Black Leather Jeans feat. Widmark Dimagiba

April 3rd, 2013

Basketball, hip-hop, and menswear are only a few of the many things my brother Widmark and I are passionate about.

We’re similar in many ways, but our styles are noticeably different. Wid leans toward a more streetwear inspired look while I prefer tailored classics. After all, he’s an aspiring rapper and I’ve been with Articles of Style for almost two years.

Not everyone can pull off leather jeans, but with Widmark’s style and confidence he might make you think twice about a pair. Here’s three ways Wid rocks em’.

    1. Kickin’ It


    Wid has never had a problem with self confidence – he does him and doesn’t care what others think or say. This thought process is a big part of what shapes his style and has helped influence mine.

    “The black leather jeans are a key piece in my wardrobe during colder months (they’re very warm). I treat them like a regular old pair of black jeans. This way I will never overthink what to wear them with, or shy away from wearing them at all.”


    Being brothers and all, clothes get borrowed all the time, like this moleskin topcoat (that Dan gave me). The only difference is that we ask each other now, unlike when we were younger.

    When the collection first dropped, I convinced my brother to scoop the badass backpack that Dan designed with Frank Clegg. The black shrunken leather version fits perfectly with Wid’s “luxury street” aesthetic.


    2. Stage Presence


    “On performance days my mindset changes. I become a different person; more aggressive.

    Black goes with everything and has a hard edge… It’s confident and commanding… For shows I usually go all black.”


    This hoody with zipper details and leather accents is the kind of piece that Widmark appreciates.

    It’s a basic hoody, turned-up with quality fabrics and unique design details.


    “Nothing completes a look like this better than a pair of Jordan XI’s… Preferably OG’s.”


    3. After Party


    My brother has never been one to shy away from an opportunity to stand out, especially for a Friday night at the club.

    “Quietly classy but not boisterously gaudy… It represents who I am, but makes me feel comfortable to wine and dine… Thanks to the Articles of Style team for the feature – I hope I can prove that to be a rapper you don’t need to look like a thug or gangster.”


    This particular look is a perfect example of Wid’s personal style, combining streetwear pieces like a graphic tee and leather jeans with a shawl collar jacket and sharp loafers.

    I think it also represents the current movement in hip-hop: combining high-fashion with elements that have a streetwear feel.


    Thanks, as always, for reading and a special thanks to Wid for participating.

    For more information on Wid’s music check out his most recent mixtape and facebook page.

    Much Love,



    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • http://undefined Nathan Wind

      Look #3 is gangster. It’s amazing how different Skidmark and Wes’ styles are. Great post.

    • stylishbefore40

      U look inceredible in this leather pants

    • ADN

      Kanye can rock them like a boss.

      • Widmark

        Widmark can wear em like Widmark

    • http://undefined undefined

      Wasn’t sure about the look untilthe after party look was unvieled and it was fierce!

    • http://undefined khordkutta

      The only way I can truly show my appreciation for all three looks is to quote some famous Hip-Hip Artist, “Slow down sun, You killin ’em”

    • LouCaves

      Props to you Widmark for being you.

      I like L#3.

      Me? Leather on legs is saved for days that are below 50 and I’m on my ’04 Vulcan Nomad.

      Thanks TSB for sharing different looks.

    • Blard

      I saw the title and came in thinking “aw man, another costumey getup,” but mad props to Widmark for pulling off his own style. Not all looks are for everybody, but I appreciate seeing posts like these once in a while because it deviates from the standard “uniform” that everybody seems to be rocking these days.

    • Anon

      I really enjoyed this post. Nice to see your brother on the site Wes. I really dig look 2 and he totally killed it in look 3. I’ll give leather pants a thought once I up my game sufficiently to pull them off. I agree with everything AK says.

    • Kyle Leon Norville

      This is dope!!!

      As a struggling artist(a.k.a college student that raps), this actually provides hope to both my craft and style. Motivation to not compromise at all in who I am as a person. I wish Widmark much success in his career and hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to check out a future performance.

    • massimo

      pass. not digging it.

    • BrentK

      No just no. Way to forward. Too “cool” seems to be more Paris runway than exactly an American staple.

    • Nick

      Do they sell a matching shirt????

    • Raymond M.

      All great looks, but the second outfit really stands out. I just copped these XI’s on the recent re-release, great idea how to rock them. Leather jeans say “I’m bad ass, or just way too cool”. Never owned a pair, but I may look into it. Keep up the great work guys.

    • kiki

      would like to see more street inspired stuff like this. I liked the first look, the two other aren’t that great though.

