Casual Rainwear: The Lightweight Anorak

May 22nd, 2013

It’s anorak season in the Articles of Style office.

Here’s three of our favorites.

    1. Sporty Windbreak


    A jacket doesn’t get much lighter than this – one thin layer of nylon to break the breeze or an unexpected drizzle.

    The green color and sporty block stripe are perfect for a casual Spring outing.


    Pairing it here with my go-to Spring classics: tortoise shades, chambray shirt, henley, navy chinos, Jordans.


    I gave up sneakers a long time ago but I do wear my favorites from time to time, like these True Blue IIIs from 2001…


    2. Nautical Season


    This is the Billy Reid anorak with suede trim that we included in our April Giveaway.

    Nautical stripes are a Spring staple for me and a bright colored anorak, like yellow or red, offsets them perfectly.


    These jeans were solid black when I bought them four years ago…now they’re a perfect shade of authentically-broken-in grey. The best way to wear black jeans in the Spring, in my opinion.

    Some things get better with age – great post on that topic coming soon.


    The convertible zip hood adds a really cool aspect, allowing you to lay it flat against the back of the jacket…something you don’t see everyday.


    I’ve been coming back to these bucks all Spring.


    3. Throwback Throw-Over


    This olive cotton anorak (now available in the Articles of Style SHOP) is Vintage in all it’s glory; retro design, beat-up fabric, slightly fuller cut.

    It’s a great masculine pop-over for any Spring occasion – from a simple business casual look, to a dusty outdoorsy weekend.


    This thing even has two little kangaroo-pouch pockets to keep your daily knick-knacks in order.


    You can tell a lot about a man’s taste level by his pant/shoe combo. There are a lot of variables at play – color story, texture mixing, proportions, etc.

    Here I went with caramel hopsack trousers (with a deep cuff and no break) and chocolate suede wingtips.



    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Jonathan

      Towni’s outfit is KILLER!

    • Ian

      Love the combination of the trousers & shoes together. The colours and different textures really work well!

      Not sure about the bracelet and watch combo though – it looks great together, but I personally would not want to risk my Montblac watch (if I had one!) being scratched by the bracelet.

    • Khalid

      Wes is on bullet time! Will he reach the payphone before Agent Schulman catches up to him??

    • RIchard

      TB3 go with almost anything, man.

      • RIchard

        also dope to see that they’re some 01’s

        • Westley Dimagiba

          good eye Rich

    • Jimi Brady

      Dan’s original spring outerwear posts really opened my eyes to anoraks as a spring staple. Great article, as always.

    • Brent Kuz

      Bought my first band collar shirt this week thanks to Wes. Towni’s jacket isn’t my style but I like the article

    • BF

      Towni’s anorak looks like a Burton Gore tex snowboard jacket I have

    • Lucas

      Wes always bring in the J’s!

      • Lucas

        ^*bringing it

    • Vikflo

      Great looks. Wes always killing it.

    • Conor G

      Got two collarless’ in the last 6 months because of Wes and think they are awesome. Love the anoraks, wanna get one but shouldn’t the fit be a bit better?! Or is it something just to throw on and off over your fly gear underneath!?

      • Dan Trepanier

        I like some garments, like anoraks, a little looser. It’s a casual pull-over after all.

        That said, I’d say there will be more and more “not so slim” fits happening on TSB in the near-ish future…

    • jonathan

      Rainproof outwear and suede just don’t go. Just my opinion that’s all.

      • Dan Trepanier

        I actually agree. I almost killed this article for that reason, but decided to run it anyway.

        It wasn’t raining when we shot this a while back…

    • Brady P

      Wes got some ups

    • Francis

      That zipped hood makes Townsend look like a ladybug. Just sayin’.

      • Dan Trepanier


      • Townsend

        This is true, and funny.

    • John B

      Nice post! Some pretty strong looks, although rainproof outerwear with suede shoes is a bit strange!

      • Dan Trepanier

        It doesn’t have to be raining for an anorak. Or trench.

        Thx for reading John!

    • John Crossley

      I think we can all agree, Wes is the master of the collarless shirt.

      • Westley Dimagiba

        my man John, thanks bro!

    • rismomax

      Dan helped me discover layering with the “shacket”. Now, Wes has not only helped me appreciate the collarless shirt, but layering a collarless shirt with a collared shirt.

      Once again, thanks guys.

      • Westley Dimagiba

        made my day with this comment, you know I love those band collars