March Menswear Giveaway: Top 10

March 27th, 2013

We had to make some very difficult decisions yesterday, but here are the Top 10 entries to our March Giveaway, in no particular order.

Now it’s time to VOTE for your favorite outfit using the poll at the bottom of this post. Keep in mind you can only vote one time.

Voting ends March 30th at 11:59pm. One winner will be announced and contacted on March 31st.

Best of luck to all you stylish gents, one of you will be receiving a very nice prize package:


1. Havana blue wool/linen suit by Suit Supply

2. Plaid spread-collar shirt by Billy Reid

3. Handmade sunglasses by Matsuda Eyewear 

4. Deerfield calfskin loafers by Johnston & Murphy

5. Full-grain bridle leather Folio by Holdall&Co

+ A chance to be featured in a post on Articles of!


1. Simon D.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHLondon, England

2. Alex E.

Alex E - NYCNew York City

3. Daniel D.

Daniel D -  OntarioOntario, Canada

4. Greg W.

Greg Wells - NYCNew York City

5. Eduard N.

Eduard N - NetherlandsThe Netherlands

6. Jeremy B.

Jeremy B - PhillyPhiladelphia, USA

7. Samuel H.

Samuel H - SingaporeSingapore

8. Konstantinos M.

KONSTANTINOS M - Athens, GreeceAthens, Greece

9. Austin G.


10. Levi G.

Levi G - Sydney, AUSydney, Australia


Thanks for reading and special thanks to all those who entered the contest.

Yours in style,

Articles of Style

  • Austin G.

    Thank you everyone for all of your support and thank you TSB for the opportunity. I’m a big fan and admire the way you run your business, I really appreciate the way you stand up for the contestants to the haters. Levi, love the shoes! Simon, awesome coat (Indiana Jones meets London). Eduard, digging the Nautical Nick Wooster look! Everyone looked great and brought something unique to the table. Thanks again and Happy Easter.

    • Misha

      Congragulations, stay true to you!

  • Josh

    So many haters! Everyone looks great.

  • Kris

    I voted for number 9. Austin G. I’ve been a huge fan of White Jeans and the boat shoes just make a great combo.

    My second vote was for number 4. Greg W. I enjoy the bright Blue pants (Jeans?) I’ve been starting to get into the more vibrant pants colors, Red , Bright Green, Blue.. bring it on!

  • Dave

    Close call, but my vote went to Austin. He’s got a great color scheme going on. His accessories are really what pulls it together. Congrats to all of the finalist.

  • mike


  • Gazman

    They all look terrific. One thing: can people stop saying, ‘on point’. Gives me the shits!

    • TO

      Haha. That is really unfortunate

  • Marcus Forlan

    Let’s see if Dan will let this be published. And if he does, would love to hear the responses.

    Simon – Great outfit, but it should have been on someone else who could have pulled it off. Hat helped but not much. Sorry but I think outfits should suit who they are on. In this case, imagine peacock feathers on a chicken.

    Alex – Great look except for a couple of squibbles. Too much pocket square peeking out. If the pants are to be that short, then they need to be more tapered (haven’t u been paying attention to this blog ? :-) ) or paired with sleeker, more elongated shoes. The jacket needs to be tapered bit more. Just think he would have looked better with those tweaks imho.

    Daniel – on point. Color, fit and texture.

    Greg – on point. Slick, slick, slick. OK – mebbe I am prejudiced because I use that look often (sans sunglasses).

    Eduard – very cool. The shorts should be a lil more tapered tho.

    Jeremy – On point. Esp the cutaway collar – looks awesome with the notch lapel and the way he tied the tie and it matches his …………. smile!

    Samuel H – Cool look overall. I get what he is trying to do (I think), but IMHO he should have gone monochromatic with a pop of color.

    Konstantinos – On point. Playful and serious at the same time. It totally suits him.

    Austin – Cool look. I only question his choice of pattern and color wrt the shirt (or t-shirt). Also, overexposed shot just like last month’s winner. So perhaps he will take this also because of that. :-).

    Levi – on point. I like the length on his jeans. Affords max flexibility depending on what he is wearing.

    Torn between Eduard, Daniel, Greg and Levi. Good thing I have more time to decide.

