A Professional Menswear Curator feat. Michael Macko

July 29th, 2013

Michael Macko (as previously featured here) is a seasoned veteran with over 25 years of experience in the menswear game. He has held titles such as Fashion Director at DETAILS magazine and Vice President of Fashion, PR & Events for Mens & Home at Saks Fifth Avenue.

We caught up with the menswear consultant & stylist at the MRket Show, where he’s in charge of hand-picking the up-and-coming designers to be highlighted in a distinguished section of the tradeshow called the Vanguards Gallery.

“The idea was to create an incubator for new and emerging designers, those just starting out or launching in the US for the first time. For our first show we found 8 brands that we believed in…five seasons later we have 34.

I think what we offer in the Vanguards Gallery that no other show is able to provide is one-on-one mentorship. I use my experience in the fashion, retail and media industries to work with the brands and help them prepare for a great show. We don’t just sell and assign them a booth and wish them luck…We make sure they are ready to do business.

The greatest personal satisfaction from my work with the show is when one of the brands highlighted in the Vanguards Gallery gets picked-up by a retailer and I know that I’ve helped keep the menswear business that I love so much going.”

The team and I were wondering what a menswear curator, consultant and collector wears to the “office”… So here’s what Michael wore to grease the wheels of the menswear machine during the three-day MRket show.

    1. Nerdy Cool


    “Over 10 years ago when I was told to start wearing glasses it took me over a year to find the perfect frame. I settled on the Moscot Lemtosh, they are the perfect marriage of nerdy and cool and are the glasses that Truman Capote, James Dean and now Johnny Depp. I own them in every color they make.”


    “I designed this denim lapel flower with my friends at Hook & Albert, since one of my clients wanted to give them out as gifts for visiting their showroom. They had not done a denim flower up to that point and it was a huge success. They’ve since put it in their collection… I love being part of the design process.”


    “If I’m wearing a suit and tie I usually like to dress it down as much as possible, and I think these Yuketen moccasins do that. Plus when you’re on your feet for 10 hours a day at a trade show you need comfortable footwear.”


    2. Suit & Slips


    “If there was a theme to this outfit it would be “That’s what friends are for”. I love all the pieces that I’m wearing and I’m lucky to be friends with the people who design them.

    I don’t wear suits very often any more, but when I do Michael (Bastian) is my go-to guy. I purchased three from his SS/13 collection, this is one of them. The one-button peak is my new favorite jacket style.”


    “The pocket square is from Charvet. When I was with Saks Fifth Avenue one of my favorite trips was to Paris to buy Charvet. We would go up to the top floor of the store on the Place Vendome and select silk swatches with Jean-Claude Colban, the owner. We would work all day and leave in the evening after the shop closed. On my first trip Jean-Claude turned on the shop lights and said “We have a tradition, on your first visit, you get to select a gift from the shop”. I selected a chocolate brown silk knit tie, but on subsequent trips Jean-Claude always had a gift for me. I think of him every time I put the square in my pocket.

    Finally, the shoes are by Stubbs and Wooton, which my dear friend Percy Steinhardt owns. I was staying with him in Miami Beach a few years ago and we started looking on eBay for vintage surfing patches… He did a whole series of surfing slippers and this was one of the designs. The embroidery is from one of the patches we found, so I feel apart of the design process.”


    3. Colorful Collectibles


    “Ascot Chang is a client of mine and I order a few custom shirts from them each season. The last time I was in Hong Kong I went through their archives and found some amazing fabrics, including this acidic red gingham.

    A few years ago I decide I was only going to wear knit and bow ties. So I began collecting Charvet knits in every color, and I found a woman on Etsy who converts classic ties into bows…genius.”


    “The tie bar belonged to my dad and is very special to me. I have this, his Mickey Mouse watch and his buffalo plaid Woolrich hunting jacket. For someone who was not into fashion, my dad influenced my style a lot.

    Michael Saiger is also a client and I am lucky enough to get things before they are released to the market. I actually saw someone wearing a similar combo to these two bracelets and loved the way they looked together. I’m always inspired by what other people are wearing.”


    “Vans did a collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation back in 2006. Each pair had images of the specific beach that they were named after and all proceeds went to the foundation. They sold out immediately, but I kept a saved search for them on eBay… I have all six pairs in the series.”


    • White cotton suit by Michael Bastian
    • Red & White gingham shirt by Ascot Chang
    • Cobalt blue silk knit tie by Charvet
    • Sterling silver tie bar by Vintage
    • Watch by Timex x J.Crew
    • Bracelets by Miansai by Michael Saiger
    • Red/White/Blue vintage surfrider sneakers by Vans
    • Yellow Gear Bag by Wm. J. Milss & Co.

