February Giveaway Top 10 – Vote!

February 25th, 2013

After some heated late-night discussions in the Articles of Style office, here are our Top 10 entries to the February Giveaway, in no particular order.

It was very difficult to narrow it down to ten finalists. We received hundreds of photo entries from stylish men (and a few women wearing menswear) from all over the world. We had to make some very difficult decisions, to say the least.

Now it’s time to VOTE for your favorite outfit using the poll at the bottom of this post. Keep in mind you can only vote one time.

Voting ends February 27th at 11:59pm. One winner will be announced and contacted on February 28th.

Best of luck to all you stylish gents, one of you will be receiving a very nice prize package:



1. “Bernard” double breasted long wool coat by Reiss. Retail value: $540

2. “Sperry” ribbed crewneck sweater by Shipley & Halmos. Retail value: $325

3. Slim washed selvedge jean by Billy Reid. Retail value: $195

4. “Dalton” leather wingtip dress boots by Allen Edmonds. Retail value: $395

5. One pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses by Warby Parker (winner chooses any style). Retail value: $95

+ A chance to be featured in a post on Articles of Style.com!


1. Jace L.

Jace Lumley

Why he made the Top 10: Smart casual layering. Proportions and fit are on point. Beautiful topcoat, dressed down with ease.   

2. Joshua M.

Joshua Murdock

Why he made the Top 10: Well-fitting staples, with a thrifted fur collar on a camel peacoat :) Awesome vintage scarf, with just enough contrast in color and texture. 

3. Elkin C.

Elkin Cardona

Why he made the Top 10: Great fit and proportions. Smart layering of classic menswear staples, in a way that is current and on-trend. 

4. Jimmie W.

Jimmie Williams

Why he made the Top 10: Smooth. Classic. Awesome color palette, and corduroy jacket. Thoughtfully subtle color play between the pocket square, turtleneck, and socks. 

5. Lucian E.

Lucian Enasoni

Why he made the Top 10: We’re suckers for the classics, when they look so elegant and modern. Great fit and beautiful timeless pieces across the board.

6. Jireh L.

Jireh Louie

Why he made the Top 10: Smart casual layering with good fit and proportions. Just enough contrast and color with the classic vintage Hudson’s Bay stripe. 

7. Austin G.

Austin Gottron

Why he made the Top 10: Dressed-up but casual. Sophisticated but rugged. Confidently and seamlessly blending dressy elements (white shirt, black tie) with casual ones (broken-in jeans, rugged boots). 

8. Joshua S.

Joshua Spielman

Why he made the Top 10: Nailing the classics. Beautiful suit, great fit, perfect for the season. Nice touch with the navy tie and sky blue socks. 

9. Philip A.

Philip A

Why he made the Top 10: We’re big fans of black, and formalwear, especially when it’s worn with ease and fits this well. Nice finishing touches with the pocket square and matching gold watch and flower brooch. 

10. Vlad M.

Vlad Muscurel

Why he made the Top 10: Awesome seasonal color palette, and fabric mixing. Attention to detail (tie dimple, sleeve lengths, faint orange striped socks). Great fit and proportions overall.

Voting period Expired – Congrats Elkin!


Thanks for reading – and special thanks to all those who entered the contest.

Yours in style,

Articles of Style

  • JPTHE3

    JPTHE3 #NT was here, just wanna congrat Elkin :hat

    Dope outfit mah boy, you deserve that spot up there :hat

  • Erica

    What are Elkin and Jace looking at? Each other? haha

    Good job, very model-like.

  • Polorico

    Steezy got swag but next month yall need to let a fly mixed white boi enter. I got fam on dyckman. Me and Ninjahood both have our own version of style and its type wavy.

  • http://michaldybcio.com Michal

    Jace L

  • http://www.aepictureblog.blogspot.com/ ELKIN

    Jireh, you may have my daltons! Vlad, you may have my wool coat!

  • http://www.aepictureblog.blogspot.com ELKIN

    btw shout out to all the other contestants, you guys are all sharp as hell, specially my boy Vlad #NT!

  • http://www.aepictureblog.blogspot.com ELKIN

    im beyond humbled by my NT community, cant believe how the whole NT general pulled together for this!

