3-Piece Spring Suits feat. Brady O’Callahan

June 7th, 2013

If you’re a longtime reader of Articles of Style, you might recognize Brady O’Callahan from his internship interview a few years ago. The Ohio native had just graduated from Ohio State University and moved to NYC to pursue improv comedy, while simultaneously exploring his interest in menswear.

Since then a lot has changed, including Brady’s job title. He’s now the Production Coordinator at Michael Andrews Bespoke by day, and a budding star on the NYC improv scene by night.

“I moved to New York to study improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and pretty quickly got immersed in that whole scene. Shortly thereafter I also began working at MAB, thanks to an intro from a certain style blogger, and it’s been an amazing, eye opening experience.

The three-piece has become my go-to around the office… here are some of my favorites.”

    1. The Everyman Suit


    “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my experience at MAB, it’s that every man should have a solid grey suit in his closet.  You can wear it anywhere. And it’s pretty tame in nature, so you can afford to give it some life with some seasonal patterns and colors.”

    Looking to add some “custom flair” to that bespoke suit order? Don’t adorn it with eyesore accents like colored buttonholes or contrast pick-stitching. Instead, add a waistcoat and make it a three-piece. It’s a simple way to add some swagger to a suit, and it makes a staple suit even more versatile, rather than creating a people-won’t-forget “statement piece”.


    “I really dig how this shirt seems like a solid purple from a distance, but up close you can notice it’s subtle geometric print.”

    On a separate note, what a great haircut! Short on the sides faded to longer on top looks flattering on just about everybody.


    I’m not sure if it’s his Irish blood, but Brady tends to wear a lot of green.

    He often pulls-off some unexpected shades of green. Like this grey suit, purple shirt and army fatigue tie combo. Not to mention the lime/forest striped socks.


    2. The Contrast Vest

    01 copy

    I call this the DIY three-piece suit. Pair an odd vest with a suit in colors/fabrics/textures that contrast each other gracefully (like cobalt blue linen and medium grey hopsack, for example).

    Brady’s tailored fabrics are perfectly seasonal (a perk of working for a custom clothier) but he also brings some Spring non-chalance to the outfit with a button-down collar, plaid cotton tie and sockless penny loafers.


    “I snagged this tie from my dad’s closet a while back. He bought it on his honeymoon in Bermuda.  I love a hand-me-down more than most things, especially when it holds some sort of familial significance.

    I also just really dig the bold spring/summer colors.”


    Unlike some of the guys who work at MAB, Brady is not a clotheshorse.

    What I love about his style is that he makes smart investments, in pieces that he can, and will, re-use over and over again in multiple outfits.


    3. Autumn Colors/Spring Fabrics

    13 copy

    More green from the Irish-blooded Buckeye, this time a shade that is perfect for a cotton suit.

    “This is by far my favorite suit. A dusty forest green with big old peak lapels. It’s a bit of a statement suit, I guess, but I honestly don’t think it’s too in your face.”


    “I’m working with a bit of an autumn color palette here, which I like. I don’t think Spring needs to be exclusivly pinks, oranges and yellows. We’d all go blind…but yeah, this look’s going to go hard in the Fall.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m also a huge fan of Fall colors in Spring fabrics.


    What’s one pair of shoes that are perfectly suited to a quirky improv comedian with a passion for menswear?

    How about a pair of longwing brogues with inverted smooth/pebble grain leather blocking?

    Look closely at these beauties.

    “It’s a little detail that not a lot of people notice, but when they do, they’re all about it.”


    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Brady for participating!

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • http://undefined Steve

      button down shirt w/peak lapel suit jacket = faux pas?

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


      • Gazman

        Faux pas?? Only if you follow silly dress ‘rules’.

    • Nick

      TSB Team:

      Out of curiousity, could you break down this sites revenue sources? Ex: 70% Advertising, 25% endorsed content, 5% tsb shop – Ect.

      Great blog, not asking you to defend your profitability, just interested in how this ‘works’ as a reader – in comparison to a blog like put this on, which has full disclosure on how they make money.