  • Ilya

    In Singapore, it’s 25 to 30 degrees of Celsius all year around, why Samuel H. is wearing rugged work boots? Not to mention a heavy waistcoat/sports coat combination.

    And Austin G’s outfit is even more odd. It sure looks sharp, but if you have to wear three layers of clothes, including a winter coat, how socksless top-siders can match this?

    Jeremy B. spots a very nice look except for an awkward tie proportions: the knot is narrow while the tie itselft isn’t, not sure if you get what I mean though.

    P.S. At first I confused Alex E. to Dan himself, looks like disciple is trying too hard to imitate the guru.

  • Ben Chi

    Austin no doubt!

  • Antonio

    If you’re presenting varied outfits to be voted on, which seems odd, I think the owner of this site should own up to providing their own vote. Since style is itself subjective, it shouldn’t really be a voting matter. If you insist your readers to do this, you should not be above the act of participating. (Of course not including your votes in the tally, but still picking a contestant).

    • Marcus Forlan

      You could have just said …”Dan & Co should also pick a winner independent of the readers”.

      I think it is a good idea guys. :-).

  • Christian Davis

    Was really feelin’ Greg and Jeremy but ended up going with Greg in the end. Congrats to all the finalists!

  • Angela

    I like the variety of styles, but my vote is for Jeremy!

  • Willie D.

    Austin G. I LIIIKE THAT!!

  • http://undefined Gilbert A.

    That Austin G. feller is lookin’ reeeeaaaal sharp!

  • http://undefined Enrique J.

    I’ve got the fever for Austin G.!

  • http://undefined Drew

    Austin by far has the best picture on here. Got my vote for sure. Haters gon hate!

  • Jimmy

    Levi looks like Lane Pryce’s better-looking younger brother. Well done, boyo!

    • jballs

      Stole the words right out of my mouth!

  • Sour Steve

    It’s very surprising seeing the outcomes of these competitions. The best looks have not been winning. Goes to show that style is subjective. I can’t help but think the majority of voters don’t actually follow TSB. Since the far and above best looks aren’t getting the love they should.

    But I guess that’s the point of the giveaways, get people talking and push the site to places it may not have been before.
    I’m all for more AMUs, but lets get these voters on the right page so the best looks can win…

    • Dan Trepanier

      So who decides which looks are “the best”? You, Sour Steve?

      Like you said, style is subjective.

      • Logic Police

        Ditto, there appears to be a gap in that inference.

        Congrats to all the finalists.

      • Marcus Forlan

        Would be interesting to compare your pick for overall winner as well. And compare to the readership’s choice.

  • Misha

    I find it funny that Eduard is pulling of shorts when it’s close to freezing here in the Netherlands, anyway nice outfit, but i think that Jeremy is the best. He has a certain kind of nonchalance what looks natural, like he could walk past me on the streets!

  • PG

    Greg, Jeremy, then Eduard and Levi. The first two especially reveal a style that is effortless, unaffected, and translatable to any setting. Everything else is trying too hard and missing.

    • Simon

      This whole idea of “trying too hard” is just an absurd statement really. For all you know, one of the “try-hards” could have picked the items being worn in all of 2 minutes, and left the house in a rush. I would hardly call that, “trying-hard”. You might be better served to say, “I appreciate a simple, even minimalist classic approach to style”, or something of that kind. The claim that posters are merely trying to emulate “bloggers” is equally unnecessary and unsubstantiated.

      Anyway, back to my paper writing…

  • TO

    Great contest this month; very cool that it has turned global!

  • greco_mascara

    bravo konstantinos ! geia sou patrida :D

    • Vasso T.

      Vote for Kostantinos….Awesome Look!

    • Konstantinos

      Thanks guys !

    • Konstantinos

      Ela mori Elladara !!!

      • greco_mascara

        re su , to panteloni sou einai tombolini ?

  • Max

    Not sure whether it matters, but Greg W’s pic was definitely previously featured on Unabashedly Prep. Still a great outfit though.

    • GeeGe

      I love how Greg is still laughing about the size of someone’s lapel he just saw. Great to see him acting it out.
      P.S. those doors sure do close fast…

  • Arron

    Super bummed I didn’t make it. Thought this was my month. Next month thou I’m takin the crown! Super cool looks. I’d vote Austin thou.

