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A Sartorial Summer feat. Angel Ramos

July 24th, 2013

Our friend Angel was in town the other day hand-delivering bespoke garments to some of his NYC clients, including a beautiful denim number he whipped up for me.

Here’s the three outfits that the Miami-based clothier packed to hit the streets for a quick business trip.

    1. Dressed-Down DB


    Angel’s tailoring is always very soft – lightweight canvas, no shoulder padding, no lining, etc.

    Even his double-breasted jackets have a very easy-going feel.


    There’s that commanding collar I mentioned the other day, complete with magnetic collar stays to keep it locked in place.


    “I love mixing a sartorial look with a dash of casual. I actually had other shoes in mind for this look, but felt the vans were calling me… Perfect for a busy trip running around the city.”


    2. New Age Cottons


    We’ve talked plenty about the advantages of cotton suits for summer. Thing is, cotton comes in many forms.

    Here, Angel is wearing an ultra-lightweight cotton solaro fabric with a herringbone pattern and slight sheen. I’m wearing a light denim suit (100% cotton from our friends at Ariston) that Angel recently made for me.


    “I think I can wear this everyday… It’s by far my most comfortable suit, and outfit…especially when traveling and running through a city visiting clients.

    I might be able to run a couple of laps in this one.”


    Again, comfortable shoes are key for a traveling clothier, and since Angel is so comfortable in his suits, the Chuck Taylors look right at home.


    3. Pitti Peacock


    Lavender jacket, sky blue shirt, white jeans, and floral loafers? Leave it to a Sartorialist in Miami to show us how it’s done.

    “This is what I call my ‘Pitti Uomo Peacock’ outfit, haha (he actually wore this to the Italian tradeshow, if you haven’t already seen the street style pics).

    I love the lavender jacket, it’s another one of those colored blazers that becomes a Summer go-to for me.”


    “Say what you will, it’s definitely a little in-your-face…but this look is a favorite of mine.”


    Thanks for reading and special thanks to Angel for participating!

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

      The last outfit is BEAST. The red shoes in #1 make him look like a “My Buddy” doll. Which unfortunately was my first (and last) boyfriend.

    • Jaka

      The lavender jacket has to be the nicest summer jacket I have ever seen! Is it all linen or mixture?

    • Ismael

      End my misery; what are the sunglasses in the 1st pic? Would love to grab those

    • http://wacavenue.blogspot.com Theguybehindthelens

      The soft DB blazer is the first look really blew me away in terms of fit and color. The lapel pin in the second look really adds just enough extra sartorial panache. Very well done as always Angel.

    • http://the-bigwig.blogspot.com/ The-Bigwig

      A guy with that kind of face always looks fantastic. You look manly even with “not-so-manly” colors like lavender or #3’s loafers. That’s the point. Love it mate, everything. Keep that beard.

    • Brian

      Fantastic. No way in God’s green earth could I pull it off but I’m glad this guy’s out there, setting the bar for all us unwashed fools still trying to part with our “vintage” t-shirts. Great stuff.

    • Sosa

      I like his style.. I do want to say though that only one person did not like the look.. out of 43 comments that’s pretty bad ass.. so I’m trying to figure out why some peeps on here are making it seem that there are lots of people commenting on his look that don’t like the look.. juts wondering..

    • Miguel

      Stop the hating, Angel Ramos knows how to dress, he does it right, just because you can’t pull it off doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good.

      Guys keep up the good work.
      Angel love your style,

      Thanks Dan and everyone else.

    • Ishandev

      I would wear every item of clothing in this post. And in this bloody heat it’s the smartest look I have seen all summer. Personally, i love the addition of sneakers which is practical when you are traveling all over town. Btw, are you wearing socks or using gold bond in any of your footwear. I don’t understand how anybody can hate on this dude’s style.

    • Deacon

      Liked all the looks. That suit on the second look is something I can definitely see wearing down here in Miami. Fit is perfect but in a careful nonchalant way.

    • Juliusz Krokowski

      Lots of hates in the comments…

      Just wanted to tell you guys, that you’re doing a great job.
      Incredible style here. Love this post.

    • Dave P

      I think that Angel’s looks are amazing. His clothes feel really European to me. Well, actually, Italian, as you don’t seem many guys dressed like him in London where I live.