    TSB thanks again for this wonderful giveaway/competition, it was such a fun experience, you guys are doing an awesome thing here….truly appreciated and hope all my NT fam keeps checking this blog for all the great tips….i know i will. thank you.



  • Jireh

    I just want the Daltons, Elkin. Hah

  • Barbara Rosado


  • Elkin’s unborn child

    Lets go ELKIN!!!

  • :hat

    lets get this elkwin!

  • Sophie Dee

    I want you Elkin



  • Kay

    Joshua M’s photo never came up on my screen , while it could just be my phone I thought I should say something just in case it’s not.

    • UNKNWN

      It was definitely just yours, came up in mine

  • Chef Marcos

    KSteezy gets my vote ! NTstrong

  • Alex


  • greyf0xx

    NT knows :nthat

  • ninjahood


  • Lady Baga

    Elky baby !

  • PAT


    • PAT

      Can’t be that many trolls voting!

  • Dom

    Jace b/c of fit.

  • JRose5

    Voting for Elkin from banned camp

  • sh0rtyp0p

    voting from jail.

  • cheri

    Jace you will win!!!

  • http://undefined keth

    i voted for Jace L.. jireh L looks awesome too. only if i can vote more than once

  • DZaster

    Shouts out my nigg-s Elkin and Vlad doe

  • http://undefined Dcallamerican

    Just ate some steel oats and voted for Jimmie W.

  • iRustle

    Voted for Elkin da gawd

    Shout out to Vlad too :hat

  • http://undefined HiBabyBaw There

    Look at the NT baby paws rally together to support Elkin. Great sight to see the brethrens unite as one.

  • Norm Bouley

    This post is to ensure the Shallow Minded….that Jace is Not being supported the Masses! He is a CLASS ACT and is a Stand up guy! BLOGS are rampant in this contest……and Jace is not Guilty of Blogging for Votes!!! H

    • Norm Bouley

      I am an independent individual who believes in fairness!!!

    • kylebrivn


    • Lori

      Agreed. Jace is a young man from our town with a stand up family and lots of small town support. He is a great guy.

    • Jaded

      Uhh did u not see his twitter…..

  • KillaCam

    Oh You Mad KSteezy Stylin On Ya?

  • KOBE

    +3 Vote for Elkin.

    -mamba out

  • http://undefined Witzness

    @ Jace, do you have a little brother named Franalations? Philips fit is dope, 6 and 7 too. # 8 was clearly a stand-in for Inception. Spoils go to the victor- Steezy gonna Steez

  • CorneliusBridgewater

    Elkin C’s fit is very dazzling, clean, and trendy. Very nice layering.

    That Jace L, where do I know him from? GQ. Very unfair in my opinion.

    • sour steven

      you call wearing two hoods nice layering?? Oh and you must have a fantastic eye to spot a photo editor from GQ… because they are all over the mags you know. Unfair?? he got into an open contest by dressing well, its not like he brought a community of followers with him to troll the comments section

  • JRose5

    Not impressed by the Elkuy outfit. Jace is an all-American guy

    • http://undefined Witzness

      NT knows how you roll though- only down with the whitebread

      #1 lookin like “Sup, my clothes too small”


  • StylezOnU *Lstylez23

    #teamElkin #NTFAMB NT we got this for steezy!

  • Aaron D.

    Sneaker Forums are usually not where I turn to for “Style.”



    • http://www.aepictureblog.blogspot.com ELKIN

      style is subjective, just because you are into sneakers it does not mean you cant be stylish….btw sneakers have been in “style” since before alot of us were even born.

    • Huey Freeman

      If you knew anything about NT you would know that General doesn’t care about sneakers.

    • sour steven

      I think you guys missed the point. Sneakers will always be in style, but sneaker forums are not the place to get style advice, just shoe advice… not even that, just sneaker advice. And sneaker heads typically lean toward limited editions and hard to gets, not always, but usually thats the case.

  • http://undefined J P

    Good job by all but to be honest although Elkin and Jace took good photographs I would not take notice to either if I would pass them in the street. Thats why I voted for Jimmy with Lucian a close #2 with Josh S rounding out my top 3 picks.

  • Austin G.

