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Unconventional Layers feat. Dapper Lou

March 4th, 2013

Brooklynite Lougè Delcy, better known as Dapper Lou, was early in the game as an NYC street style blogger. He’s a talented photographer and great in front of the camera as well.

Lou has become well-known for his very dapper, and very genuine, sense of personal style, which he describes as “a juxtaposition of traditional and modern menswear”. Few guys are better at combining unexpected high/low pieces, and pulling them off with such nonchalance and confidence.

Here he shows us three high/low looks as we begin to slowly transition to Spring here in NYC.

    1. Weekend Suit


    “This is the first time I’ve tried wearing a denim jacket over a suit, and I kinda like it.

    Think this may be my look for Spring… Why not?”


    What I love about Lou’s outfits is that they are style-forward and personalized, but in a way that is surprisingly familiar.

    He takes the classics, combines them in an unconventional way, and finishes it off with accessories that have charm and personality.


    Like the rest of the outfit, the white-soled loafers are a cross between dressy and casual.


    • Baseball cap by Blue Marlin Vintage Sportswear
    • Denim jacket by Levi’s (Vintage)
    • Khaki cotton suit by Rugby
    • Nautical stripe crewneck by Uniqlo
    • Shoes by Cole Hann

    2. Dressed-Up Denim


    “Jeans are very casual so I like to dress them up a little.”


    Lou knows a thing or two about combining tones, textures and patterns, too.


    A silk scarf is perfect for this time of season, and a great way to add a statement to an outfit.


    • Hat by Brixton
    • Jacket by Rugby
    • Scarf no brand (purchased from fabric store)
    • Denim by Jean Machine
    • Shoes by Cole Hann

    3. Spring Accessories


    Here’s another look that is full of personality, but at the same time, is surprisingly simple and classic.

    You can’t own the name “dapper” without first nailing the basics – like this perfectly-fitting medium grey suit.


    It’s all about juxtaposition. A tailored suit with a white t-shirt, neutral grey with bright blues, conservative pieces with dandy ones, etc.

    “This fedora doesn’t need an intro, so I toned it down with a classic grey suit.”


    As I mentioned, a silk scarf is a great way to make a Spring statement – just make sure you rock it with comfort and confidence.


    • Hat by Borsalino
    • Suit by Z Zegna
    • Scarf by Paul Smith
    • White t-shirt by Hanes
    • Loafers by Paul Smith


    Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Lougè for the feature.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • A H

      Confident mix of patterns and textures, combining high and low. Not everyone can get away with this but the gentleman in this photo does.

    • fan

      I think dude’s swag, and overall presence made the clothes look better than they are. Honestly the outfits are below average compared to the stuff TSBmen usually puts out…I guess I have been spoiled, since im used to seeing Dan in his bespoke tuxedos and expensive time pieces.

      A Baseball cap with a cotton suit, a worn out levis denim jacket and some beat up cole haan nike fusions…idk if it’s just me, but to each his own.

    • http://www.joshua-gold.com Josh

      Killing it!!! 3rd look is money.

    • Brian

      I love the shoes in 1/2. I think those would be dope with jeans and no socks.

      Can you tell me who makes them?

      • Omar Shaikh

        They’re by cole haan

    • http://undefined TimL

      Wow… just wow.

      I love all the looks. Great way to dress up the casual look and jeans. Love it!
      Great looking cotton suit in #1 with the jean jacket. Great mix of colors. Blue gloves would have been cool.

      Only thing I don’t like is the shoes in #1 & 2. They look like orthopedic shoes.
      Some nice brown cap toes would do nice but I do like the brown loafers in look #3.
      Great post and sharp looking dude.

      I have a similar pair of rust color gloves and I love them. I never see anyone around me with that color.

    • Jimi Brady

      Honestly, I’m not feelin’ outfits one & three. I mean, #3 is nice, but the hat and scarf are just too much for me. I really don’t like anything about #1. The second look is perfect, though. I tend to prefer when menswear is interesting without being over-the-top, so that’s just my personal bias kicking in. Lou pulls everything off, in any case (and as only he can, I’m sure).

    • John

      I’ve been thinking about a leather jacket over a suit, but the denim jacket surprised! I like it!

      Awesome post!

    • Tjay

      That second outfit blew me away by the way he combined those colors so well. I’m not really feeling the v-neck in the third pic though.. But nonetheless, this guy is still very dapper indeed.

    • Gazman

      Denim jacket over a suit jacket? Like eating a Chinese meal with a loaf of bread on the side. Naff!

    • James

      Really like look 2, that scarf and jacket are killer!!! But I am so tired of the jean jacket trend, you guys are obsessed with. The last guy to win the contest had one, and now he is wearing it over a suit! C’mon. Man it just screams trying to hard to look cool when mixed in like that…. Although I digged when you wore it with a white t and that fur thing on the collar.

      • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

        There’s nothing wrong with a denim jacket, it’s one of those timeless menswear pieces everyone has. Not to mention Elkin and Lou are doing it justice.

        Thanks for reading!

    • Raji

      Not sure I’m feeling the hat and the scarf being such similar colors in the third look. I guess he had to hide the wrinkled tee somehow.

    • Anonymous

      Dan & the TSB Team,
      Great post. What is your opinion of the Cole Hann Lunar series as pictured on Lou. You have stated in the past to stay away from “hybrids” and I usually adhere to the school of thought: dress shoe or athletic shoe choose one. However Lous’ shoes look great.


    • M-O Amyot

      God damnit that second outfit is amazing. The contrast between his skin, the brown of the gloves, hat & belt as well as the light grey/cream of the clothing is simply marvelous.

    • Alex

      Dapper Lou lookin’ like a boss.

    • Bruce

      Great Post!
      In look 1 is that the Kavaj Ipad Mini Case?

    • GAVIN

      Good looking dude.