      I don’t get how a couple of people further up the comments hate on the wearing of sneakers and such like. This is how style and fashions change; people experiment with clothes and try different looks. If that hadn’t happened, we’d all still be wearing knickerbockers and cravats every day.

      I see tons of people every day wearing crappy shoes that look awful. Surely a nice, smart pairs of sneakers is better than an awful pair of shoes?

      Keep it up Angel. Ignore the conservatives!

    • Brent Kuz

      Awesome post. Angel has some fantastic style. The casual DB jacket is very Italian and it should be seen more in the US. I second the need more more deconstructed/unlined jackets. Especially in linen and cotton. Cheers fellas.

    • AJ

      Love the looks Angel! Showing yet again how to rock DB’s in an unstuffy manner.

      Are the white Levi’s 511, 513, or 514?

      • Brent Kuz

        I agree. It’s would be awesome to get the Levi’s style number in the posts.

        • Chris Piane

          I underscore this post. I NEED to know the Levi style number. I love Levi’s but can’t seem to figure out the fit that works for me. I have fairly fit, athletic legs. So anything too slim just doesn’t work for me.

    • Jason Tailor

      I am going to go with a no for Angel. I really don’t see anything great or extraordinary about what he has on.

      It looks sloppy and unkempt. I know we all like to push the envelope, but some pieces should be left to 17 year olds. Like vans and khakis.

      Dan. There are WAAAAYYY more stylish people you could have profiled. Please research a few more before going this route.


      • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

        I may be biased here, but I obviously disagree. I think Angel does a fantastic job of blending high/low into great (and comfortable) warm weather outfits. Dressing up more casual pieces (read: sneakers/khakis) might not be everyones bag, but at least give Angel credit for pulling the looks together better than most.

        Thanks for reading!

      • Sosa

        I agree with you here Townsend.. I think he epitomizes satorial elegance in a nonchalant way..While Im not one for the whole showing high ankle fashion which is dominant now at days I love the fits of his jackets.. natural shoulders that will flatter any shoulder type.. higher armholes and the just right buttoning stance of all of his jackets..he hits all the right tones for a casual summer jacket. I live in a very hot climate (central Cali, average of a 106 the past month and a half) and I can totally see this working..even hits the right strides with the Barchetta pocket and what looks like M.O.P buttons on some of these jackets which is perfect for a casual summer look. Its all about versatility. Its awesome to see beautifully tailored pieces that hit all the right notes but its also as refreshing, when seasonally appropriate, to see an elegant way to dress down and still be able to move freely and sweat less..bravo Angel!

      • http://angelbespoke.com Angel Ramos

        Great Points…..

        “Cream Jeans by Standard Cloth”

        Thank God for the gift of opinions!

        Thanks for reading!

      • cam

        @jason tailor – who are these waaayyy more stylish ppl your blasphemous keystrokes speak of? angel obviously knows what the f@$& he is doing…id love to see your esquire best dressed man title and your bespoke clothing company with clientele

      • Brady P

        I’m not sure sloppy is the correct adjective for Angel. Even those Vans are crisp. Dude is super clean, even fully bearded

        • BF

          more guys would getting laid dressing like angel (I kid, no, not really)

      • timl

        Wow, I think that angels look is fresh and mature all the same. I love the pastel shirts with the outfits and wear these all the time at work. I get compliments the all time on my suite choices. Keep up the excellent style choices angel, it’s not for everyone, but I think it looks great!

    • http://www.dressedbycc.com CC

      Love it! So awesome. I blogged about the Power Collar and Wurkin Stiffs just last week. http://www.dressedbycc.com/blog/?p=118

      Dan and Angel – how wide of a cuff are you going with for your trousers? 15″?

    • Brady P

      Angel always looking sharp! Look 3 is my favorite. Ever since Dan pointed out those sturdy collars, Ive been paying more attention to them and they look fantastic, esp the cut away

      • Alex

        Ditto on the collars. It’s all what you see on the street and when you’re ready to see it.

    • Bob

      Bespoke beard

      • http://angelbespoke.com Angel Ramos

        HAHAHAHAHA I love it!!

    • cuponoodles

      I am going to off myself if you call another piece of clothing a ‘number’ in your next post.

