June Menswear Giveaway: Top 10

June 26th, 2013

Here are the Top 10 entries to our June Giveaway.

Now it’s time to VOTE for your favorite outfit using the poll at the bottom of this post. Keep in mind you can only vote one time.

Voting ends June 29th at 11:59pm. One winner will be announced and contacted on June 30th.

Best of luck to all you stylish gents, one of you will be receiving a very nice prize package:


1. Washed oxford shirt in pink/white stripe by Sir Jack’s

2. Hand-polished tortoise shades by Matsuda Eyewear

3. Slim straight lightweight jeans by Buckley Denim

4. Watson canvas/leather briefcase by Ernest Alexander

5. “Sedona” penny loafers by Allen Edmonds

+ A chance to be featured in a post on Articles of Style.com!


1. Amit A.

Amit A. Jerusalem Isreal


2. Catalin G.

Catalin G - Romania


3. Christian B.

Christian B - NJ

New Jersey

4. Daniel D.

Daniel D. Ontario Canada


5. Diego M.

Diego M Spain


6. Isaiah J.

Isaiah J. Indianapolis


7. Liviu N.



8. Marginean A.



9. Patrick L.

Patrick L. Culver City CA

Culver City

10. Vincent N.

Vincent N. Kansas City

Kansas City



Thanks for reading, and special thanks to all those who entered the contest. GOOD LUCK GENTS!


Yours in style,

Articles of Style

  • Jodeci

    Any honorable mentions this month?

  • Gabriel W

    A guy in a tweed blazer won the June contest? Okay…

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      This is a worldwide contest, it’s not warm everywhere in June. Also, that jacket is not tweed.


  • Sam

    Voting for Vincent because he’s the only one that doesn’t look like he just copy/pasted an outfit from the #menswear tag. Also his blog has some sick art. And the way he makes that blazer look so casual is inspiring.

  • Chris Reetz

    All very impressive. Patrick you got my vote!

    • http://indappersuitof.wordpress.com/ Patrick

      Thanks Chris Reetz!

  • http://www.thingsaboutkyle.wordpress.com Kyle Leon Norville


    You guys didn’t put why they were voted in? Subjectively speaking, I like reading that section.

    Is there a reason behind that?

  • http://undefined HEY NOW….

    TSB, what happened this month???? I picked Diego because he was the best out of this months crop(fit of the chinos/blazer/killer double monks), but there have been contestants in previous months(especially 5/13 contestants) as well as the honorable mentions that would blow this month out of the water. From what I see either the contestant pool is becoming watered down, OR that its just becoming cool by those voting to allow the people deciding to have the guts enough to put the most outlandish ensembles together to have a top 10 pass. I believe the latter. I would love to see the honorable mentions this month. THE PEOPLE NEED ANSWERS!!!!

    • http://undefined Joshua


    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Hey man. We pick our favorites from the guys who submitted during the month…we don’t have any control over who decides to enter.

      Did you submit? Would love to see your point-of-view to go along with your comment.

      Honorable mentions will be published after the July giveaway kicks off.


  • http://undefined Joshua

    Overall, I’m a little disappointed in this month’s selection of finalist, especially when compared to last month’s finalist (those guys really brought it). In the end, I voted for Diego M. Thought his fit was well put toghether. Blazer, pants, also shoes (nobody mention the double monkstraps he’s wearing) all work together nicely. Hope next month’s finalist are better though.

  • Anonymous

    Great style Vincent…and the rest!

  • Sean

    Romania is well represented. Who knew!?

  • Socks

    What’s the deal with nobody wearing socks anymore? Are ankles suddenly really cool?

    • Craig


  • http://ntscollective.tumblr.com Adrian B

    It’s gonna be hard to catch up so really reach out to your friends and family Patrick! My vote goes out to you my man. Very clean stuff.

    (pinoy pride!)

    • http://indappersuitof.wordpress.com/ Patrick

      Thanks Adrian B., we will do our best!

  • M.

    My vote went to Vincent. Although I would probably wear low top shoes, like bucks. Desert boots are tough to pull off when you don’t wear long pants and your shoe size is 14.
    Marginean’s look is off to me, something is not in balance. I don’t know if it’s the fit of the lower part vs. upper, or the shoulder/chest width, or the disproportion of the tie and lapels.

  • cam

    can we see the honorable mentions and possibly vote for one of them?

  • Jeremy Whitechick

    Marginian! For the casual vintage aesthetic, perfect jeans, solid colour matching and impossible to fake goofy charm.

  • Deyan G.