  • JWallis

    i like levi.

  • jonathan Wyatt

    To be honest none of these guys are “killing” it. Blogs are awesome inspiration but come on fashion is about self expression. These guys are all blog no self. Take your favorite blogs pull from them and create your own look. I would have loved to see one of them really branch out and own a look.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Show us how it’s done Johnny

      • TO

        @Jonathan: I see what you are saying, but the thing is too that blogs have covered a lot of aspects of ‘classic’ menswear (depending on how long you have been reading them, how many, etc.) and that shows in the sheer variety of the looks here, for example.

        Also, my favorite aesthetic has always been from the same time frame, for ex., and whether or not blogs (keep) promoting that, it is what I enjoying referencing the most– regardless of a posible evolution toward dinner-plate sized ties, lapels, etc.

        Good response D:)

    • Marcus Forlan

      Less generalizations and more details pls. We all want to learn.

      • Jonathan Wyatt

        It’s not about learning. I just think its hard to judge off of one picture/outfit. Maybe by capturing three different looks you can get a vibe of a person and see what their style is all about instead of trying to get it all in one bang. When we are out and about we all see those people and say “damn they are killing that look” it might be shoes,watch, socks, or whatever. I was not knocking on blogs. I’m the first to come and check TSB before I go out, the I feel the difference is I get a idea for a look make it my own and go, I don’t try to replicate the exact look, which I feel what these guys were doing.

  • Anonymous

    Austin’s outfit is a bit confusing. Perfect above the belt for February. Perfect below the belt for June. Combined? I understand style is unique, but one would think there should be some functionality to it as well. If his top half is correct, his ankles are frostbitten. If his bottom half is correct, he’s sweating his balls off. Not quite sure where the line gets drawn…

    • dje5

      Same thing I thought. He is from Michigan so the top probably makes sense even around this time, but them shoes and no socks… bro, lol

    • Anonymous

      If you lived in Michigan you would know that the weather is crazy. We had a few 80 degree days a few weeks back. And The last few days have been rather nice and this outfit would make perfect sense.

  • josie

    levi.. number 10 looks fab

  • Jacob

    Austin G is in the lead I cant say I agree with this one. Good looking outfit color scheme is on point but practicality is off. A harrington and a top coat in a sunny pic w white pants sitting on the ground??? Doesnt seem functional to me….

  • Evan

    Jeremy G

  • Marvin G

    What’s really funny is we all agree on Levi and Jeremy being the top styled out of this list but yet Austin is still the man with the higher votes LMAO!

    • Misha

      I think Austin has a lot of Friends (Fans)…

      • http://undefined Pablo R.

        I think Austin has a lot of haters too.

        • Misha

          Touché… not hating though

  • Michael

    I can look at each look and find something to like but on the other hand most of the looks here look so thought out, which is perhaps why I enjoy the Street Style posts more which are more natural. Jeremy looks the most natural although I’m not too much of a fan of what he’s wearing. I like the simplicity of Eduard’s outfit.

  • Shad

    Tough call between Levi and Austin, but since I’m a sucker for double monks, Levi’s got my vote!

  • Cedric T.

    I vote for number 8, Konstantinos. Love the double breasted jacket.

  • kaseem

    I am voting for #6

  • Marcus Forlan

    Surprised that Daniel and Greg are not far higher in the votes.

  • Eenis

    It was good to see Levi dye his hair to match the scarf and some of the buildings in the background. His eyes say “I knew it from day one, jeans are mild on the body and eyes”, and his mouth queries, “where’s the buffet?”
    Got my vote.
    Konstantinos, best looking ball boy world wide.

  • Mat

    Austin’s outfit makes absolutely no sense, if you are wearing 2 jackets and a shirt you should probably have socks and roll down your pants. Just awful.

    Levi on the other hand looks great. Fit is on point, everything flows well. It’s something that any viewer here could wear.

    • Anonymous

      His look isn’t bad when you live in Michigan and know that outfit would work really well on a day like today or the last few days we have had.

  • JohnC

    Levi as well for me. But all look great!

