Horizontal Stripes feat. Adam Lampell

May 17th, 2013

The menswear game today is all about the infamous “classic with a twist”.

The trick is in the subtlety of the “twist”.

Here’s an example:

“Classic”: white shirts with blue stripes.

“Twist”: stripes cut on the horizontal cross-grain.

Our boy Adam from MAB takes some time out of his busy schedule selling fly-ass suits to take us to horizontal stripe school.

    1. Fresh Tobacco


    Firstly, this lightweight tobacco suit is crack! One of the most intriguing Spring suits I’ve seen in a while…even more so in person. Very well done player.

    The horizontal stripe shirt works because of Adam’s overall attention to detail. He’s a student of the game (perfectly tailored fits, smart color play, tasteful pattern mixing, etc).

    He also knows how to accesorize, and does so indulgently. Tortoise shades that flatter his face, subtle collar pin (with eyelets on the shirt collar), navy linen pocket square, vintage tie bar (featuring a Native American penny from 1908), tribal-patterned braces (under a clean waistband)…


    There’s another great “classic with a twist” element at play here.

    “Classic”: tapered haircut with a side-part.

    “Twist”: the side part is cut-in by his barber on the left side, and only the right side is faded. Something like a Military x Mad Men collab.


    Adam is a smaller guy (see his feature Tips for Shorter Guys).

    Over the years he’s really found a fit that flatters his body type: a trim, slightly cropped jacket with a deep button stance and very slim trousers with no break.


    2. Play the Blues, Brother


    As we’ve mentioned several times, we’re big fans of monochromatic looks.

    Here adam mixes some interesting shades of blue, including a teal tie that is perfect for Spring and really bounces off the light navy cotton suit.


    The tight bengal stripes are subtle on this shirt, some people don’t even notice that they are cut horizontally. But when they do notice, they usually want to order one.

    Also, the stripes on the collar and cuffs are cut on the length grain (as usual), creating a subtle pattern play within the shirt itself.


    Adam has one of the most impressive shoe collections of anybody I know (just look closely through this post).

    Lately though, he’s been sticking with these midnight brown slip-on loafers by Scarpe di Bianco. He likes this style so much, he just picked them up in three more colors: black, navy and eggplant.

    When you find something that’s perfect for you, don’t be afraid to stock up.


    3. Dressing-Up Denim


    A while back we discussed dressing-up denim, but not like this. Adam takes it to a new level.

    This 100% cotton denim cloth by Ariston makes for a beautiful suit – one that’s easy to split up as separates and will look better and better as it breaks-in (just like your favorite jeans).


    As I’m sure we’re going to get this comment/email, yes, in theory horizontal stripes “make you look wider”. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’re going to look fat or heavy if you wear them. Fit makes much more of a difference than pattern when it comes to visual heightening/lengthening.

    That said, horizontal stripes are probably not the best move for heavy-set guys. Keep in mind Adam is roughly 5’7″ 140lbs.


    On that note, a good laugh.



    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Adam for participating!

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Joe

      extremely underrated post. the fit and detail on his looks are phenomenal.

    • tlb

      I’m curious about his tie length. In the link you posted re: tips for shorter guys you say “there’s no excuse for a tie hanging past the waistband,” but in looks 1 and 3 it clearly is. I always struggle with getting my tie length into what I’ve always thought to be the acceptable range and I wonder if this is something that’s evolving.

      • http://www.themodestman.com Brock

        Good point. You can always tuck the short end behind your shirt (after the second button from the top). Don’t tuck it in your pants or anything like that. It will come out.

        But get them altered at Skinny to Fatty or Tie Crafters. That’s the best solution, and it’s cheap.


    • http://dapperadvisor.tumblr.com Akil M

      That last look is my favorite. He truly has impeccable taste, and pays attention to detail.

    • Mahmoud

      Dan, you bring us another great entry. Thank you! All this guy’s looks are very bold and he pulls them off!
      His trousers are so slim! Still, looks on point.

    • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South

      That last look is so killer

    • John

      Great looks! That denim suit was definitely unexpected! I’d prefer a more contrasting tie on look #2 though.

    • Wayne

      Adam is seriously on point every time he is featured! Haircut is superb! Any photos of the backside- wonder how it all blends together.

