What I Wore Today: Summer Simple

June 11th, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Summer Simple”

Vote for your favorite look using the poll below and tell us why in the comments!



“I’m a big fan of pieces that get better with wear & tear – like chambray shirts, khakis and Chuck Taylors.”



“Just a simple casual summer look.”



“One of those moods today. All black minimalism.”



“Blue up, blue down. ”



Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • http://undefined undefined

    mostly full blazers are using for big conferences so v cant wear normaly so probably most of people would accept half look blazers nd its combination of suit ……..
    here wes also weared the same kind way this new trend nd its simple nd also comfrtable…

  • http://instagram@captncarlos Carlos

    Wes blued himself

    • alej

      Dr. Tobias Funke?

  • Jim A

    Dan, you might look slick in that get-up, but you’ll never be able to explain to me the fascination with being blacked out in the summer. When I was in New York last summer I saw far too many people walking around in black suits on a hot day.

    As is often the case, Alex got my vote because he looks good without trying too hard.

    • Joseph

      Well, it’s possible that those people just find black to be flattering. In regards to Dan’s picture though, the guy has a giant wardrobe and the pieces he’s wearing are likely fairly lightweight.

  • http://urbsuburbstyle.com/blog/ Paul

    Wes is my choice. I’m a sucker for blue on blue!

  • Steve

    I think today’s outfits are very lackluster and uninspiring but Wes and that vest got my vote.

  • http://ramblingsofawould-berenaissanceman.blogspot Joseph L.

    I like Alex’s understated look. I always like Wes’ monochromatic blue looks. I have to go with Dan today though. That look is just too cool.

  • Drew

    Dan – what kind of watch are you rocking? I love the black and gold together!

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      This one.

      Black & Gold all day!

  • Carlos Giovanni

    Alex looks well put together, but he kind of has a Steve Carrell in the beginning of “Crazy Stupid Love”. I’m digging Dan’s “all black everything” look on this muggy NYC day. I’m going to have to go with Wes today though. Although, the vest does seem a bit snug.

  • Stack

    Dan great look. Takes confidence to pull off, and vast knowledge of the game!
    Wes lookin husky, means he’s eatin well.. Gordo life .

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      lol tryna to put on weight bro, got a little too ahead of myself.

  • http://themodernprep.wordpress.com Marshall Mulherin

    Dan, where did you get that lapel-less jacket? shit is crazy son

    • http://themodernprep.wordpress.com Marshall Mulherin

      Nevermind, just saw the below comment. Still though, badass

  • BF

    Wes wes. wes. Love the vest.

    Cool look from dan too…I have some H&M blazers that are pretty damn slick for the price..

  • Kris

    Btw, blazer whitout lapels = awesome

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


  • Sif

    Towni’s shirt shows too much chest hair. To Dan, a gentleman’s jacket should always stays buttoned unless he is seating. Alex plays safe today, but it’s an outfit that works. My vote goes to Wes because I like his blue theme. The pants are in a nice saturated blue color.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Pretty strict rules you live by my man.

    • Marcus Forlan

      Whoa, Sif. Just to catch you up, this is the 21st century. Welcome.


    • http://ramblingsofawould-berenaissanceman.blogspot Joseph

      The type of gentleman that always keeps his jacket buttoned while standing probably also wouldn’t wear a lapel-less jacket over a v-neck t-shirt low enough to show chest hair. I like traditional rules, but I feel like that one doesn’t really apply unless you’re actually wearing a suit. If you’re in business attire, sure, but casual attire is completely different.

  • Kris

    Love all black. Dan gets my vote.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Word. Black-on-black fabrics always look better in person though…

  • Calvin

    Wes would have taken it if he had on some suede bucks. So I gotta give this one to my man Dan. All in all good looks from all the guys.

  • Brooks

    Wes gets my vote today.
    Dan would have won, but I was begging for a little contrast (also, the jacket is hanging weirdly, but I think that’s just from your shoulder angle).
    Towni should do a post on the chambray shirt–that one looks comfy as all hell.
    And Alex’s hair is growing in really well. I like the dark denim today.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      I had the sleeves pushed-up and they slid down before the photo (we should probably start editing these better). The jacket looks much cleaner with the sleeves down…it acutually fits quite well.

      • Brooks

        Word up. That said, gotta beat the heat somehow, especially if it means showing off surgeon’s cuffs.

  • Stephen C.

    Dan killin in true NYC sleek.

  • Ian K

    Went for Wes today. Is that a suit waistcoat or a seperate? What kind of material?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Suit waistcoat. Lightweight wool.

      • Ian K

        Thanks Dan.Nice looks all round today. There is always great inspiration every day!

  • Johann

    Wes today, Dan’s ensemble is lacking in contrast for my tastes.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      The contrast is all in the fabric textures! Hard to tell from the photo though…

  • John B

    Dan! After all, I “asked” for all black on yesterday’s post!
    Surprised to see you wear that jacket though!

  • Kiel


    Wes, does that vest seem a little too tight? It looks like it’s pulling at the buttons.

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      yeah I was smaller when I got measured for my three piece so it’s a little snug on me now.

  • LouCaves

    Alex is too dressed up today for Alex. Is he going on an interview. LOL!

    Just kidding. He has my vote today.

  • http://thekacar.com Mustafa

    Wes got this, great play on blues.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      I agree. Great look from him today.

  • Justinjones

    Wes.. great fitting, excellent color clothes

  • Poofy

    Cmon guysss.. theres only 1 rule!

    I vote for the guy in the cubicle next to mine. he wins today.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      What was he wearing?

  • Omar Shaikh

    Dan, does that jacket have a lapel? If not then where is it from?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      no lapels…Margiela x H&M

      • Khalid

        Perfectly matched to tie width. Bravo!

        (Can you wear this jacket with a tie??)

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          hah. I wouldn’t. More of a casual/nightlife piece in my opinion.

  • Joe

    Would have been Townie, but that hat fits horribly. Tie between Alex and Wes. Good day gents.

    • Kris

      Makes his head look too big