    Thank you to TSB for the opportunity to be in this contest, it is an honor to be chosen in the top ten with such a great group of contestants. All of the guys’ looks are very sharp; congratulations to whomever is voted the winner. Regardless of the outcome I’m extremely grateful to have made it this far and am looking forward to next month’s contest. Thanks again! (If Jace really works for GQ, thats very cool.)

    • http://undefined J P

      Your look was very cool also, congrats.

  • NinjaHood

    voted for da homie Jace!

  • Blake Griffin

    Uvo take me back to yesterday when Elkin was winning

    • Vlad

      Stop wearing jean shorts. Just trust me

  • bigsupa_nt

    Elkin big KSteezy Gets “DA” vote!!! #NTFamb #NTYambs #teamNT

  • adriana M

    Felicitari,Lucian,meriti sa cistigi,ai stil!!!!

  • http://undefined Mxolisi

    Elkin C, gets my vote. The setting, the background, the atmosphere all play a crucial part. And then the clothes. I think he should win, especially based on the quality of the photo. The clothes really are secondary to me.

    • sour steven

      Quality of the photo? It’s HDR for sure, or doctored up in photoshop w/ very high contrast. Not saying its not a good pic, it’s a well taken photo, just very distorted color. And his clothes are secondary??? that’s the point of the contest!!

  • Thomas

    I am surprised Joshua S hasn’t gotten a little more love for the fit of that suit and the badass lapels. He got my vote for sure. Who would have thought that the man wearing the suit would be the one who was different from the pack, it seems like Denim Jacket layering but be getting a little too trendy.

  • http://secondhand-dandy.blogspot.com Secondhand Dandy

    I’d love to vote, but the poll is not visible for me. Do you have any solutions for this problem?

  • Jody

    Momma gotta have fun too, so i voted for Jace

  • Keenan Cahill

    Joshua M. has my vote!!!

  • BeenerKeeKee

    Jireh all the way! _(-.-)\


    I would just like to clarify that the rude and immature comments that people are posting do NOT reflect Nike Talk as a whole. This is a few individuals who hold E-grudges against Elkin or our site moderator for some reason. Secondly, Elkin did not ask ANYONE to make a thread asking people to vote, he was actually surprised by it. While the user who made the thread encouraged people to vote for Elkin, there have been many who have voted for other contestants, including Jace.

    With that said I hope nobody holds a grudge against our community because of a few members that are immature.


  • NT member

    Amazing what lengths you guys will go to talk about Powerballin….voted for that boy Vlad by the way!

  • Jonathan

    Jace L i am lovin that coat man…. The whole outfit is on point

  • Professor Molumby

    Voted for Vlad!

  • Diana Elise Agron

    #6 is cute

  • http://www.thedapperdiamonddistrict.com Raymond M.

    Great outfits guys. Probably will go with Elkin over Jace. The fit of Philip’s tux is on definitely on point though.

  • http://www.aepictureblog.blogspot.com ELKIN

    Ok so I listed my email to this post so that you guys over at TSB know is me.

    First off id like to really thank you guys for choosing me amongst these other gents to compete on this giveaway, Im really humbled and flattered by the gesture.

    Now id like to sincerely apologize to Townsend and the rest of the guys over at TSB for all the buffoonery thats going on in here, as you guys have figured it out by now Im not on twitter or Facebook much, but I am part of an incredible forum, Niketalk and this is the route i chose to get some support, no different from anyone else who’s using twitter and Facebook, unfortunately with the bad comes the good and there are a few or maybe just one individual who feels the necessity to impersonate site admins and even my wife to evoke some sort of emotion or to bring some negativity towards me, what this individual does (METHODICALMANAGEMENT) is beyond my control, but Im sorry for it regardless and hope that the readers and the TSB family can simply ignore this fool as he does not represent the majority of our site, we are a family over there with a very positive flow, but you know there is always one black sheep in the herd.

    with that said, best of luck to everyone involved and thank you TSB for setting up such a wonderful giveaway, your blog has really inspired many myself included.

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Thanks for the response Elkin! We’re just trying to keep it positive over here… Good luck and thanks for reading!

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      As Townsend said, thanks for your response. A few years back I was part of the NT community and am familiar with all the comedy/inside jokes so I get it. Anyways, good luck in the competition man.

