1 Piece/3 Ways: The White Linen Suit

May 27th, 2013

In celebration of Memorial Day, and the new Gatsby movie, we bring you three ways to wear a white suit.

It’s not an easy garment to pull-off, but it can be done.

Here are some ideas and appropriate occasions.

    1. Beach Wedding


    Although Gatsby’s white suit is reportedly made of flannel, in my opinion, the most natural looking white suit (and thus, the easiest to pull-off) is made from a lightweight summer fabric like cotton or linen. This cotton/linen blend, for example, has a cool, “breezy” feel.

    A beach wedding is one of the few occasions a man can safely break-out a white suit. Here I gave it some color with a solid blue shirt and some pattern with a cotton madras tie.

    Remember: save at the store and splurge at the tailor, especially for items that you won’t wear often (even though you can wear the pants and jacket plenty as summer separates).

    This is a cheap suit (I think it was less than $100 on sale) but with some minor adjustments by my man Franklin at TheTailoringRoom it looks almost custom-made, with the exception of the “bubbly” shoulders: the most obvious sign of a cheaply made suit, although people hardly notice this… Would you have noticed had I not pointed it out?


    Sandals with a suit!? Yes. You’re going to be standing in the sand, after all.

    I’m a huge fan of leather “gladiator sandals” – you won’t see me shaking sand out of my loafers.

    For more wedding outfit ideas (including another way to style the white suit) check out our post: What to Wear to a Spring/Summer Wedding.


    2. Summer Social


    Short of a destination wedding, there are only a few “summer social” events that I would recommend wearing a white suit. Some of those include: a yacht party, fancy cruise, summer ball, film festival, etc.

    Time and place is important, as always. For example, if you’re in southern Europe (think south of France, Italy, Spain) you can get away with it for a wider range of social events, including going out at night.


    It’s important to break-up the strarkness of the white with a strong shirt (like this nautical stripe) and colorful accessories (like this burgundy linen pocket square, navy rope belt, and gold shades/watch).

    To finish it off, nothing says summertime luxury like a pair of badass crocodile loafers…more on this coming soon.


    3. “White Party”


    Got an invite to Diddy’s esteemed “white party” in the Hampton’s? Or another “white party” this summer?

    The dress code sounds simple, but can be a little daunting. My advice: white linen suit, white casual shirt with a breezy neckline (band collar, henley, scoop-neck tee), comfortable white shoes (sneakers, boat shoes, bucks) and light touches of metallic jewelry (gold, silver, brass).

    Try to avoid any accesories that are dark or bold in color (Diddy has been known to throw people out of his party for not wearing ALL white).


    This silk-blend band collar shirt has a smooth texture that offsets the roughness of the linen beautifully.

    More on the advantages of silk, and silk shirts, coming up as we continue to break-out our summer fabrics.

    For now, focus on not spilling the wine!



    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Bob

      Errr lol, this guy has pretty much no dress sense whatsoever. At least get your suit dry cleaned/ironed. And what’s up with the sandals. No class at all. Pretty revolting.

    • http://lerealuomo.wordpress.com Mario M

      i like white suits, and white pants especially, but for a big guy like me i cannot wear it because it make my lower body look even bigger than it is, and that’s a common problem with bright colors :) but i like seeing people wear it

    • Rishi

      I love the white linen suit… and I really like it with gingham underneath. For a beach wedding, my favourite is to pair it with sky blue gingham , a darker tie, and suede bucks (sockless, of course).

    • http://urbsuburbstyle.com/blog/ Paul

      Summer social – best look.

    • franck


    • XXX

      First pic in second look is a little X rated. Seems Dan is packing.

      • XXX2

        And in first pic, first look. Dan’s goin’ commando?