      I. Dare. You.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Damn that’s a lot of pressure. Lighten up brother.

    • LouCaves

      Great to see something in a lapel other than an American flag (definitely NOT hating on my flag, just like seeing something different). I’ve used my girl’s earrings as lapel pins.


      Thanks TSB and Angel for the inspiration.

    • massimo

      what a “baller.”

    • http://undefined undefined

      Great looks. I just hate that he puts his hands in the pockets. No one does that. Also, Dan always finds a way to get in the pics when someone has more more style than him!

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        I do that daily. It was Angel’s idea to get me in the pic, I guess he wanted to outshine me on my own sh-t!

        • http://angelbespoke.com Angel Ramos

          Thanks for the kind words Mr. Undefined. I tend to love to put my hands in my jacket pockets bc that’s where I feel most comfortable in regards to functionality, not to mention I really don’t like putting my hands in my pant pockets. As for Dan hitting the scene with me, I couldn’t have the honor of being involved in another shoot without asking Dan hanging with me on a shot! That’s my boy!

        • Brady P

          Who doesn’t put their hands in their pockets?? It’s functional, comfortable, and gives you a place to relax. If you don’t use your pockets, you end up looking like Ricky Bobby.

      • LouCaves

        Originally the pockets on a blazer were used just as Mr. Ramos uses them. Over time the hands shifted more and more to the pants pockets.

        That standing position looks better than putting your hands in the pants pockets where everything seems to get bunched up and it disturbs one’s profile.

        Just one man’s opinion.

        Thanks, gents.

    • John B

      Tailored jackets and sneakers? Excellent! Once again he’s stealing items from the TSB closet!
      Can a similar collar work with only one button?

      • http://angelbespoke.com Angel Ramos

        I’ve done several one button high collars, looks just as cool. It’s all about the one who wears it.

    • http://undefined Joshua

      Angel is Fresh. As always. Love the DB Jacket in Look #1

    • BF

      Thank you for featuring angel today.
      This gentleman angel is a style icon for the readers on this sight.
      His looks might be a little lavish for some depending where you live/your level of style experimentation, but he utilizes color, fit and texture at another level.
      Great inspiration for all of us and a true asset to the site.
      In other words, he’s the complete opposite of the grills-bolo-try hard clown from yesterday.
      Nice work angel and dan…both looking baller as always…

    • Michael S

      Whatever “it” is, Angel gets it. Who are all his shades by? Hope all is well fellas

      • http://angelbespoke.com Angel Ramos

        I had the honor of pulling from the TSB Glass Case for eyewear. As soon as I walked in that day I said, “Dan, I’m rocking your shades today bro!” Great selection they have!

    • Shawn

      Man, this guy’s style is on point. What’s even more awesome is the beard! You give me good inspiration to grow mine aswell!

    • http://dapperadvisor.tumblr.com Akil M.

      It is always refreshing to see this man’s style. He is definitely one of my style icons.

    • Herbert Morrison

      Bad man nuh flee. I’m interested to see how your jackets are constructed. I have plenty of cotton, but with the canvas, even self-lined, they’re kinda heavy. Cucinelli has some beautiful soft jackets that I’m looking at now in addition to Lardini and LBM. To make a true bespoke soft jacket is an endeavour that I’d like to see MAB or Angel Bespoke come thru with.

    • cam

      angel killing it as usual…i did want to point out i think he should try using a patch pocket on his chest pocket as well…ive followed angel for awhile and I don’t think ive seen him use the patch pocket on the chest…i have a cotton number and the look of all 3 pockets being patch is perfect…just a thought…oh and the ’53 guccis are next level

      • http://angelbespoke.com Angel Ramos

        Excellent observation. I have some fall winter jackets in the works with patch chest pockets, stay tuned my friend. Appreciate the kind words.

    • Chris

      Angel never disappoints. Love the style.

      • http://angelbespoke.com Angel Ramos

        I’m trying! Thanks!

    • http://undefined TimL

      Love this guys style and look in all 3 looks. Love the colors and flash that still look manly for him.

      Great fitted clothes.
      Those loafers in #3 are killer.

      • http://angelbespoke.com Angel Ramos

        Thanks I appreciate the kind words!