  • Dianna Agron

    Let’s go Team Jireh!!

  • Jodi

    GO JACE!!!!!!! great style :)

  • BN

    With all of the comments of en entire community voting for Elkin and Jace’s fan club voting for him, I am surprised at how close Jireh is to both of them.

    Disclaimer: i don’t know any of them and didn’t vote.

  • http://undefined undefined


  • http://undefined Kanye West

    Finna give my man Elkin the Win without any contest. I see you got my Solar yeezys, so im finna throw the platinum’s your way Elk.

    Jace…..Sorry bruh bruh, but I do not approve. And stop making your co-workers over at GQ vote for you.You know dang well Elkin is outdressing you. Lucky i aint make Jay drop you from the Zine(magazine).

    • sour steven

      This post is wildly ignorant, your opinion is most definitely yours..

  • young jace

    Elkin but by a slight margin. Phillip is very close..

  • Wilt the Stilt

    Elkin getting major Yambs in that fit, guaranteed

  • Jace Fan

    Rise above the talk! Go Jace!!!!!

  • kylebrivn

    Steezy (Elkin) didn’t ask us to make a thread to get him votes. I made the thread because over at NT, we stick together… with the exception of the guy impersnating Meth. It was just a way for us to help a fellow member of our beloved forum. To those of you whose jimmes have been russled, we do not apologize. Simply put, that is how we do things. We build character and tough skin over at NT (bleedat).

    To those crying foul at Elkin’s use of a message board, pipe down. The guy Jace used his own outlets to help secure the victory. The disproportion in the numbers are clearly evidence of that. Had he been in the top spot and Steezy been behind by a large margin, you would have nothing to say. Stop being cry babies. Your outrage is what fuels us over at NT. If you want us to go away, I demand a million unmarked Ecuadorian bills delivered to my house in approximately 17 minutes. Either that, or you can sit back, relax, and watch NT ensure Steezy’s victory. Because we won’t stop [Diddy]neh eh, neh eh[/Diddy]

    Shout out to the Transylvanian persuasion new to the NT nation, Vlad.

  • Powerballin

    i know a thing or two about ip addresses

  • Lurker Jimmy

    FYI, This MethodicalManagment guy is obviously what we call an internet “troll”. The MethodicalManagement name comes from our #NT leader and moderator, and this guy here is just an imposter. Elkin did not make any thread asking for votes, thats just not his steez. We vote for him because he is a big part of our community, one of our most regular posters and victim of many jokes throughout the years. He keeps our fashion thread aka “Dressing better thread” running, and we appreciate that… and the periodic pictures of his wife.

    Go Elkin !


  • Young Chef Mcgee

    Grove Street, GO JACE!!

  • That Guy

    I want to rustle Jimmie!!!

  • cam

    dan, you guys should really do away with the comment section on these contests. it is beginning to take away from the point IMO.

    • ernie

      idk, i had the same opinion until i spend the last 20 min reading and trying to make out what the dilly with jace and elkin.

  • DJ Proto J

    Y ain’t I on here?

    Don’t y’all know ye got his style form me?

    Y’all need to take notes

  • Cindy

    You can’t vote twice…your vote is counted once.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      It’s VERY difficult to vote twice on this system. They’re probably lying.

      • Marcus Forlan

        hmm .. let’s see. Home network, work / school network, cell phone. There is no ID validation so as long as you are coming from a different connection your vote will be counted.

        Not counting neighbor’s / friends networks.

        • sour steven


  • http://mauv-e.tumblr.com Isabel


    • Isabel

      Now maybe Jace will pay attention to me.

      • Jace


        • Jace Fan

          You got his attention…now what!

  • Jireh

    I’m very thankful to have made top ten and even been voted to top three. Undoubtedly everyone put together a great outfit, looks like now it’s a war of who has more supporters from the niketalk forums, and who wears the jean jacket better. And to everyone making fun of how Vlad looks, that is completely rude and out of line, this is not a modeling competition, it’s about menswear, and I think his outfit is excellently put together.

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Thanks for the great response Jireh!

    • AK

      You da man, Jireh. Also, I want that sweater. Also, grats on top 10!