    • BF


    • http://www.wix.com/neilfortin/costumes Neil

      Awesome hair cut. Might just be the inspiration photo brought to the barber next time!

    • Pat

      Hats off to Adam. He killed it. . .and nice haircut by the way!

    • http://profblack.blogspot.kr/ Professor Black

      It’s a good thing I have a pocket square with me today…. I just had a style-gasm.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        hahaha you’re sick

        • http://profblack.blogspot.kr/ Professor Black

          I’m sick? You’re the one drawing all the dirty pictures :)

    • Gazman

      Horizontal stripes reminds me of a famous episode of MASH. Trapper hears of a cheap Korean tailor and gets measured for a pin stripe suit and it comes back…you guessed it.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        hah – dating yourself there my man!

    • Sergio

      I’m always impressed by what Adam wears! On top of looking killer in every outfit we seen him in, one of the nicest guys out there!

    • CJ

      This guy needs to have a regular feature or something. He kills it every time I see him on here. Definitely next level!

    • Don Pierre

      One of the best post of TSB men ever. Adam is dangerously sharp! #Tsbmen

    • EL

      That denim suit is impressive. The precision of the cut and the combination of the shirt and shoes makes it look very high-end.

      I’ve never seen anything on that level. I’m intrigued.

      Nice work, as always.

      • John Crossley

        I never thought I would hear denim and suit in the same sentence. The suit is amazing though. Ariston makes some unbelievable fabrics.

    • TO

      A fan of the denim suit and the subtle accessories in look #1 (patterned braces, tie bar, collar pin).

      Love the horizontal stripe shirts! And three great examples, it really is a nice twist.

      Have either of you experimented with making the collar’s stripes horizontal too? I expect that this just wouldn’t look ‘right’.

    • Chris

      Awesome loafers. Found their site online but cant find those for sale online. Any tips?

      • John Crossley

        I’ve seen them pop up a few times on eBay.

    • Herbert Morrison

      Nicely done. Some new ideas at play here for the wedding tomorrow in the Windzy. Tim O’Hearn I hollered at you–tick tock tick tock, get at me player. Dan, I will be representing TSB in full effect while in your hometown–you done know about me B. Stay up and keep grindin’–this site gets liver each and everyday.

      • TO

        Check your inbox my friend:)

    • Nick

      Any chance we can see the right side of his haircut?

      • Nick

        Just looked at the first picture….dumb

        • TW

          The guy can dress however he wants. That’s his prerogative. I just find it a bit silly to call any of this “subtle” in any way. BTW, who’s cutting for MAB these days? I saw that Rory moved on.

    • http://themodernprep.wordpress.com Marshall Mulherin

      This dude is a genius. All these suits are so amazing. This man is on par with you, Dan.

    • Niels

      Which kind of watch is he wearing?

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


    • TW

      Yeah, these outfits all scream “subtlety.”

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        It’s all relative. In the bespoke arena I would consider solid brown and solid navy suits fairly subtle.

        • John Crossley

          I agree with Dan. With the suits themselves being solid colors, it allows one to try more interesting details without it being too loud.

      • Marcus Forlan

        The word to describe this post – deadly!

        I am going to str8 rip off look #1 and also got some ideas on how to dress up my new cotton / silk blue suit.

        Awesome post!

    • A

      I don’t like the look of the wide spread collar with that size knot. I feel like it should be bigger so you can’t see the part of the tie that loops around the neck.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        I disagree. I think it’s a misconception that the tie knot has to be large enough to “fill the gap”. That would be one overly HUGE knot on a cutaway collar like that.

        My 2 cents.

        Thx for reading!

        • Badger

          I actually *like* to see/show the part of the tie that loops around the neck. Sprezzatura and all that.

    • MS

      I don’t use this weird loosely: those suits are redonkulous. I knew I should’ve listened to my dad and gone to B-school so I could afford a wardrobe like this.

      • TO

        Lol what is B-school?

        • Changingman

          Probably business school.

          • Ahmed H.

            I believe he’s referring to top business schools, such as Harvard Business or London Business. A term used by industry heads.

    • Jake

      crazy cool.