  • Ryan

    a vote for Austin G….because he looks like he stepped out of a magazine, and took a seat right there on the sidewalk.

    diggin’ the winter-spring transitional look!

  • H.R.

    #2 Alex E.

  • Ian K

    Levi looking smooth. Perfect detail right down to the socks. Great separates together looks like they were a set! A1!

  • Jireh

    Would have liked to see why the top ten were chosen like in the previous competitions. Voted for Simon, I really like how the Belstaff looking wax jacket is buttoned like a blazer, makes for good juxtaposition of rugged and more dressy elements.

  • Brady

    Levi your killing it! Jeremy is on point also, but that collar didnt do it for me. Great to see the countries listed, thats a nice touch.

  • Chrisd

    Perfect fit on those jeans, Levi.

    • Levi G

      Thanks mate.

      Funny enough, they’re Levis :)

      • TO

        That is funny hehe. Yeah man, great job mate! Making a wide belt part of a refined look is not easy!

  • David

    I have to give it to Jeremy, it looks like he’s wearing the clothes rather than the clothes wearing him, which some of these outfits are guilty of.

  • Alan

    Not as strong as last month: I have voted for Levi – I like the way the scarf works with his hair and shoes.

    The whole sockless thing is a disgrace.

  • Mario L.

    Killer jacket Austin!

    What’s up with Eduard btw, nice photo and love the RL-shorts, but temperatures haven’t been above 5 Celsius yet here..?!

    Solid 2nd for Levi (doesn’t buy u anything but keep it up).

    • Eduard

      Thanks for the positive feedback!
      The photo was taken on a rare warm day we had this month, thus the shorts. If it would have been a week later, I would have probably been wearing my skiis.

  • Joris

    Number 3, Daniel D, has an awesome look!

  • Tjay

    Wasn’t Austin in a previous competition at one time? This guy’s killin’ it even though I voted for Levi. The preps/Ivy-Leaguers will definitely be the majority of votes for Greg by the way. He nails it as well with the “go-to-hell” jeans.

  • Jim A

    Y’know, it’s true when they say devil’s in the details. When you’re looking really sharp, it’s little things that stand out. Like all the layers and sockless guys. If you’re cold enough to need a coat or vest, cover your ankles. Or Jeremy’s shirt collar- if it’d had a bit more to it to frame his face better and cover that bit of tie that’s showing, he would have been perfect.

    Went with Levi, although Jeremy was extremely close.

  • John

    Greg! His pants are bold and everything else is classic! Awesome!

    Nice to see the location on the shots! And sure, maybe some guys feel fine with bare ankles even during the winter. But it will probably look out of place!

    • Anonymous

      We’ve had some really warm days lately. Socks are not always necessary.

      • Sour Steve

        They are with a camel hair coat

        • Dan Trepanier

          Or maybe it’s just the right balance for the weather that day.

  • Vlad

    Shouldn’t the outfits be season appropriate? Judging having this in mind, everyone without socks/in shorts doesn’t look like they could go out in any day of March. Also Alex E and Austin are hot or cold? Heavy, seasonal tops + no socks seems off for me. Too close between Konstantinos, Simon, Levy and Jeremy.

    • http://undefined Michigander

      In Michigan, there are four seasons that are all very different from one another. Out of them all, spring is the most unpredictable. In the past, we’ve had over 80 degree weather and below 10 degree weather in the same week. Therefore, it seems appropriate to layer up in coats because you never know when you’ll need to take one off. Sperry’s don’t require socks and don’t look as neat and tidy if socks (that show) are worn. Plus, with the varying tempurature, you don’t need socks all of the time in March.

      I really think that Austin G. pulls off that look fairly well. I voted for him. Doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking either.

      -Fellow Michigander

      • Sour Steve

        Tiebarshmybar=Michigander=… well you know who you are

        Bill knows what I’m sayin. Props on making it 2 months in a row though

      • Anonymous

        You’re not supposed to wear socks with those shoes. It doesn’t look good.

        And in Michigan right now that outfit would be perfect. Stop hating so much.