      Thanks a lot,

      • http://undefined Robert

        Good luck! Why would you even choose to ask on a thread? They have a private message system on here…

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        The %’s are different every month, and changing quickly as TSB grows. The revenue is a combination of network ads, direct ads, affiliate sales, sponsored content, client referrals, brand collaborations, and product sales.

        Then, of course, there is the freelance work: writing, styling, consulting, hosting, creative direction, etc.

        Cheers mate, thanks for reading.

    • AK

      I remember Brady from highschool! A stand up guy from what I remember. Glad to see his feature and know that another Ignatius alum is living the dream. Also, those long wings in look 3 are killer. Trying to find me a pair.

    • Brent Kuz

      Sockless with a 3pc is a bit different to me.
      Hair reminds me of Mackelmore.
      Contrasting vest is awesomely British.
      What weight is the suit. I feel I’d be sweating my rear off in a standard weight wool suit. Is it a blend?
      A few of the pictures looked a but saggy in the midsection not sure if it was his build or just a funky shot but one of the photos on page 3 makes the shoulders look narrow while having a bit of a stomach.
      Overall one of the best features I’ve seen in a while! Maybe I won’t be dropping the best quite yet!

    • Patrick

      Suit looks great. on the first image,it looks like it’s suffering from the socks gripping the pant leg fabric, making the pants look bunched up. Also, while i think the sockless thing is cool sometimes, it is incongruous when paired with a 3-piece suit, which appears the extreme opposite of warm weather. it’s like wearing flip flops with a parka.

    • TO

      Don’t know Brady personally but I am glad to see he is doing well after we all witnessed his arrival on the NYC scene on the show.

      I am a big fan of his ‘contrast vest’ in that it is one of the more unique and nice ones I have seen. I have plans to exploit this particular move once I make the move to custom.

      And that forest green suit is one of my favorite suits…ever. Brady you just killed it with that design man, wow.

    • Joe

      One of my favorite posts in a while (and there have been some strong posts). The cut here seems to be just a little different from what typically see here and has great drape without being at all baggy. The gray of the first two looks are really nice, with the first being on the taupy side of grey, which gives it a nice earthy tone.

      I would have thought 3-piece suits might be a bit much in the warm weather. What makes the first two wools “Spring suits”? Is it a lighter weight wool, or the way it’s woven? And while I have my ignorance on full display – what exactly is hopsack?

      And congrats to Brady on all the success, sounds like you’re having a ton of fun.

    • cam

      i can appreciate the suits no doubt but the hair is the best thing going!

    • Mark

      That grey suit is amazing…he actually manages to make it look casual, as if wearing a three-piece suit is the most natural state of being in the world.

    • John B

      Impressive! Look #3 reminds me of your forrest green DB and orange knit-tie look!
      I’ve been wearing lavender with green a lot during spring though, dunno why you find it unexpected!

      • TO

        Exactly my first thought.

    • http://www.thingsaboutkyle.wordpress.com Kyle Leon Norville

      Wow. If this isn’t more motivation to invest in a three piece suit, I do not know what is.

      P.s:(I see a small spelling error in slide 2. “multiple”)

      • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

        Good spot ;)

    • Sergio

      Is the first suit Holland & Sherry cloth? I must agree that a 3 piece gray suit is the most versatile. Next on my list are a 3 piece tweed and navy suit…maybe a 3 piece navy tweed suit hmmm.

    • http://undefined King Street

      Great looks. the forest green suit is slick…but I think that colour looks better on lighter skin because the shade is strong. I don’t think I could pull it off :(

    • Bob

      Anything more than a linen sportcoat is just too toasty for somewhere like Texas this time of year. Looks nice though if the weather cooperates.

    • http://undefined Robert

      Damn, Brady’s steppin’ up and steppin’ out. Good for you, Brady. I wish you continued success.

    • http://undefined Vidal

      First things first: The Mark McNairy longwings are ILL!!!!!

      Now, I am also a fan of the three piece suit. In fact, the last six suits I’ve gotten from my tailor have all been three piece, and I intend to make any I get going forward such as well. I don’t always wear the waistcoat, but the option is there, making them more versatile, and some can be worn with other things which gives even more flexability to my wardrobe.

      Thanks for another great post,