Jacket Art feat. Angel Ramos

May 8th, 2013

Angel Ramos knows a thing or two about a good jacket.

His award-winning “elegantly sporty” style is surpsingly simple; solid shirts (only white, blue or pink), classic bottoms (usually bespoke trousers or jeans), and a beautiful custom-made sports jacket.

“Simplicity is key when it comes to describing my style. Neapolitan-inspired soft tailoring, with a huge emphasis on fit.”

Here’s three of the jackets in Angel’s rotation right now, as he travels between Miami, Atlanta and NYC hand-delivering custom gear to an impressive list of high-end clientele.

    1. Flannel’s Last Hurrah


    This time of year can still be a bit chilly (especially at night), making it the perfect time to give your flannel jackets one last wear before retiring them for the season. Think of it less like a winter suit jacket, and more like a spring coat.

    “This is the jacket to what was probably my favorite suit this past Fall/Winter. It’s extremely soft in construction and the bold chalkstripe gives it that 1930’s feel.”


    Being a traveling custom clothier and all, Angel knows a thing or two about flying in style. He arrived to the Articles of Style Studio straight from the airport wearing this.

    “This is a look I favor when traveling because it allows me to remain comfortable and elegantly sporty.”


    “These Zara jeans are one of my favorite pairs. It’s crazy how such an inexpensive pair of jeans can not only fit so well, but also be a perfect compliment to a high-end custom jacket.”

    Angel wears his bespoke gear for any occasion. Here, for example, he basically just swapped-out the chalkstripe suit trousers for some dark denim (and ditched the socks) to turn a boardroom look into a weekend-in-the-city look, elegant captoes and all.


    2. Summer Tweed


    Summer Tweed: Silk/Linen/Wool.

    “It’s tough to coin this beautiful summer tweed jacket as my favorite for the season, but man it comes close! The character of this fabric is just amazing…rough in texture with a little pilling, but very light in weight. It’s truly a great blend for a lightweight casual jacket.”


    “The glenplaid has a subtle turquoise windowpane, which is perfect for these vintage 1953 Gucci loafers that they just brought back.”


    “Can’t wear these too often, but when I do I get great feedback.”


    3. Sorbetto Mandarino


    “My sorbetto mandarino!

    I’m a huge fan of summer jackets in light colors. I personally own about 5 colors (see his sky blue herringbone cashmere).

    They’re surprisingly versatile – I wear this jacket in so many different variations.”


    I always enjoy hanging with Angel, he’s a down to earth guy and we actually have a lot in common.

    We spent an afternoon catching up on everything from our experiences winning Esquire’s “Best Dressed Real Man in America”, to the nuances of measuring & fitting bespoke clothing, to how growing a beard can affect your personal style…


    “Michael Bastian’s ‘blazer pants’ are a genius design. The minute I saw these hit Mr. Porter, I rushed to cop them before everyone hogged the 34s!

    They are truly the blazer pants, designed with pocket flaps, ticket pocket, knee ‘elbow patches’, even functional buttons at the hem…and the coin pocket under the front waistband is actually a welt ‘breast pocket’. SO DOPE!”


    Slippers. A Sartorialist in Miami has to have ’em.

    “I had these suede tassel slip-ons custom made to match these pants.”



    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Angel for participating!

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • http://www.friv5games.org/ Friv 5

      Very nice. i will buy for my boy friends.

    • http://desertleather.com Elma Sherry

      This is outstanding post, The collection shows grace and today’s stylish.. Phenomenal selection, keep doing

    • http://undefined Micaiah

      Every outfit is phenomenal.. Well thought out, yet still classic and not over-done. This post is old but I often time revisit some older posts and compare with the current ones.. but Angel has to be on of my favorites..
      Very Sharp

    • Jose M.


      Being a fellow south Floridian I was curious as to what your typical summer business attire is considering the walk from the front door to the car or the car to the front door of your office leaves you drenched in sweat. I’ve been adding blazers to my attire as my style is developing and figuring you’d understand and sympathize, I wanted your take on this. Love the first two looks. My style to the T.

    • Don Pierre

      Excellent post. Angel has excellent taste in eyewear. Retro super future use quality acetates when constructing their frames. Good to see a gentleman with taste not neglect the importance of great eyewear and opt for below average brands like Warby Parker. #Tsbmen

    • John

      Simple, yet great looks. The blazer pants are looking much better on your pictures (mrporter’s shots don’t do them justice), good job Alex.

      Also, Dan’s looks (with that hat) are impeccable.

    • http://undefined King Street

      Great looks. Look number 2 is my fav…but can’t help wonder how warm it would get wearing a tweed jacket with long sleeves. could you wear it with a linen shirt?

      • Angel Ramos

        This is actually a light tweed despite its initial assumption to coming across as a heavy fabric. It’s made up of silk and cotton and was made unconstructed so it the weight alone is great and the jacket being unlined breathes very well. However wearing it with a linen shirt would be a smart look as well.