    • http://undefined Bill

      last month when someone commented about austins outfit, there was a quick response back w/ an explination (and weird name to go with it)… im seeing a pattern

    • joe

      It’s not cold everywhere – In parts of Texas, shorts would work almost year round. It’s a nationwide contest. That being said, heavy tweeds and sockless loafers seem to a bit discordant – though maybe that’s the point? Who knows, maybe the chill of the ankles is just what’s needed?

      • joe

        Sorry, make that worldwide (where fall’s just begun in some places).

  • Ross

    Definately Jeremy for the previously mentioned reasons. Effortless natural look and everything very nicely draped. Not a big fan of his collar but it doesn’t really bother me.

    Alex’s outfit is a nice one too.

    Great entries.

  • Sour Steve

    If you need a coat, or even two coats… you need socks also

    • Anonymous

      Not necessarily in Michigan. The weather is crazy here.

      • Sour Steve

        I know all about Michigan weather buddy

  • Jonathan

    Really tough call between Levi and Austin. I went with Austin but it easily could have been Levi as well. Austin’s accessories add to his eye-catching look.

    Love Konstantinos red socks.

    Eduardo….Fantastic photo!

    • Jonathan

      I’m sorry Eduard. The spell check got me on your name.

    • Konstantinos

      Thanks for the approval of the socks….


    Thumbs up for Jeremy (Uncle Beebo ;-))

  • http://undefined Andy

    what exactly is so cool with the Bieber look alike!
    Konstantinos and Alex are modern dandies!well done gentlemen!!

    • Sour Steve

      Bieber look… ouch

    • http://undefined Mike

      I like Alex’s look, but isn’t his left jacket sleeve about 4 inches short?

    • Name (optional)

      The modern dandy, or the 18th century hipster, has had it’s run. It came, we saw, we yawned.

    • Konstantinos

      Many thanks for the comment ! I really appreciate as I’ m not a ‘professional’ fashion blogger.

  • Murda Mook

    Austin got that Bieber look..


    • http://undefined LouCaves

      My first thought, as well.

      Levi got my vote.

  • Joe

    I voted for Levi because he combined separates to form one cohesive look. It is approachable and easy to emulate while still being aspirational. Well done, Levi.

  • Affrescoo

    could’t vote but Levi is the definite winner

  • Pete

    Jeremy B. It was close between him and Levi but I’m afraid I can’t stand seeing belts peeking out under waistcoats. Hon. mention: Daniel D. All three looked effortless and comfortable, very well done.

  • Sam

    I went with Jeremy because he did the best job of putting together a natural-looking outfit with nice classic pieces. Levi was a close second. Everyone else looked like they were trying too hard to emulate the stereotypical internet blogger look without any originality. Shout out to Alex E’s tweed suit. I would have voted for him, but the sleeves are too short.

    • Ross

      Lol, rarely do I come across someone whom I totally agree with.

  • Simon

    Just voted for Levi, such a great look! Might be a bit pricey to mail his prizes down under though!!!

  • M.

    Tight call between Levi, Jeremy and Daniel D.
    Have to go with Levi, though.
    He dressed those jeans so well, it took a second look for me
    to realize they’re jeans!

  • Derric

    Levi’s look is very similar to my regular work “uniform,” makes me really happy to see he’s on top. Now I need to find nicer shoes, he really has me beat there.

  • Dan

    So many different styles here – good to see the various styles of all the readers. I thought Jeremy did a good job having his style fitted to his size (like some of the fit-guide articles on the site). I think Levi owned the J.Crew look and Simon wins for “coolest/chillest” style.

  • Alex

    Love the bottom look.

    The jeans turned up but not cuffed is always a good look. Also a great choice to wear that gorgeous pair of double monks, makes the outfit.

  • Mitchel Olive

    Levi’s outfit is obviously the best. It combines the perfect amount of SWAG and style that only the pope himself could call it unfashionable. Kittens will meow and dogs will woof as we see the Levi shake his money maker.

  • Shawn

    I voted Jeremy because I’m a follower of his blog but Levi G was close to get my vote also. Loved his double monks and his overall look!

  • Oliver

    Levi’s look is classic, but with a wonderful sense for texture. Really top notch!

  • Kyle Leon Norville

    Ok! Went all over the world for this one.

  • Nico

    I’d say number 10 – Levi. Easy choice.