    3rd place – Daniel. If I`d see this outift in the street I`d be like ‘Oh, cool, he dresses well’. But the awful gathering of fabric on the knee in the picture makes it a bit uh-uh.

    2nd place – Isaiah. Such a pleasure to see creativity in action! One of those outifts that makes your day better.

    But my vote goes for Patrick. The only outift that doesn’t look like he spent hours into putting it together. Sharp, manly, looks understated but all the details bring it to another level. THE outift.

    Romania, great job, great to see so many entries. Just a thing – it seems like all of you lot came out of a Zara lookbook. ?!?

    • http://indappersuitof.wordpress.com/ Patrick

      Thank you Deyan G.

  • LouCaves

    I have to go with Patrick. The mix of dressy (blazer, square, kilted loafers) and casual (chinos, D-ring belt) looks put together very well.

    That tie and belt did it for me.

    Good luck to all!

    Thanks, TSB.

    • http://indappersuitof.wordpress.com/ Patrick

      Thanks LouCaves!

  • Greg

    Diego nailed the fit.

    • PG

      No he didn’t, that blazer is clearly too large on the sleeves. Tragic because otherwise it’d be great.

  • http://themodernprep.wordpress.com Marshall Mulherin

    I love Isaiah’s ensemble man. That tie and those shoes…ooooweeee…pause

  • Amit

    Thanks everybody!
    Hope you noticed the pocket watch, the dots on the suirt and the colorful socks (too much light in the picture unfortunately).

    As for the socks- I sometimes go sockless of course, but in this case I think they work great with the pocket square, and add a bright tip of colour among the solid casual colors of the outfit.

  • Zeke

    My dude isiah .. Straight goon

  • John B

    Voted for Vincent! I think the pants could have a little slimmer, but, overall, it’s a perfect summer look!

  • http://www.gent.ro Viorel

    3 Romanians! Good job, guys! Even though I’m a Romanian myself I have to be fair and give my vote to Isaiah.

  • Thomas

    If ISAIAH doesn’t win then I think it will be a fallacy.

  • Daniël M

    Amit your outfit is awesome but why the socks its summer GO SOCK LESS!!! but a great blazer, nice collars, nice outfit way to go!

  • Penn

    Isaiah killed it.

  • http://WideEyesTightWallets.com Adam

    Gotta give this one to Amit. In general, this wasn’t my favorite selection of looks so far (no offense, guys, I think I just like the cooler-weather outfits the best), but Amit has his fit on point. The proportions go well together, and the look ends up being sharp without being too formal…a good all-around look. Also, I love those tassle loafers (my latest affliction).

  • Kid Icarus

    Gotta go with Daniel D. for the classic, understated look with a bright pop of red. Though on a 95°F day in NYC, just looking at all those layers is making me sweat.

  • Chumley

    Nr 8 is my favorite, I also think he is the youngest among them. Nice style young man. Keep up the good work, classy and stylish!

    • http://www.vincentnappi.com/ Vincent

      Muchas gracias, senor.

      • http://www.vincentnappi.com/ Vincent

        Apparently I think I’m two people at the same time…Haha, please delete these!

        • http://indappersuitof.wordpress.com/ Patrick

          Nice illustrations in your blog senor Vincent.

    • Dick M.

      Not even a mother can love that face….

  • http://sentenceaday.com Mitko Karshovski

    I was trying to choose between Vincent and Diego and settled on Diego. Although I feel like Vincent’s outfit is more summary (due to fabrics) Diego’s choice of fit was on point, and that jacket throws just enough color to offset the bland colors of his pants and shirt. Shout out to Romania though, proud to have Eastern Europe represented!

  • http://wacavenue.blogspot.com Theguybehindthelens

    Diego was my choice. I love how the fit is slim but not too tight. The jacket length and lapel width are a nice contrast to all the super cropped jackets with narrow lapels that are so common now. The color of his jacket and suede double monks really sealed the deal.

  • Alex

    Same thought, three Romanians in a men fashion contest, things are changing apparently in our country, and for good! Good luck to everyone, I personally prefer the style of Daniel from Ontario!

  • Steve

    Vincent’s pocket square was the clincher for me. Nice cool summer look with that splash of color.

    • http://www.vincentnappi.com/ Vincent

      Thanks for the kind words, Steve. That little square goes with everything.

      I’m so happy to see my contribution made it to the top 10!

      • M.

        Is that a t-shirt, Vincent?
        You got my vote.

        • http://www.vincentnappi.com/ Vincent

          Thanks M.

          Yes, it’s just a white v-neck.

  • Benny

    Three guys from Romania :o, makes me proud

    • Catalin G

      yup :)

  • Vaz

    AMIT FTW. Consistent.