The Budget Groom Feat. Scott McCarrey

July 12th, 2013

It’s wedding season and if I’ve learned anything from helping friends plan their big day, it’s that getting married can be very expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Alex’s close friend Scott McCarrey recently got married at the Montauk Club in Brooklyn, NY.

Scott is a writer whose plays have been performed at reputable venues across the country such as Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. He has also written scripts for film and television, and contributed in development for shows on Nickelodeon and NBC. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their pug.

Here he shows us how he was able to dress through the big weekend on a budget, and still look great.

    1. Rehearsal Dinner


    “Our idea for the rehearsal dinner was to throw a more casual spring/summer garden party to balance the formal event to follow. In that spirit, I wanted to wear some brighter colors to reflect the season and the fun of the gathering.

    I’m not someone who often travels to adventurous areas of the color wheel, so the coral tie and royal blue trousers were bold moves for me.  Then again, I was getting married the next day, so who was gonna check me?”


    Scott kept it simple and invested in smart pieces that he will get plenty of wear out of: whipcord seersucker jacket, white oxford shirt, summer knit tie, navy chinos, suede bucks…

    The overall outfit was less than $300.


    Seersucker + suede bucks: a combination that stays true to Scott’s Texan roots.


    2. The Main Event


    “Our venue for the wedding was the historic Montauk Club in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The building is such a cool relic of a time and place, and it really inspired a timeless look for much of our wedding.

    Once I decided to wear a tux, I knew I wanted to keep the accessories as traditional as possible. That included wearing a bowtie, shirt studs, and a cummerbund – a decision my wife really had to be talked into. In the end, I was very pleased going the classic, conservative route, and it marked the last time in my life I will ever win any argument.”


    Scott’s midnight blue tuxedo looked really great for his big day, especially given the price. I asked him to share some dirty details about his experience finding a proper custom fit on a budget.

    Here’s an honest review of his online experience with Indochino:

    “This tux was the second suit I’ve purchased from Indochino, and in the end I’m happy with both.  That being said, I don’t think it’s what the process of buying a suit should be. Measuring yourself (I had my tailor do it) and ordering is pretty easy.  When the suit came, I was very happy with the quality of the material and the construction.  I think the suit looks better than what it costs, which is always nice.  The fit is decent but not perfect, and unfortunately the process for making alterations to your suit once it’s in your hands is kind of a nightmare.  Indochino gives you a $75 alteration credit which probably won’t even begin to cover all the various nips and tucks that need to be made, and filling out and faxing in the alteration form is a pain.  God forbid you have to contact customer service, as I did when I found they made the button on my one-button jacket too low and the entire piece needed to be remade.  I was passed from person to person, arguing my case anew each time.  In the end, they solved the problem, but it sure wasn’t without a lot of effort on my part.

    I’m an odd-shaped guy and off-the-rack rarely works for me, so I’ll probably be sticking with the custom route.  That being said, the next suit I have made will be by someone I can actually speak to face-to-face.  Even when you’re paying a bargain price like Indochino’s, a suit is too big of a purchase to leave to trial and error.”


    For the sake of longevity, Scott made the right decision by going with smooth leather rather than patent. The advantage of being the groom is you can where all of the pieces from your wedding for future occasions. These shoes for example, are perfect for any kind of business attire.

    Ideally I would have liked to see a plain-toe oxford with the tuxedo, but the captoes in this case are super subtle.

    The overall outfit was less than $800.


    3. Day After Brunch


    “The day after the wedding, all the adrenaline I had been running on for weeks vacated my body and I turned into a puddle of goo.  Fortunately, a brunch in the park is a great place to dress comfortably while still looking presentable.

    Also, I had recently found a pair of white jeans at the back of my closet, and really wanted to wear them while I still had a little wedding-week infallibility on my side.”


    The pug watch matches his minimalist wedding band perfectly, very clever.


    Hard to go wrong with a pair of brown boat shoes for a casual day in the park.

    The overall outfit was less than $100.


    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Scott, and his beautiful wife Kara, for participating.

    Yours in style,

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    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Deacon

      Props, awesome tux! Love the detailing and the colors. Keep up the good work guys.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Deacon!

    • Julia

      Great tips. The midnight blue tux is the perfect choice for a summer wedding, and the black detailing really makes the tuxedo stand out. As for keeping with tradition? Great stuff. A wedding is the perfect occasion to keep classy with a conservative style.

    • Matt M

      First time I’ve seen one of the features where I would wear every outfit shown. Nicely done Scott! Looks great!

    • Christopher

      These are great tips for those that are conscious of their wallet! I like posts where you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg. As a recent video from TSBMen says, ‘money can’t buy style’.

      Just a quick question though. I’ve always wanted a summer wedding as well, but feel that outfits become too weather dependent. Would these outfits still work if it were pouring rain on all three days? I can see the tux working still, but the other two? Maybe with a ‘man’s umbrella’, it’d still work!


    • Alan

      It seems to be the thing in the US, but I can’t get my head round wearing a tux to a wedding. It’s daytime!

      • Dan Trepanier

        It’s a thing brother.

    • Brent Kuz

      Anyone know which model Levis are in look 3? Over all a big fan. Sad but after hearing his complaints on Indochino and there recent large price jump will probably be staying away. Awesome looks and congrats!

      • Milby

        It’s likely the 513 in Bright White (Product code: 08513-0122), which was introduced in Sp13, and is available at Levis retail stores (not available through Wholesale channels). Source: I work in product analytics at Levis, and read TSB daily. Good luck!

        • Dan Trepanier

          Thanks for the love Milby!

          Big things in the works!!!

    • Brady P

      First of all, great post and congratulations to Scott. This one really hit home for me, considering I’m getting married in September. SO MANY similarities here for my wedding, blue pants and OCBD w/ silk knit and semi stament blazer for rehearsal dinner, classic tux and bowtie (self tie obviously) for the wedding w/ my one splurge item, black AE Park Aves! I love it! I also rock the timeless side part and thick rim glasses. Scott, it’s like you paved the way for me my man. You looked great for your big days and I can only hope to do the same. Fantastic post at just the right time

      • TO

        Your wedding? Congrats Brady P!

        • Dan Trepanier

          CONGRATS BRADY!!

    • Anonymous

      You just keep coming with the great original content!

    • TO

      Exquisite post, great read. That is one dapper and happy groom!

      Had to point out, TSBmen is ahead of the game:


    • Adam

      Is that a true seersucker from Uniqlo, or the blue/white cordlane that they are offering now?

    • Adam

      Can’t tell you how much I love this…I honestly love pretty much all the posts and outfits you guys feature, but this is one that I can really afford close to everything on my budget. Although I’m not getting married, I could definitely see myself in looks 1 and 3 in tons of occasions. Also, for everyone else reading, Uniqlo has some great sales going on their blazers right now. I love mine, I say snag one if you can.

    • cam

      looking sharp on a budget indeed…major hair envy over here