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          not going comando…it’s the pleats, it’s an optical illusion

    • Don Pierre

      Dan has a very strong eyewear collection! Straight Japanese Summer with Matsuda! Clean linen white suit as well. #Tsbmen

    • http://profblack.blogspot.kr/ Professor Black

      The “distortion” and “odd tailoring” you guys mention are a combination of the way Dan likes his pants to fit and the way the light is drawing in the eye. He is not cutting off circulation here or hugging hips with tortured material. With a lighter material, the light is reflected causes clothing to appear smaller. The shadows or indirect lighting on the pants in these shots make them appear to be larger than they actually are. This is a actually a key dressing strategy than can have a slimming effect if done well. I have muscular thighs, like many athletic men do and I pair my white pants with a grey coat. This is slimming and creates a dynamic “cut” look. Dan pulls this off masterfully in this post: http://tsbmen.com/4557/1-piece3-ways-white-denim-our-new-summer-photographer/

    • Stewart

      Is it just me or do some of the pictures look distorted? Or maybe the suit’s just tailored differently…

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Hmmm..pics shouldn’t be distorted. This suit does fit differently than any of my others…

    • Gazman

      “…but people hardly notice this…for example, would you have noticed had I not pointed it out?”

      Good point which begs the question: why do people spend massive sums on designer branded clothes when 99% of onlookers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a $300 suit and a $1500 one (including the wearer, truth be told).

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Life is all about trade-offs…it’s up to you to figure out where (and when) to invest your resources.

        I disagree with your 99% statement. I think a lot of people see good clothes (whether proper-fitting, flattering colors, luxurious fabrics/construction, etc.) and say “Wow, you look great!”, without knowing specifically “why” you look great. But they certainly notice…the eye picks up very minute details.

        There are plenty of reasons to invest in quality clothing, including exclusivity, durability, and yes, quality typically just looks better. Post on this coming soon(ish)…

        Thx for reading!

      • Marcus Forlan

        From personal experience ….. having owned a range of off-the-shelf, custom and also bespoke suits …. a better fitted / quality suit gets people’s (both men and women) attention.

        As Dan said, people don’t necessarily know exactly why a suit looks good, but they do notice the difference.

        I was surprised, but this happened way too often and consistently for me to chalk it up to random coincidence.

        That said, you don’t have to go all out to look good by most people’s tastes. There is a point of diminishing returns of course.

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          Thanks Marcus! Well said.

    • Tommy

      Unless your first names are: Dan, Brad, and Ryan.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        haha that’s a lot of people

    • Phil

      I cannot decide If I see Diddy or Dandy. Please guys, have you closed the giveaway yet? I sent the enter today.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Too late! Entry deadline was Saturday night. Top 10 going live tomorrow morning!

    • Rob A

      Look 3 is missing the KanYeti mask

    • Simon

      The beard is back and looking almost as good as them custom crocodile loafers!!!

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        and the beard is free.99

    • handmadebrogues

      The white suit is great, I prefer a pair of handmadebrogues or loafers

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


    • Ian K

      Excellent post again guys! Look one is my favourite as I had the same look for my wedding right down to the sandles! Although it was tieless!

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Like your style player.

        • Ian K

          Thanks Dan! Great thing is I am still using them as seperates to this day

    • TO

      The dress shirt in look 1 is a really interesting shade of blue! It might match the ocean in certain destinations:)

      I quite like the second look, to me it looks very 80’s- but in a good way. Great shades. Isn’t that a bengal striped shirt though?

      I must have lost Diddy’s invite in the mail lol.

      • Alan

        LOL to the Diddy invite barb.

        I did once attend a 48 hour shamanic dance ceremony with an all white dress code – wasn’t really anywhere to hang up a jacket though!

    • http://anorexicescapades.com BougieHippie

      The styling of each suit is superb! For other than now have a reference to wearing this remember more importantly an all white suit only can be pulled off in a party environment. Kind of like a costume, wearing it else wear you’ll look like a douche.

    • John B

      “Save at the store and spurge at the tailor, especially for items that you won’t wear often”

      I’m actually doing that a lot lately, mainly with pieces I’d like to experiment with.

      I like the first two looks, but the third one is a bit strange. It grows on me though.

      Also, is it me or these pants are fuller than your other suit trousers?

    • http://themodernprep.wordpress.com Marshall Mulherin

      Cool post. What material is that pocket square on the first look, Dan?

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        It’s an old cotton handkerchief from my late grandmother.

    • Amit

      too cheesy for me!