Street Style: 1920’s Edition

June 20th, 2013

This past weekend we attended the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island. The drinks and dancing were well worth the trip, but the style inspiration was on a whole other level.

Our Art Director Alex is a veteran at this annual event:

“One of the first events I ever went to when I moved to New York three years ago, was the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s island. I haven’t missed a year yet and I look forward to it for months. Amazing music, performances, booze, and, most of all, outfits. I highly recommend attending if you live in the NYC area. It only happens two weekends every summer, and the next one is August 17th and 18th. You can get tickets here.

Check out some of the amazing looks I photographed this past weekend, including a little cameo by yours truly.”


What’s your favorite inspirational look? Please share in the comments!


1. Boater Fresh


2. The Gangster & The Marshall


3. True Style Inspiration


4. Mad Fresh Hatter


5. Rocker Preps


6. What Can Brown Do For You?


7. The Art Director & The Babe


8. If Only Your Dad Was This Cool


9. Early Adopters


10. Beauty & The Workwear


11. The Other Gatsby’s


12. My Personal Favorite


13. Fresh Down to the Picnic Basket


14. The Sportsman & His Hype Man


15. Classic Gentleman in the Summer


16. Well Done Sir, Well Done


17. Neckerchief Swagger


18. His & Hers Menswear


19. Monsieur Ascot


20. Dapper Dandies


21. Pant Shape for 2014


22. Two Chains!!




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Yours in style,

Articles of Style


Photography by Alex Crawford.

Check out more of Alex’s work at

  • http://undefined Alex

    Love it! The Gangster and the Marhsall is such a fun look on both parts…this part is absolutely one of those NYC gems that makes you glad that you live here. Great, fun post! Nice Newsboy hat, Alex!

  • Gary

    Aside from a few exceptions, that whole Gatsby-inspired look puts me off. I’m not sure why. It always seems contrived to me, I guess. I do, however, love tennis/cricket sweaters, though I’m not sure that’s jazz age so much as traditional Ivy League.

    Just not my favorite style era, I guess.

  • Raye

    This post is brilliant! Thanks Alex for posting it! 1920s fashion is amazing

  • Sydney

    Alex, you and your girlfriend look adorable!

    • Alex Crawford


  • Graham

    #17, nice combination and love that blue.

  • Ali Naaseh

    Going with the crowd and voting for #15 as my favorite.

    Alex, keep up the amazing work. Street style is some of TSB’s most inspiring stuff

  • Theguybehindthelens

    This is such a fantastic post guys. Keep up the huge variety of style being represented on the site as of late.

  • Pat

    Hey is that Alex? :D

    My favorite is #15

    • Pat

      Go Alex!

  • Eugene

    #15 is my favorite because it’s so timeless. If I saw him on the street, I’d just think he was really well-dressed, not walking to a 20s costume fair

  • Marshall Mulherin

    Look 15 is one of the greatest things ever

  • Sean

    Gotta give it up to Mad Fresh Hatter. He fits in with the theme while also staying kind of modern. All the others are awesome too, but they are a bit costumish.

  • Fox

    Simply brilliant

  • John B

    Looks good! Would like to know what you wore though!

    Also, I’ll have to agree with cam.

  • cam

    pic #3…exposed garter belt suspender…that’s all

  • Poofy