    • http://urbsuburbstyle.com/blog/ Paul

      Good looking, simple yet sophisticated clothes. The best!

    • antonio

      Angel love the looks. what kind of shoulder padding are you using for your suits? How can i get that natural shoulder look?

      • Angel Ramoa

        I typically go with an unconstructed shoulder.

    • BN

      Are those dress shirts with tall collar custom made?

    • http://undefined Nathan Wind

      Dan is so jealous of Angel’s fly beard. This was the best post in quite some time. Esquire will be proud.

    • http://undefined Amat

      Are those glasses in looks #2 and #3 the Ciccio 48 Light Havana model?

      • Angel Ramoa

        You nailed it!!! They sure are!!! For the price you can’t beat them!

        • http://undefined Amat

          Thanks Angel. Great, well put-together outfits!!

        • 3k3k3

          Where can I find a pair of those? They are hawt!

    • dagobertinax

      damn.i wanna have this guy wardrobe

    • han

      So in love with the shoes he is wearing! especially the on in the 2nd outfit

    • Marshall Mulherin

      Angel has such a unique style. I LOVE IT. It seems almost Italian-influenced a bit…and the shoe game is alwaysssss on point. Much respect.

      Now make me some blazers, please. haha

    • psos

      Dope. Not ragging on previous, but best post in a while.

    • Gazman

      Beautiful outfits! Love the shoulders on the first and second jackets. But is it just me or are the sleeves on the first jacket a tad short? It’s all the rage at present but the no-socks with hard bottom shoes, I can’t dig; too feminine for me.

    • cam

      angel is fresh period. i know there is no chance he has that same banana republic belt of yours dan that you’ve been wearing since day 1…..he must’ve raided the tsb style closet

      • Angel Ramos

        Actually raided the TSB extensive closet for 2 belts. The brown leather one was a perfect match for the Gucci Loafs. I JUST HAD TO!!!!

    • Gaurav

      Found the ‘blazer pants’! Such a fantastic look, unfortunately the price is up there and some of the more common sizes are sold out. I wonder if there are any trousers out there with a similar look.


      • Angel Ramos

        Yeah, it was a steep cop I must say. But I justified it when I saw them due to the fact of them not being offered by anyone else.

    • Henri

      Those trousers are godlike.

    • Sergio

      Angel has some amazing, classic and timeless style. Always great to see another Latino who not only is doing very well for himself but cares in the way he presents himself to others.

    • Jeremy Whitechick

      Am now off to google and hopefully procure ‘blazer pants’. Love at first sight.

      • josh

        haahaaaa hilarious!!

    • Miguel

      Three excellent outfits, I’ll wear any of those, Modern, easy and well put together.

      I have to say, a fine Jacket will always give your outfit a whole new level.

    • http://undefined TimL

      All the looks are very cool.
      Especially like the last look with Angel and Dan sportin the summer gangsta look.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Tim. “Gangster in the Summer” will be a big inspiration of mine this season… :)

        • http://undefined undefined

          You have the perfect look and head shape for those hats.

          I love them but I can’t make them work for my oval bean. :(

    • Ian in Dallas

      Functional buttonholes on the sleeves! The mark of a true sartorial gentleman.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        True, but on the pants takes it to a whole new level.

        • Angel Ramos

          I Concur, Major Props to Michael Bastian for that one!

    • http://undefined Robert

      I was eagerly awaiting this post. I saw the teaser on his blog and instagram. The gucci loafers…brilliant!

    • Brady P

      those blazer pants are amazing, w/ the custom tassel loafers, get serious. Menswear at its finest, well done Angel

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


    • LouCaves

      Thumbs up on the beard.

      Dan, sorry to see yours go.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        No worries. It’s on it’s way back…

        • Angel Ramos

          Yeah I’m rooting for it DT! #BeardLife

    • Brett

      Those blazer pants look more like the “tactical” pants I’d wear on the shooting range.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        You got some really fly shooting pants.

    • Ian K

      3 great looks. Love the shot of Dan and Angel. Oozing style!

    • Shawn

      Love it each and every time this guy gets featured on TSB. Awesome sense of style in all the simplicity!

    • BF

      smooth, solid looks…

    • http://undefined Jason

      Oh man…he is just beautiful….

    • http://www.perfectgentlemansa.blogspot.com Mxolisi

      I love all the looks. Those limited edition Gucci loafers are too sweet for words. There’s a lot to learn in this post, and his shirt choices is the first lesson. The brother is really looking good.

    • Pete

      Fantastic jackets.

    • http://undefined Rob

      I have to say, that this is a great style. Classic and simple.

      • http://undefined Robert

        I completely agree with your first sentence, however, the second, his look is far from simple, and I would go so far as saying he’s the new “modern” classic. There is nothing traditionally classic about his appearance.