What I Wore Today: Winter Layering

February 28th, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Winter Layering”

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!



“Spring is in the air, early. Perfect weather for a flannel jacket and a tuque, eh?”


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“I was wearing my navy peacoat when I came to the office today, but then I tried on this vintage cardigan and fell so hard in love I didn’t take it off all day. The Articles of Style styling closet (ie. Dan’s wardrobe) is the tits.”



“Dan bought me this awesome bomber jacket, but we’re probably going to include it in the Articles of Style Vintage Shop…which is (hopefully only) a couple weeks from finally launching!”



“Ready to take on the rain. Even with the temp in the 50s in NYC, Dan thinks I’ve ‘jumped the gun’ on transitioning to Spring attire. He might be right, but as of now it’s Townsend: 10, Dan: 4 in #WIWT.”


Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Rob

    How did John not smash the shit out of this one?

  • Ryan


  • SAJ


  • Ace F

    Wes again!

  • Anon

    I’m liking Wes for this one. Dan is wearing something similar to what I wore recently. Love the fabric play on John, and I lol’d at Townsend gloating about his wins.

  • http://undefined Greg

    Dan. I gotta send some love to a fellow Columbia athlete from the homeland. True north strong and free

  • Alex D

    Towni yet again kills it

  • Corin C


  • http://undefined CBT


  • http://undefined Kurt


  • Luigi Cuneo


  • Vic

    John totally owns it and that was before I even saw the camo pattern. Perhaps I’m feeling a little biased today because I’m also wearing a flannel varsity jacket with a tie.

  • Johann

    Townsend, great shirt!

  • Victor S.

    only if Dan didn’t have the beanie, so I’m going with Wes.

  • Tom

    Has to be Dan, I’ve got a lot of love for those camo cords though…

  • http://www.aepictureblog.blogspot.com ELKIN

    Between Dan and Wes for me, that bomber is perfection and the play on colors with Dans fit is great.

  • Joe

    Alex wins this one – good choice switching to the cardigan.

  • Corey K.


  • http://www.legentilhommeavocat.tumblr.com Steph

    Dan takes this one!

  • Paul

    Wes–matching jacket and boots is great.

  • Joe

    John- great classic colors and styles but the camo cords make it coolly edgy. Nice look.

  • Will

    Gotta go with dan for going Canadian eh.
    But Towni is rockin it as usual

  • Ben


  • Paul

    But I’m not too sure about the peacoat over a varsity jacket…….

  • Justin

    Dan. Love the color combo.

  • Michael S

    John – where are those slim fit camo chords from? Trendy pattern and classic material collab on point

  • Eugene


  • Matthew


  • Marshall Mulherin

    Dan! Fit and colors on point like a daggerrrr

  • Rab

    Wes wins

    Towni – would say those trousers either need to be longer or narrower at the hem… Nitpicking, but you’ve set a high standard :-P

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Ahh I completely disagree. The very subtle flare in those trousers is what makes the look so regal! In my opinion. .

      Not everything needs to be tapered around the ankle…more on this later.


  • Eric


  • Rich


  • Brian

    Wes. On point.

  • N.Drake

    Everyone is so sharp today, but I’m going with Wes on this one.

  • Lucas

    Towni, but Dan is a close second (didn’t dig the tuque man, sorry)

  • Brady P

    I like John today

  • HM

    Dan, with Wes in second.
    Can we see some updated wiwt standings?

  • Radu


  • http://mensstylepoint.com Kevin G.

    Dan’s got this one.

  • Todd R

    John kills it! Those camo cords and denim peacoat are fresh.

  • Adam E

    Townsend for sure. Dan could have been close without the toque…

  • Brooks

    John is killing it today. His fit is right on point and the use of unusual fabrics and patterns really pushes him across the finish line strong. Then Alex (double cardi is always a good look for this weather), Wes, Dan, and Towni. Well done, all.

  • Scott


  • Jakob


  • Deyan


    Was the reasoning behind the thin belt? I would just use one with more…presence, to bring balance to the look.

    Great job guys.

  • J Saltzman

    This was hard but my vote goes to Wes!

    IMO everybody looks great!

  • Dex


  • Felix

    Dan, Townsend, John, Wes, Alex.

    Townsend’s loafers are divine, Gucci?

  • Kiel


    Really tough call today.

    I’m going with John. Camo cords? Mygawd. Is that a wool Harrington coat John? I saw Lands End had some. I was considering an olive green one.

    I like Dan’s outfit too. It’s like “No matter what, I’m wearing orange pants.”

    Alex looks rad too. What brand are those cargos alex?

  • Red

    Dan !

  • Orlando Lee

    Alex.. Shawl cardigan over the cardigan layer is fresh

  • Brandon

    Towni for sure

  • http://undefined undefined


  • http://undefined Jon

    Towni. Hands down.

    Dan, is your tie tucked into your pants?!?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


    • Kiel

      I thought it was too. Either way, looks cool.

  • Sam

    Dan takes it here by nailing all the details. Love John’s creativity, but he could use a pop of color. Towni’s top half is sick, but lose the black shoes and put on some pants that don’t totally match your tie.