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Thanks for the response!

    • Jace


    • Vlad

      Thanks for the support. I’m not mad at all, i’m actually laughing, cause the trolling is pretty good actually.

  • Vickie

    Just vote for your favorite…they are all great!!! They made the “Top 10”! Winners!

  • Choppa suit

    Vlad has the queen of England burried back there and he is wearing her coat

    Go Ekins!!

  • rudolfo champio

    very clean outfits

    as for elkin i like ya and i wants ya but ima have to go with vlad he looks so masculine

  • Will S

    Jace L, great style, what a topcoat, you have my vote.

  • Mistahkelly

    All well done. Jimmies gets the slight edge. The look screamed early 90’s, and you NEVER see that.

  • sneakertalk

    lets go jace!

  • GQ Fanboy

    We get it… You’re mad at life.

    You can go back to being a Loser now.

  • TheHaterBoxden

    In before me.

    I voted for Jace because Ksteezy got me banned :smh


  • Wayne Washington

    Elkin looks amazing, too bad j.crew doesn’t accept oversized checks from sprite.
    guys please tell methodman that im sorry!!
    i got better and i now take medication for my split personality disorder.

    also jace is doing the same thing, elkin did nothing wrong,an editor for GQ against some guy with awesome Steez i see a little bias there.

    next time they should make it so that anyone who works for a fashion magazine cant enter, it’s only fair.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      Yo, anyone can enter. My ma can enter. Nick Wooster can enter. The only people who can’t enter are Dan, Towni, Wes, John, and I. If we tried to be “fair” we would have to background check everyone who submits a photo and, ain’t nobody got time for that.

      • Laurence

        Word to Sweet Bown lol

  • Mr.Steezy

    My boy is fresh to death….like me

  • TheHaterBoxden

    In before me.

    I voted for Jace because Ksteezy got me banned :smh

  • Steezy unborn child

    #NT All Day!!!!!!!

  • Jace

    Thanks MM! Just trying to keep it going.

  • DipsetGeneral



  • DipsetGeneral


  • Vickie

    Team Jace L… vote the honest way!

    • Vickie

      Thank you!

    • VoiceOfReason

      Honest way?? The guy is advertising on his blog and works for GQ.


      • Laura

        and he is getting votes the honest way!

      • sour steven

        same thing happend last month.. a bunch of people who have their own fashion blogs made the top 10. They are also likely to put together the best outfits and nail the fit. Just means tough competition for the rest of us. Advertising it on the blogs is kinda weak though

  • Carrie

    Elkin busted! Vote Jace L.

  • The Hater

    I was wondering what happened to Johnny Gill.

  • Vickie

    Jace get votes the honest way! We can do this! Team Jace L.!

  • a blinkin

    In the words of Mayor… You wild corny, b.

  • http://kidnothingboy.tumblr.com Emmanuel Urena

    Jace L. for sure

  • Vlad

    @guys saying i’m a serial killer

    A lot of people told me I look like Dexter so who knows…

  • willchamb3rlain

    wasnt philip in pretty ricky?

  • Jace

    Thanks NT.

  • willchamb3rlain

    damn i voted for elkin too soon smh i aint know black dudes was in the contest. Forgive me my black brothers ill vote for asap rocky next month

  • http://undefined FRESH2DEATH

    Jace L. has a great topcoat on…can we inquire as to the brand?

    Stay fresh,


  • Late80s

    Elkin gets my vote.

    He could take pictures of my meat curtains anytime he wants..

  • papi

    wow what a great competition. voted for jace ;)

    but u all deserve to win

    and btw elkin tenga la mas grand verga de todo

    • Jace

      Thank you!

  • a blinkin

    Vlad’s picture just screams

    “Yeah… There are dead bodies back there… Wanna see?”

  • John Cena

    His time is now




  • JRose5

    Voted for Vlad.

    Looking like Count WhiteChocula. I see you.

  • Angie

    Not impressed. I prefer basketball players

  • The Hater

    Never trust a man with orange socks

  • Stevesy

    Not trying to come off as negative, but some observations; Elkin is wearing two different hoods and a hat. Not only this, but his fit seems to be composed entirely of different of the moment trends: camo cargos, layered denim jacket, duffle coat, and even the oddly ubiquitous “raspberry” beanie. Don’t get me wrong, the layering is excellent and I like the color scheme, but the fact that he is a very close second (and, frankly, merited selection at all) baffles me.