    Thanks for reading and special thanks to Michael and MRket for participating!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • JM

      I always get excited when the content on TSB slows down because I know you’re in the kitchen cooking up something BIG!

      Good luck with the move. Looking fwd to the updates!

    • Big Jon

      I like Macko’s style in this post alot better than his previous one. However wearing slippers in public, even nice ones featured here, just doesn’t sit right with me. Slippers are called “house shoes” for a reason, but that’s just me. Also, it’s nice to see someone who isn’t slim featured in a post. Your size doesn’t matter when it comes to looking your best.

    • Sam

      How exactly did you find the Vans on ebay? Huntington is my hometown and I would love to own that pair more than anything else.

    • Joe

      I use to not like sneakers, or moccasins for that matter with suits, but this site has changed my mind (some of the time, definitely not most of the time in general). Indeed the look is possible, but I don’t like the proliferation of the idea that only sneakers or casual shoes are comfortable. A good pair of well made dress shoes or boots, fit well to your foot, should be comfortable. If it’s not, it’s probably not fitted correctly, or made well, i.e. with sufficient support. Great post and I really liked the shot out to up and coming businesses.

      Also, what?! L.A.? I recall you saying something about having to spend some more time on the other coast, but not moving there? Does this mean the TSB TV teaser is turning into something bigger?

    • sss

      I’ll admit that I’m not crazy about this post. Aside from the obvious name-dropping littered throughout, his clothes do not flatter his physique at all. The short jacket, low-rise trousers, and aggressively tapered hemline make him look seriously top-heavy.

      • Brent Kuz

        I agree his clothing do not flatter his figure or he is really top heavy. I also am not a huge fan of sneakers with suits. Besides the casual summer suit I just can’t get it. I hope to god no one wears a 3pcs wool suit with sneakers.

    • kien

      Love his style, I’ve got a similar physique and it shows you don’t have to be slim to look good.

      • Anon

        Erm, you have to be slim to look good, period.
        He does look good but not hat good.
        He can do better by loosing some inches at his waist.

    • Anonymous

      His style is very endearing :)

    • http://profblack.blogspot.kr/ Professor Black

      I’m not a fan of larger framed men wearing unstructured materials. Rather than accomplishing a “look,” this type of combination of body style and material comes across as frumpish, poured, uncomfortable and slouchy.

    • BF

      I like this guys look.
      The jacket in look 2 is awesome— That windowpane is sick.
      If we could get him into the gym to drop 10-15 he’d be more of a baller than he already is(No disrespect meant)

    • Alex

      What a fun post. First the style featuring Michael, but then the great education about up and coming brands. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, Dan. And good luck with the move fellas!

    • TO

      The amount of content in this piece is incredible.

      Wow, this guy has quite the Rolodex of friends. And he really lives by the TSB motto, “if you find the perfect item buy several”.

      Lazyjack Press looks like it takes a normally amatuerishly-done niche (novelty ties) and done it right.

      Mizzen and Main appears to have some shirts that look good and some that don’t look as good (from looking at their site). If they can nail that type of dress shirt, it could be a game changer!

      While I can say I respect and admire the style of every person and brand in this post, there are a couple things that will never appeal to me personally- designer belts and “fake flower” lapel pins. For the latter I think you should just rock the real thing!

    • http://postimperial.net Niyi

      Thanks for the shout out Dan…

      hope your move to Cali brings you much success. Just don’t ditch the suits for surf bro duds. :D

    • AK

      Love the color palette in look 3. Repping the primary colors in a sharp way.

      Also, in b4 all the sneaker hate.

      • http://undefined Daniel

        Haha I really touched a nerve with that comment about sneakers with suits, huh?

        • AK

          Haha, on the one hand I definitely get it, but then I just see things like this post and think “well, I’m convinced.”

          • http://undefined Daniel

            Yeah, but there’s a difference between sneakers with an unstructured, really casual suit (or an unstructured blazer and chinos) and sneakers with a structured suit and ironed shirt. I don’t think sneakers (even $400+ sneakers… which I think are crazy anyway) go with the latter, e.g. what Dan wore when I posted the original comment.

    • cam

      i know ur not much of a fan of logos, and neither am i, but the southern prep style lover in me gives the hermes buckle a pass. i must say the michael bastian suit is quit perfect…mr bastian being my favorite designer along with christopher bastin makes me a bit biased. hope all is well guys!

    • John B

      I remember Michael from his previous feature. I love how he’s wearing simple things (suits, shirts) paired with awesome accesories. Having a backstory for each items helps too!

    • Mr E

      What the what?

      What’s this about you and Alex moving to Los Angeles?

      • http://wideeyestightwallets.com Adam

        Woah, I just caught that now too! Big changes ahead for TSB? Expanding? Relocating? Give us the scoop!

        • http://undefined Rob

          Thats gonna put a bit of a new spin on things. Sounds awesome.