  • Kotyzji


  • Connor

    Wes for the jacket and vest

  • Pete

    Someone needs to tell Townsend that loafers don’t make ideal rainwear.

  • Fromthepacific

    I wanna say Wes, but have to go with Dan on this one!

  • Sergio


  • Adam

    Dan barely takes this one over Towni. A fantastic day for all.

  • Louwrens

    Towni wins (again)! Awesome look! In South Africa (where I live) it is summer and today was 35°C, so that’s not a look for today, but it’s something to remember, as autumn is not far off…

  • fan

    Dan, go easy on em next time! Dan won

  • Anonymous


    Dan’s pants are awesome though.

  • Ted Lamisere

    Good looks guys. Tough choice so I’m gonna go with Dan AND John.

  • Rob A

    John! Inspiring!

  • EL

    John wins. The camo and varsity jacket! Boom.

  • George

    Alex knows what’s up.

  • Aaron Leonard

    Has to be Dan today. Slick.

  • Charlie

    Wes… but are you really selling that jacket?

  • http://undefined Ray

    Im gonna go with Dan on this one – I like the pop of color with the pants. Towni – was a close 2nd though. What size is the Uniqlo coat? Does it run big/small? I saw it the other day and might purchase one soon.

    • EG

      Towni, I’d also be interested in knowing more about that Uniqlo coat. Been thinking of grabbing it for myself, but the fit looks really loose/boxy on their site.

      • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

        I sized down. I usually wear a medium, but my coat is a small. Fits perfectly!

  • http://greenspree.ca Andy Collier

    Dan, eh!

  • Josh

    John. The camo is subtle, and the mixture of texture, color and layering is spot on!

  • Tod C

    Towni for me- that looks is really put together. Wes rocks that waistcoat though and I need to thanks Alex for giving people confidence to wear hats

  • http://undefined Alex

    Dan in a landslide I’m afraid. This was a dunk and ya’ll better just stay out of the poster.

  • Simon

    Dan for the win today minus the tuque!

  • Tom

    It’s John hands down.

    Where are those pants from? I’m purchasing them immediately.

  • Quinn

    Man, it’s really a toss up between Dan and Towni… But Dan takes it by a nose. I love those pants, and I think they make the outfit stand out just a little more for creativity.

  • Matt

    Towni wins it for me almost every time. Great, polished sense of style!

  • Nico

    Wes !!
    Would have been Dan without the ugly tuque…

  • John

    Dan, mostly because I saw his picture first (yes, I really like all the looks, so I couldn’t decide!)

    Dan’s cardigan is awesome with Alex’s look too!

  • Bob

    Wes and his suede vest

  • Mon

    Wes is looking badass!
    but I can’t choose between towni and john.

  • Brian

    Giving it to Dan; nice colors. But I do really like Towni’s subtle purple socks and Wes’ vintage bomber.

  • http://www.boxedmenswear.com Boxed Menswear

    Dan wins.

    Although Wes is looking pretty badass.

  • http://MensStylePro.com Sabir Peele

    Hey Guys,

    Full outfit, I give this one to Towni! Dan, im digging the orange pants. I hope things are well at your end. I’ll hit you guys up when Im in NYC soon to drop by the studio.



    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Sounds good Sabir!

      • http://mensstylepoint.com Kevin G.

        Yeah the organge pants steal the show.

  • Philip

    John – really interested to know where that flannel varsity is from…

    • John Crossley

      It’s from Club Monaco. I got this one at a sample sale, don’t know if they ever went into full production in tan. I know they have the navy one on sale now though.

      • Sergio

        John where are the cords from?

  • http://undefined Nick

    Dan for sure. Great color for the pants. Not too spring but you can see the transition. Great job man!!!

  • The Other TO

    Towni. Where’s that rain jacket from?

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend


  • Matt

    John, love the peacoat and jacket! Where they from?

    • John Crossley

      Thanks man. Denim peacoat from Lands End Canvas, Wool Varsity Jacket from Club Monaco.

  • Patrick

    Definetly Dan! Handsdown.

  • http://undefined Martinez

    Are you kidding me?? Did you guys not see John’s slim fit cargo CORDS!! John you’ve got this one man.. All day.

  • http://www.twitter.com/iPodschun Derric

    Dan. It’s the pants, and partially the hat.

  • Ed

    “He might be right, but as of now it’s Townsend: 10, Dan: 4 in #WIWT.”

    That ether the ish that make your soul burn slow

  • TO

    Today is literally a dead-heat tie. Everyone brought it.

    My default in this case is Dan, since apparently everyone else is stunting is his clothes anyway! :)

  • Ali


  • Richard

    John rocks!

  • Bogdan Grigoroaea

    Wes,of course!…Love the jacket

  • Josh

    Gonna give this one to Townsend.

  • Jordan


  • Omar Shaikh

    Towni is killing it in this post

  • http://boulevardmode.tumblr.com Rey

    Jon. Love the use of Camo.