out that subtlety is key if you’re to pair sneakers with a suit (in my opinion). In all looks, I can’t see that subtlety was used. The looks just don’t work for me, but if they do for you – go for it.

      • TO

        Thanks Christopher, I feel more powerful now:P

        Of course sneakers with a suit will NEVER be liked by everyone. Nor should it be, as for most people who wear a suit (i.e. for work), sneakers would not be remotely appropriate.

        Here is another potential case for NB shoes with a suit- to see if you are still not convinced (link below, look #3). I, like you, never liked the two items paired together before either, but I now think it sometimes can work well aesthetically.


    • Brent Kuz

      Feeling the same. Bright red sneakers, camo tie, camo briefcase….too many aspects scream FU. Subtle sneakers would blend in and make a case for comfort instead of being your main focus of attention. To me the color and shape of the sneaker would make or break a case for comfort instead of style. Here to me they scream style. I dig the white low tops tho.

      The entire watch issue is another issue and it seems to have struck a cord with the TSB audience.

      • TO

        Maybe this man, esp. for his job, doesn’t want to “blend in” (minus the camo:).

        But how do you know these shoes are not comfortable?? You said you would determine comfort level based on aesthetic reasons, which points to only how comfortable they LOOK. High quality benchmade “chunky- looking” wingtips can be comfortable.

  • Oli

    His suits have a very… contemporary cut. They would probably be more flattering if they fit his body shape better. A well fitting suit lets you get away with much more in terms of over-the-top accessories or bright colours, whereas a tight trendy one just makes you look like a try-hard.

    • TO

      What cut do you think would fit his body shape (better than something close to the body)? In what areas do you notice his suits being tight? Everywhere I see just enough excess fabric so as to be called “slim” but not “tight”.

  • Andrew

    The looks are all okay, but I’m not huge on the ‘suits with sneakers’ look 99% of the time. I think Lanvin, Common Projects, and Buttero sneakers work really well with suits, but not many others.

    As for the watch strap sans watch; that’s ridiculous. A beautiful watch will never go out of style and does nothing but improve your look. Wearing a watch strap on it’s own is just silly and as Joe said earlier, he already made the effort to put the watch strap on, it’s not like putting on a dope timepiece could in any way hurt your look.

    Much love to TSB though!

  • http://wacavenue.blogspot.com Theguybehindthelens

    I just didn’t get the looks to be honest. The red polo was too strong color wise I would rather see a burgundy or something else a bit muted. The sneakers just don’t work for me with those particular looks. I just can’t seem to get behind the sneakers with a suit look.

  • http://thebowtieguys.weebly.com/index.html Dan

    The camo tie is so beautiful, makes me weak at the knees. Leave it to the Canadians to show you what’s good.

    Well done sir!

  • True_Tech

    Digging it, nice to see another sneaker post as I go through my own collection and put a bunch on eBay. I will say as a 27 year old that I disagree with the not wearing watching, not only does it make me feel balanced since I usually have bracelets on my right wrist, but it’s easier to just lift your hand and look at your wrist than it is to reach into whatever pocket you have and get your phone.

  • Christopher

    I’ve been following Marcus Troy’s website for a bit over a year, and while he has great style of his own, I’m not a fan of these looks. I definitely think sneakers and suits can go together, but in my opinion the sneaker’s shape, colour and overall look needs to be extremely muted, so as not to give the impression that they are sneakers at all..(just my opinion).

    There’s something about Black Air Force Ones (low tops) that are definitely a chunky sneaker, but walk that fine line between being subtle and saying ‘f*** you!’ when paired with a suit. Marcus has great style and I’m definitely a fan, but this post didn’t do it for me. I’d rather a light grey hopsack suit, white button down collar shirt with white air forces. Unbutton the first 2 buttons, have a white pocket square…wow. The kicks would put the ‘b’ in subtle.

  • Gary

    It’s interesting, the idea of dressed-up sneakers, i.e., nicer sneakers (or trainers) with suits and the like. I see the look as made of styles that are too far apart to go together well, though. That’s just me, my preference. Whenever I even try to pair sneakers with an outfit that requires a tucked in shirt (i.e., chinos with a tucked in casual button-up), I feel a little nerdy. I can untuck the shirt, if the shirt is the right length, and feel a little less nerdy that way, but then I start to just feel sloppy.

    About the only way I wear sneakers and feel okay about is when I’m wearing them with an outfit where the untucked shirt is a given, as in a polo, t-shirt, rugy, henley, etc.

  • Joe

    Still not the biggest fan of sneaks with suits, save for a few exceptions. But if that’s your look roll with it and own it (but come on, let’s not pretend it’s strictly a comfort thing). I think the sneakers in look two go great with what Marcus is wearing.

    However, I had to chuckle a bit when he said he didn’t wear a watch because his smart phone made their functionality unnecessary, so he took off the watch and kept the strap. Then since it’s just aesthetics, are you saying a watchless watch strap is more aesthetically pleasing than a watch? Well, I liked everything else about the look.

    • Brent Kuz

      I completely agree. Lets say on a date, business meeting, lunch with a client, important family affairs. I tend not to bring a cell phone as I feel it is rude to glance at a cell phone. One can not casually look at a cell phone for time. Also the tradition with a watch is timeless if you have a fine piece.

  • https://twitter.com/wallacerandal Wallace R

    Except for the last, these shoes are amazing!

  • John B

    Well maybe the navy shirt and the red polo on the first two looks work for him, but I’d prefer something else! The sneakers are on point though!

    Looking forward to the first post from LA!