Amsterdam Style Tailoring

June 28th, 2013

This past weekend Alex and I were in Amsterdam for Suit Supply’s annual press trip.

We had a blast and got to know some of the guys behind the brand. Of course, they’re a very stylish crew.

Here’s just a taste of how these guys get down from day to day.

    Reza Eslahy


    It was chilly and drizzling most of the weekend in Amsterdam, making it a perfect time to swap out a blazer for a lightweight nylon jacket.


    Notice the fit of this Barbour.

    Reza doesn’t wear it over a tailored jacket, he wears it like a tailored jacket. The shoulders are snug, the sleeves are narrow, and there’s very little excess fabric through the body.


    The belt and shoes match, both in color and in degree of formality.


    Jildar van der Galien


    There is a fine line between looking “dressy” and looking “stuffy”. European man really understand this and play it to their benefit.

    By definition, Jildar here is “dressed up”, but each piece in his outfit also has a casual element…

    The unstructured linen jacket, the linen-blend check shirt, the knit tie, the rolled chinos, and of course, the espadrilles to top it off.


    I love the high/low element with the peak-lapel jacket and espadrilles.

    Well done Sir.


    Coen de Beer


    Another inspiring thing about European men’s style: they are not afraid to layer up.

    I find that American men have more of a tendency to allocate specific items to specific uses (like “this is my work suit”, or “this is my going-to-the-gym jacket”) while our European counterparts are more adept at using what they have available and tweaking it as needed.


    I also find that European men are more likely to invest in long-term quality. For that reason they typically have less clothes, but get more use out of them.

    That’s menswear done right.


    Stef Linsen


    Again, it’s all about the blend of “dressy” and “casual”.

    It’s not simply the styling combinations, though, it’s the design of the pieces themselves.


    The DB jacket is washed cotton, the spread-collar dress shirt is denim, the slim trousers are cargos, and the slip-on loafers have tassels and contrasting soles.


    Davide Baroncini


    Davide, the head of SuitSupply Italy, is a smooth cat.

    Like many Italians, he has a way of acting very natural and comfortable, even in a three piece suit.

    That, to me, is the true definition of style.


    Just an everyday look for this guy – washed cotton jacket, linen cardigan, and showing us some love with the American made shoes!


    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Nish, Fokke and the entire Suit Supply crew for showing us a great time in Amsterdam!

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Big Jon

      I liked this post. There were definitely some things I could tak away. Looks four and five were my favorite and I would be willing to try the jacket substitute in look one. However, I personally am not on board with cuffing the pants as it seems like their expecting rain. I prefer pants without a break.

    • Anonymous

      guuuuys, its suitsupply, one word :)

    • cam

      dan, looks like this was a fun trip and the guys at suit supply seem to be a great bunch. i am a huge fan of going sockless when the weather calls for it but bare ankles with scarves and multiple layers seems a bit wrong…no?

    • Jarrod King

      These guys really know their stuff and you got some great photos! I might have to try that ultra-layered look Coen De Beer is rocking.

    • Brady P

      Very inspiring post! One of my favorites in recent memory. Clearly these guys are professionals. European men have such a non-chalance (sprezzatura I guess), that makes their style so unique and admirable. Really great stuff

    • Misha G.

      I hunted all over Amsterdam but couldn’t spot you guys. Maybe next time!

    • Jeremy Whitechick

      These guys are an astonishingly effective advertisement for their product. Yep.

    • Vincent

      Really beautiful looks all around. It’s always nice when you see guys who obviously know what they’re doing so well that even something seemingly tossed together works like gangbusters.

    • Henri

      Fantastic. Every single look. Bravo.

    • Gazman

      Beautiful dressing all round. European men in general dress so much better than those in the ‘new world’. They have that tradition, which helps. Don’t want to be picky but it is something I see a lot on the internet, but isn’t the jacket sleeve in the second shot too short?

      • Alex Crawford

        I think the sleeve is a hair short due to the wrinkling/crinkling of the linen fabric at the elbow. It’s similar to a pair of good denim jeans that honeycomb behind the knee and get an inch or so shorter.

    • http://undefined Steve

      This is a fantastic feature! Great looks all around. I love the details, like how most of them have buttons unbottoned on the jacket sleeves.. true detail.

      We DESPERATELY need a Suit Supply in Los Angeles..

      • Omar Shaikh

        I second that.

    • BF

      I got a super sweet slim blue DB jacket from express recently and I can see from the early buzz from all the fashion blogs that DB jackets are going to blow up as fall rolls in…

      These looks are spot on and the fits are perfect..

      • AJ

        I believe I bought the same one, 60$ down from 200$ or so in the officer blue color. Do you find the button stance to be too high? I am slightly bothered by it and am contemplating returning the jacket despite its great color and price.

        • BF

          I’m keeping it…the fit is awesome..

    • Daniël M

      Bluh so wanted to meet you guys :( had to work instead..

      • Alex Crawford

        Next time!

        • Dit

          Alex, great shots dude! Despite the shitty weather last weekend, your pics look great. I must say that the Baron nailed it with his effortless flair on the second picture. NIET NORMAAL!! (Dutch for saying that something is awesome.)

          Yes, till next time bro! Groeten uit Amsterdam

    • TO

      Suit Supply is a really impressive brand- right down to their employees, it seems like they do everything right (or at least by “right” meaning keeping this looking really really good!).

      The crew here rivals a Mashburn assemblage- I can picture the two of them getting into it in an alley, Anchorman-style (w/ TSBmen present also, of course:)

    • RoarSlakt

      What size is that Barbour jacket? I have one similar in size small, and while I’m not the biggest guy, it still feels way too big for me, and the sleeves are too long. Is this jacket tailored in any way?

      • Dave

        Yes, Off course
        His Jacket is taken in !
        Do not be afraid to do the same.
        Manufactures make clothes to accommodate as many shapes of people in a particular size.
        Get yourself a tailor, and make him your friend.

    • Ali

      I don’t like 3 and 4, but the rest of the looks are spot on.

    • SaM

      Wow, impressive post. Every one of these looks is perfectly thought out, and totally manageable.
      Gives you a lot of different style inspiration.
      If that doesn’t make you want to check out suit supply I don’t know what will.