What I Wore Today: Menswear in May

May 28th, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Menswear in May”

Vote for your favorite look using the poll below and tell us why in the comments!



“I bought this hat for $2 from a nice homeless man on Mission st. in San Francisco last week.”



“With the warmer weather, you have to stick to the right fabrics (like silk, linen & cotton).”



“Nothing says dreaming of summer like a straw hat, silk shirt and linen separates.”



“Fly fishing upstate for an extra long weekend. Be back soon.” (Photo by William Powell)



Our friend Gunarat dropped by last week (when it was cold and windy). He may soon become the newest member of the Articles of Style team…



Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Jordan

    I kinda felt like giving Gunarat my vote, just as a welcome, and because he was rocking that leather jacket. But Towni seemed so satisfied in his fly fishing outfit, that I couldn’t resist voting for him. I think the moment where you strive to look stylish no matter what you’re doing is when you can call yourself a fashion connoisseur. I hate that word fashion, though, but you catch my drift.

  • http://undefined Chris

    I like Dan’s outfit the best. These days I am looking for a nice spring/summer outfit made from appropriate fabric. The linen pants and the rolled up shirt sleeves, worn without the jacket, adress this perfectly.

  • Vic

    Dan’s look is so good but Towni just looks so funny and stylish fly fishing that he got my vote.

  • ajb240

    May I make a suggestion to get a couple guest WIWT’s throughout the week. You guys do a great job but it’d be interesting to get other perspectives. As always, great job.

    And late though it is, my vote goes to John.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Would you like to volunteer?

  • http://undefined Robert

    Alex, This is the quintessential look of a true artisyt/photag…respect to the Bill Cunningham/Mister Mort duds. All you fashion blog hounds, should already know. And if you don’t know, now you know. Alex will be a future photag legend. Keep it up.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      Thanks Robert. I’m counting on it.

  • http://profblack.blogspot.kr/ Professor Black

    Dan, magical bro.

  • Kevin T.

    Towni’s pic immediately made me laugh, but in the best way. Voted.

  • Joe

    Alex is looking good here, but come on, did you steal that hat man and make up some story about a homeless guy?

    Dan takes this one based solely on the hat and hat alone.

    Congrats to Gunarat.

  • In Seoul

    Alex’s style is not my cup of tea. That’s why I vote for who I prefer. And, while I know TSBMen’s credo is rules are made to be broken, I could not vote for John with his bottom button of a DB jacket buttoned up.BTW, Towni is not in the office, so I did not vote for him. Did look appropriately great for fly fishing though!

    • Alan

      The bottom button rule doesn’t apply to DB jackets nearly as strongly – it’s much more a matter of personal preference.

      • John Crossley

        I agree. Sometimes buttoning the bottom button causes a better drape.

  • James K

    I’m not sure how Towni doesn’t win this one, still looking dope well fishing pretty hard to pull off.

  • Gary-A

    I was leaning heavily towards Dan but HOT DAMN GUNARAT WHERE DID YOU GET THAT JACKET.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      His leather is by Todd Snyder

  • Mickledrippin’

    You gotta give Alex points for having sufficient cojones to admit to giving a homeless man two bucks for the hat. Everyone loves a bargain, but, come on!! The chapeau in question looks as tho’ $10 bucks might have been in order…..or at least $2, and a cup of coffee. And sit with the guy while he drinks it.

  • J

    Dan, I’m not queer, but damn.

  • http://www.thingsaboutkyle.wordpress.com Kyle Leon Norville

    Dan’s outfit gets my vote today.

  • Rich


  • BF

    Homerun john,
    The db jacket is AWESOME>

  • http://undefined LouCaves

    Went with the soon to be new guy, Gunarat.

    I’m glad the caption pointed out it was cold and windy; wondered why a scarf is being sported in late May.

  • Steve

    How can Towni not be leading!!! That outfit is hands down the best of the group, a classic look.

    • Rich


  • massimo

    Hey Alex, Next time give the guy the $2, and let him keep his lid, and head lice :)

    I appreciate you guys including Alex’s look in the blog, to me, he seems like a guy that just doesn’t give a shit, which is cool, just not sure his photos need to be included, I kinda get the feeling he’d prefer it that way anyhow.

    Not sure who looks best today, but Towni having most fun.

    • Blimpy

      While we all truly appreciate your constructive criticism, I think if you were to read the rest of the comments you will see why Alex is included on the site!!! While his PERSONAL style doesn’ t inspire you, it does provide a refreshing alternative that helps to inspire others. Maybe his style is not your ‘cup of tea’ but he does have a vested interest in the site and is also the Art Director, which makes him more than qualified to be featured!!!

      • http://undefined Robert

        Pretty sure he was referring to not giving a shit about being in front of the camera, and would rather be behind it.

  • Kiel

    Other thoughts:

    Dan, can you explain your take on the “overhanging belt” look? Yours is pretty minimal and unoffensive, but I’ve seen it on guys that will have a really long scout belt phallus swinging from their waist. I really don’t like the idea of a belt that doesn’t fit.

  • Kiel


    Those loafers, DANG.

    I’m just gonna call you DANG Trepanier.

  • Randy

    John needs to steal that jacket. Suits him so well. Got my vote :)

    • John Crossley

      Thanks man, I’ve offered Dan cash for it several times.

  • http://urbsuburbstyle.com/blog/ Paul

    Dan’s my choice Love the shirt and hat – great summer look!

  • Kate

    Wow, everyone looks great today! But, John gets my vote. The whole look just works and jumps off the page!!

