Dreaming in Spring Colors feat. Wale Soluade

April 12th, 2013

The spring flowers haven’t bloomed yet, but the weather is warming up.

Wale Soluade, fellow blogger and Articles of Style giveaway participant, knows a thing or two about wearing bold colors and is not afraid to get into the spring spirit early.

“I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to the U.S when I was 16 to start college. I had family in Philly and St. Louis…  My dad and I flipped a coin and that’s how I ended up in Missouri. Now I live with my wife in St.Louis and work in management with one of the top super-regional banks in the country.”


    Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Wale for participating.

    Yours in style,

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    Photography by Patricia Watson-Soluade

    • Simon

      Some really great looks! As a bit of a watch guy and as a word of warning, be really careful when buying pre-owned luxury watches. There are more fakes out there than genuine pieces. Even with registration papers and a genuine box they could be stolen. Without taking the back off and checking the serial numbers with the manufacturers (all major Swiss brands will keep a record of every watch they’ve made) you never know what you’re getting. If it’s too good to be true, it most likely is. In this economy most Authorized Dealers (ADs) offer 0% interest and I would be surprised if you can’t get at least a 10-20% discount if you know what you’re doing, just don’t be afraid to ask!

    • Derric

      Outfit two is fantastic. That is all.

    • Rich

      Awesome look in #1. Makes me see Land’s End in a completely different light! I live in New Zealand and have read a lot about LE online with mixed reviews, so have not purchased anything yet because I can’t actually view the product before purchasing.

    • Brian

      I can understand the symmetry of being noticeably different and wearing bold colors but there’s style and there’s being a performer and this seems to be near to that boundary.

      I do not condone wearing pants that are too short on either leg so the world can see that a man’s socks match, have a lovely pattern, or whatever reason. Nor do I condone exposing your watch over the cuff solely so people can see it.

      The most perfect style is always about perfection through subtlety. This means most of your clothes should always be either tailored retail items, made-to-measure, or custom tailored to start and always made of the finest material in the best color for your tone as possible. All additional fine points such as watches, embroidered initials, fabric quality, and so on are lovely and should be left unnoticed to serve as surprises rewarding those who appreciate your style enough to look more closely and catch a glimpse.

      The ‘Hey, look at me’ ensemble is the exact opposite of what genuine style is because style is quality without effort.

      • Rich

        Just as well Wale doesn’t ask you for advice when he dresses, Brian. What you do and don’t condone is pretty pointless in this discussion – he’s dressing the way he likes to, and it’s fantastic to see.

        • Brian

          I can make a distinction between the worth of man against the quality of his ideas, motivations, and subsequently his results.

          Having the highest quality standard about life and being guided thereafter by brief moments of common sense is style. The rest is histrionic. It’s for anyone here to conclude.

          It’d be nice to see you eventually come to distinguish that reality from your friendships and personal feelings.

          • BF

            Brian nobody on this planet cares about your “rules”
            Go to style forum where you belong.

    • http://profblack.blogspot.kr/ Professor Black

      The first look is magical.

    • Tim

      Wale is a f***** genius.

    • http://www.thecufflink.com Jarrod King

      Awesome insight! It’s always necessary to budget for investment pieces. This guy really knows his color coordination!

    • Kool Chiefrocka Dave

      Every now and then I will find stuff on TSB that I think “Yeah I like that and can take that away with me”.

      First of all, LOVE the accessories on the first outfit, the colour combinations with the pastel coloured suit….very good. I also love the bold, very large turn ups on the trousers.

      The second outift; I really like the simple touches such as the slight turn up of the suit jacket cuffs. I’ll definitely be adopting this in my own style with a light summer/perhaps linen jacket.

      Cheers Wale.

    • M.

      That first look is f.r.e.s.h.
      Everything about it, the way it compliments your skin tone, how the colors are harmonized, how you combine pieces of different value. Love it, love it, love it.

    • John

      Great colour combinations! I’ve always thought orange won’t work with yellow, but look #3 proves me wrong!
      Nice suit on look #1 too!

    • TO

      Mr. Soluade brings here one of the best features ever on here! Bold, fresh, breaking the rules- kills it.

      Love how the navy/light blue vest breaks up the look- I thought only the sleeves were orange at first (didn’t even think it was a suit jacket)! I think visually that is what makes that look ‘work’- the neutral color of the vest grounds it “just enough”.

    • AK

      Always a fan of Wale’s looks. Glad to see him in his own feature here, showing how to pull of those bold spring looks.

      I imagine that he told himself this before putting on that yellow/orange number: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rAjily7rME

    • Ian K

      Some excellent combos there. Love A Curated Man Blog aswell.

    • http://stylishbefore40.blogspot.com stylishbefore40

      You are brave ,bro. Congratulations!I/m still working on my colours

    • http://stylethroughmyeyes.com StyleThroughMyEyes

      Love the combinations of the first 2..but yellow and orange in the last outfit? Eek! I think it would have been a lot better w/a lightweight tweed..

    • Sergio

      Great post and a great example how you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look great. I was honestly really surprised when I saw that the blue suit was from LandsEnd, it shows how tailoring can make a relatively inexpensive suit look like a high-end custom made suit.

      • Sergio

        Is this the Flap Oxford jacket and pant? Would you mind if I ask how sizing runs, I may just order it, debating between traditional and tailored fit.

        By the way your site is checked daily as well along with TSB.

        • http://www.acuratedman.com Walé


          I appreciate the support my man. I ordered them in the tailored fit and originally had the pants hemmed by them in my size. Jacket fit well but I ended up having more work done to the pants than I thought would be necessary with the tailored fit. So I’d say don’t spend the money on having them hemmed by Lands End.

          • Sergio

            Wale thank you, noticed that the trousers aren’t even available anymore so I passed on the jacket. Keep up the great work!

    • Kiel

      Great post. I really appreciated the commentary about cost and thrifting. I’ve been giving away a lot of “sale items” to charity haha!

    • Frenzy

      Hey Wale. Great colour machting! It looks totaly like summer/spring time. What size do you wear your H&M Down Vest? Size S or M?

      Best regards.


      • http://www.acuratedman.com Walé

        Thanks man. I sized down with this vest.

        • Frenzy

          Hey thanks my man. I also sized mine down. I’m going to check your site to support you.

          Best regards and keep up the good work.


    • Antonio

      I really liked the fact that he balances a Rolex with inexpensive pieces. It’s smart to spend money in a timeless watch and to save when it comes to trendier pieces.

    • http://undefined TimL

      Hello Spring.
      Those are some colorful outs and you make them work.

      I have the saddle shoes by stafford in #2 and wear them with jeans all the time.
      Great look.

      • http://undefined TimL

        Those shoes come with brown or red laces and I wear the red for some flair.

    • Steve

      Awesome outfits. Wale shows extreme confidence in his taste by dressing with such style and color.

    • Kid Icarus

      These are some SICK color combos! Really brightened this chilly, rainy day.

      Also, when the heck did Target have these funky blazers?