    • Joseph

      I’m definitely not bashing by any means, I absolutely love the site, but lately (sadly, in my opinion) some looks have gone downhill. I guess I could understand that he rocks leather pants because he is a rapper, and I totally get how it would fit in to that scene…but I don’t feel that look would be appropriate ANYWHERE off stage. Most things here are a hit. But I feel like these (not saying you can’t rock them, bro), and things such as the extreme dinner jacket variations of formal dress and sneakers with suits, take things a little far. But, understandably, you guys are stylists, and aren’t really into “classic” men’s style (even though you do show a lot of classics). Still love the site!

    • Nick

      You are way cooler than me.

    • Eugene

      That black hoodie with leather accents is sick! How much did it cost? I looked up the brand and it says they’re sold at Atrium?

    • John

      Love the looks, especially look #1. Nice to see leather pants featured again here!

    • Marcus Forlan

      Great post and creative range of looks. Well done guys and Wild def can pull this off.

      That said – no way in hell I would ever even consider trying this :-).

      • Marcus Forlan

        Not Wild – lol. Wid.

        Wes’s brotha?

        • Westley Dimagiba

          yeap, my older bro.

          • Marcus Forlan

            Cool – just read the post. Have u borrowed his leather pants ?

            • Westley Dimagiba

              nope, I don’t think I could pull them off… doesn’t mean I won’t consider “borrowing” them down the road hah

    • Sergio

      This is a great feature and all the looks are really, really well done!

    • Ian K

      Nice looks. Good range of styles

    • http://undefined Em Prize

      A true artist(stylist) creates his own vision…its not up to me or you to decide if its right or wrong, good or bad .To the ”TSB crew” you guys keep up the good work.

      • Widmark

        Kinda sums up what i think about fashion

      • cam

        isn’t this kanye’s vision?

        • Widmark

          I think its anybody’s vision! We’re just not use to the thought of feeling like buying leather pants/jeans like buying different styles of leather jackets

    • http://undefined TimL

      Hello… 1984 called and want their look back. j/k.

      I used to wear this stuff all the time (back in the 80’s),when I was up on the Prince and MJ scene, but I don’t think the look is right today.

      • Changingman

        1984! I was 9 and bought a pair of leather pants because of MJ too! I wore them a couple of times , with my studded leather belt. These kids today dont even know haha!

        Off topic, but around 84-85 I also wore shell toes Adidas with two different color fat laces criss-crossed, with my Motley Crue jersey.

    • Poofy

      I would NEVER wear leather pants.

      If you can more power to you. Only kanye, widmark, and possible alex can pull these off.

    • MB

      Dig the look brotha. Especially #1 & #2. You can’t be stuck in the purely prep/tailored look if you want to consider yourself well dressed. Need to have a duality and I believe the first two pictures display just how those who do float between style-spheres could go about it. Nice!

      • Widmark

        I appreciate that alot, i love being able to do almost any style but not totally dive in it….i get bored

    • Brady P

      Looks 2 and 3 are pretty sick. Leather pants are def not for everyone, but he’s killin it here! Love those J’s

    • Joe

      I can see, especially in look 2, how leather pants may hit hard on stage, but I just can’t see it in any other venue, much less day to day wear. But as an aspiring musician, I can see how taking your stage attire and attitude throughout the day may help the creative process, even if others find your pants silly (looking silly seems to have never bothered Steven Tyler).

    • Jerk

      Aren’t they cold? I seemed to remember having something leather at one point and remember it being hot which made you sweat then once you got sweaty it transfered the freezing.

      Maybe these are lined?

      • Widmark

        These are definitely lined and more durable than most ive owned in the past

    • Steve

      Unless I am on a Chopper or cruiser…you will never find me with a pair on.

    • Jack

      Leather pants are tough to pull off. I think Wid does a great job. Black leather pants and Jordan’s…awesome combo.

    • Jen

      I have been looking for leather pants all winter!!!! DOPENESS!! I loved the versatility of each look!

    • TO

      Look 2 is killer! The black leather jeans work best there, IMO. Which is a bit surprising to me because of all the leather throughout (patent on the Js, front hoody pocket, hood), but it complements reaaaly well. Toque looks great too.

    • Tee

      Nope, sorry; doesn’t work. I salute your brother’s courage and daring, but black leather pants are just too…no.

      • AK

        I’m going to have to kindly disagree. I’ll say that they might not be for everyone, but Wid can definitely pull them off with style and panache. It’s a bold and forward-thinking piece of clothing, and he styles it with an edge, while still managing to keep it masculine and grounded. A perfect example of why I return to this site over and over again. Inspiration at its finest.