  • Chris Piane

    An abstention on my part! Way too difficult to choose. I actually think Alex DESTROYED it today. I love every aspect of his casual outfit, especially the hat! Today, Alex reminds us that you don’t have to be dressed in business casual or semi-formal attire to demonstrate true style. I really like Towni’s look as well. Again, something we’re not used to seeing on this site, but still a fun pic, showing us that style is also about dressing appropriately for a given event.

    The rest of you look great! Again, too tough to vote today.

  • Misha

    I am in love with Dan’s shirt, dayumn!

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Silk polka dots with a big ol’ 70s collar :)

  • Vaz

    Dan made me believe that you can look slick in linen.

  • Jerome

    Yo Alex, looking fresh! Especially the fit on those trousers.

  • http://WideEyesTightWallets.com Adam

    I’m actually going with Alex this week…as I mentioned below he usually isn’t quite my style, and while I probably would have gona with a different fit (and I’m not a hat guy myself), I love what he’s got going on with the shawl collar and nautical strips.

  • Ian K

    Went for Alex. Cool hat! Dans look is great am just not mad on the shirt pattern.

  • Dex

    Dan is definitely showing why he has won best dressed man in America.

  • http://undefined Dave

    John Great look nice jacket

  • Kien

    Voted for Alex, love the striped henley. If anyone disrespects Alex they know nothing about style! I for one always enjoy looking at his workwear dressed up looks. I might not always agree with every single element but I am certainly inspired.

  • Zora

    John is the most sophisticated and put together, combining effortless casual elements with dressier pieces. Dan looks great too

  • Tee

    Somebody needs to explain Alex’s continued presence on this site.

    Gunarat looks incredible, as does Dan. Although, honestly, I’ve never been, and probably will never be, on board the whole hat bandwagon.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Alex is our photographer and art director. Without him, the site would look like this: http://mensstyleblog.blogspot.com/

      Show some respect, we’re offering different perspectives to show that style is personal.

      • http://WideEyesTightWallets.com Adam

        Ha! Wow, it’s crazy to look back at your ‘blogspot’ days…definitely gives me inspiration and encouragement as (hopefully) up-and-coming fellow blogger who still has a ways to go! Also just impressive to see all the improvements you fokls have made (and continue to make) over the years.

        For the record, I definitely appreciate Alex’s looks being included. They usually aren’t my style, per se, but like you said, great to get some other perspectives.

        • TO

          If I am not mistaken, Alex is the only TSB member to ever be shot be The Sartorialist (he’s kind of a big deal).

          • Jack

            Is this true? Where’s the link?

          • http://undefined Mr E

            Alex was photographed by The Sartorialist? Link please!

            That is a secret wish of mine right there.

            And if anyone doesn’t get Alex’s style on this site methinks that has nothing to do with Alex whatsoever.

          • http://undefined Robert

            http://WWW.UNABASHEDLYPREP.COM, not the Sartorialist. But still a dope site.

            • TO

              I may have let my memory get the best of me on that one, gents.

              I remember recognizing him when he joined the team, and back then I did read both of those blogs.

      • James Cuneo

        Dan is right. Alex’s style is best example of looking good effortlessly and getting most of your old cargo pants and sneakers.

        • Jack

          Beauforts and Blucher Mocs. Alex crushes it on the reg. That said, those pants need to be tapered in the leg.

      • Tee

        I didn’t intend any disrespect (should’ve worded my sentiments differently). It’s just that his style is so frustrating–the principle/idea is great, but the fit is so baggy. I keep yelling at my computer screen for him to go down a size! Especially because his body is the most “average”, so to speak, of all of the contributors, making him the most relatable. It sucks to see him looking–for the lack of a better term–schlumpy. I feel like it sends out the wrong message.

        Although, I suppose, if he wore more fitted clothes he wouldn’t look like Alex; he’d look like the rest of you.

        So, in the end, I eat my words and I offer my humblest apology to Alex.

        • Ali

          That’s the reason Alex gets my vote, being “average” makes him the most relateable, normal, everyday dresser of the whole crew.

        • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

          Thanks for the apology Tee, but it really isn’t necessary. I love some good criticism in the comments, it keeps things interesting. And thanks to everyone who came to my rescue, haha.

          I realize that I have a pretty strange aesthetic, but it’s been working for me so far, and I can’t help what I’m attracted to. As I’ve mentioned before, my biggest inspiration is certainly MisterMort.com

          And, you know, sometimes I like to don that skinny sh-t too.

          • Luke

            Well Said.

          • Dave P

            The internet is a fascinating place isn’t it? People think they can say things that they wouldn’t in person. That someone can feel the need to demand an explanation for an individual’s presence on a website which provides a ton of amazing free content is bad enough. To do so because their style is not what said person perceives to be stylish (which is the most subjective of matters) is worse. What would be the purpose of having such a vote be if everyone’s style was the same?

            What you always notice though is that the TSB team’s responses are professional and courteous in the face of such rudeness. Alex was kind enough to call it good criticism, but it wasn’t. It was just rude. Keep up the great work Alex!

            • M.

              … I for one, think Alex oozes with style and nonchalance.
              Now, to argue that it would look better if he’d taper the legs on most of his outfits, yes it would- it’s just the way it is. I don’t think that change would make him more or less stylish though. Everyone forgets what the word “style” means.

          • http://undefined Robert

            I can DEFINTELY see the Mister Mort influence in your personal style…keep it real, Alex, f*ck the haters.

  • Chris

    Dan is on a roll.. Great mix..

  • John B

    Although Gunnarat looks good with the black and brown combo, it’s really hot here, so I’ll have to go with Dan.