Street Style: At the MRKT Menswear Show

July 23rd, 2013

It’s tradeshow time in NYC, a busy week for menswear brands, buyers, and bloggers.

Alex and I attended opening day of MRKT, a three-day international menswear show where hundreds of brands (from up-and-comers like Post-Imperial and Buckley Denim to established brands like Barbour and Allen Edmonds) gather in NYC’s Javits center to showcase next year’s goods.

Thousand of people from more than 50 countries and every side of the menswear business come to check out MRKET. Designers are showcasing their S/S 2014 product hoping for store orders and press coverage. Buyers are looking for cool new brands and products to add to their line-ups. Editors and bloggers are scouting for upcoming trends and fashion stories. And Alex and I? We come to document the personal style at the show. MRKT NYC is known for their tailoredwear presence, and is therefore a haven for classic All-American style.

Here’s what we found. Feel free to leave any comments at the bottom of the post!


1. Shades of Red


This young gentleman, representing M. de Phocas accessories, knows a thing or two mixing tones. If you looked closely, his lapel pin is a fried egg – one of many quirky stickpins in their collection.

2. Best Dressed Photog in the Game?


I’ve come across my fair share of well-dressed photographers, but this guy is really bringing it with his shades of blue. Note the linen pencil stripe shirt, super-subtle paisley tie, and beautiful “bowed” peak lapels on that DB jacket.


3. Beat-Up Good


The best part about this tonal look: vintage monks he picked up for $10…completely beat-up and never looked better.


4. Summer DB


I love a double-breasted summer blazer, especially one that fits this well. Notice the soft shoulders, patch pockets, and mother of pearl buttons. The crinkling at the sleeve also hints to the lightness of the fabric.

5. Familiar Faces


Had to show love to our friend Niyi, showcasing his new accessories line Post-Imperial.

6. Summer Denim


That’s the shade of lightweight summer jean I was talking about! Great outfit all around…greys and browns are a fantastic masculine combo.

7. Suit & Sneaks


This guy was looking smooth dressed-down in a washed cotton summer suit. Very graceful for a guy who must have been at least 6’5″.

8. Modern Retro


Ed Shaikh of Hadleigh’s, a man of refined taste and beautiful shoes, keeps it simple and chic with some retro frames.

9. All American Boys


These guys know a thing or two about classic American tailoring. Seersucker, off-white linen, suede bucks, gingham shirt, knit tie, O-ring belt… Got it down to a science.

10. The Man Behind Scarpe di Bianco


Our friend Bill White of Scarpe di Bianco keeping it simple and showing off his handmade suede slip-ons, among many other beautiful pairs.

11. Business Relations


A couple industry veterans share a laugh. Just another day at the office.

12. Against the grain


This guy is no style rookie…could this possibly make you rethink the age-old rule against socks & sandals?!

13. Crispy Clean


Perhaps another case for the white suit?

14. Southern Gentleman


I’m not actually sure if this gentleman is a Southerner, but he’s got the look down. Down to the orange eyeglass temples to match his orange tie.

15. Tilt ‘tude


The soft spoken creative mind behind the street style blog Guerreisms has got some serious swag, as you can see from his retro polo and perfectly-tilted panama hat.

16. Nothing but a G Thing


Had to save this guy for last, since I’m not sure anybody else can make a blue blazer and khakis look this cool. Extra points for the round tortoise frames, paisley ascot, madras pocket square and crocodile loafers.



Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to MRKET for having us.

For more information about the show and how to get involved, check out



Yours in style,

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  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    Gramps at the bottom wins, f/u by Deuce Photobomb. #6’s new name is “deer in the headlights” and #7 be like: “I gotsa take a Burger King dump like NOW”! Mad respect to #5 for the ballet turn-out so err’one can see the cheese log in his left pant leg.

  • Gazman

    Love this photo roll. Lots of inspiration but also gives me comfort that I’m not that far off in the style game.

  • Brett Hardin

    Number 6 is truly southern prep at its finest its not so italian like the rest of the posts me and all my frat bros really like number 6 in particular. #fratfriday

  • BF

    GREAT POST! Lots of ideas and inspiration….

  • Fox

    I really enjoyed this post. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Vic

    As an amateur street photographer and fashion addict I just have to say that Street Style is one of my favorite parts of TSB. Keep it up Alex!

  • http://undefined Joshua

    2, 3, 4, & 6 all great looks. I think i’m going to start experimenting with brown and grey and see what I come up since I usually grab black shoes when I wear grey.

  • http://undefined TimL

    Very cool looks on everyone with alot of personal style.
    Thanks for sharing, hope you guys had a great time!

    ps… look # 12- 1 think I hate more that sneakers with suites are socks and sandles and this guy proves my point. These make his feet look huge and awkward….. just my 2cents. :)

  • Marshall Mulherin

    Awesome photos guys. #2 was my favorite for sure

  • Carter

    Looks like a great time with lots of style represented. I just caught wind of the show from various websites. Does the show take place annually in NYC? If so I have to take a trip next year! Love pics 2-4.
    Be Well

  • Selfmade Gentleman

    Very nice outfits.
    One suggestion that does not only apply to this particular post: larger photos (or closeups of different parts of the outfits) would really help to better see the different patterns and fabrics of the clothes, especially for no. 2 for example.

  • Kolja

    Great shots, cool outfits, especially the best dressed photog!

  • Shawn

    I love picture #9, shows me that heavy men like me can actually be stylish in well tailored suits even if we don’t fit in the standard 150lbs skinny frame!

    • Joe

      +1 for the big men.

  • Mark

    The guy in the Shades of Red photo…I am a big fan of Full Windsors used properly. But I think all knit ties should used a four-in-hand.

  • Brent Kuz

    Still a big N O to socks with sandals!

  • LouCaves

    Answer to question in #12:

    Thanks for sharing the event, TSB. Inspiring.

  • TO

    The egg tie pin is cool haha.

    I love how summer denim provided inspiration for the summer’s version of fall’s navy blazer with dark indigo denim, instead opting for greys.

    All American Boys have the big man suit on lock, they actually look good with 3 buttons and undone which is impressive- I would like to see them button up just to see how great it looks also! Nice breadth of styles shown here.