    That said, Lucian has my vote. Classic shit. Although he shoulda kept the shades on.

    • Vitally

      Bro do you even lift?

      • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford


      • Stevesy

        Bro. Like an elevator, bro. But if my quads get any bigger I’ll f-ck up the perfect fades on my LVCs, so I typically don’t pick up anything heavier than a potted plant. Like, say a ficus.

    • GQ Fanboy

      Post a pic of your fit bro?

      Everyone in there looks like they are joining the army, or some sort of organization which requires you to wear a UNIFORM.

      Elkin’s fit is the best IMO. Awesome layering, Excellent color schemes, with a bold look with the camo’s.

      True, refreshing style. Rather than copying what you see off of your GQ Mag.

      • GQ Fanboy


        Everyone in there EXCEPT Elkin.

        • a blinkin

          Looks like we’ve got us a comedian over here fellas.

          Look out. Funny guy on the loose. :{

      • Stevesy

        I can’t tell if you’re serious or not cuz, yknow, internet. I’m tempted to say you are, because your username is gq fanboy, and if you paged through any issue of gq for the last like few years youd see a sh-tload of skinny camo cargos, jean jackets, and duffle coats.

        I was gonna say that if Elkin wins good on him, democracy at work, etc. But since apparently he literally works for GQ (which would explain the above), has his own blog, and recruited a whole forum to try to win a bunch sweet free swag for himself instead of dudes who actually kept it aboveboard, I can’t do it. That sh-t isn’t at all cool. Anyway. Soapboxing over. Sorry if you were just playing around. If not I dunno. try to be cooler on the internet? I guess?

        • Stevesy

          Hold up scratch (part of) that last bit. I guess this Jace homie is part of the GQ staff and blogged up, not elkin. Sorry for casting aspersions without researching properly. I’m not any more a fan of Elkins fit or tactics but not crazy about someone using their blog to leverage votes either. 2012 election all over again, jeez.

  • Powerballin NT

    Elkin good luck. Me and Angie wish you the best.

  • GeminiStar

    Vlad looks looks a like a serial killer and Jimmie looking like a sophisticated trinidad james. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  • http://NT Foambs=Yambs

    Da vote goes to NT’s own ksteezy.#NT

  • http://undefined John C

    Phil is sharp!

  • PowerBallin

    see me with the hands

  • JD214

    Jimmie and Philip are the definition of cornball brothers.

    Word to RGIII.

    • http://undefined undefined

      Why bc they can outdress you?

  • GQ Fanboy

    I find it hard to fap to Jace.

    Elkin’s style and pose def. has my vote.


  • Mayor_of_NYC


    We coming for them shoulders b…


    • JRose5

      Let the shoulder clapping commence.

  • Mike Untz

    it’s obvious Elkin has the most style out of the list.

  • Ninjahood

    Elkin (lol) gets da vote from me, although Jace’s girl gets da D from me b.

    • Jace

      My girl is hot, no doubt.

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      ninjahood?! remember u back in my NT days…. about to get back on there… still pure comedy hah

  • http://undefined J P

    Ill go with #4 over #5 in a close call its all subjective all enties were good.

  • a blinkin

    Steezy da gawd. :hat

    Phillip’s fit is the cleanest. But yeen parta the teamb, famb.

    Jace, we coming for you, b.

    NT, all we ask is trust.

  • http://www.gregnoire.com greg noire

    Phil FTW.

  • Paul

    Number five!!!

  • Jenny

    Lucian Enasoni is the best!!

  • Kiwan

    Elk gawd


    I can see why everyone is torn, to just pick one winner ! Everyone looks great and very inspiring. Cant there be the top 3 winners, like the olympics ?

  • Tjay

    Elkin is obviously the winner here. The dude’s just got that rugged sprezz that’s unbeatable.

  • Josh

    Being in the top ten is enough of an experience already! Thanks TSB Men! You’re work continues to inspire.

  • Alan


    • Alan

      note to mods: I did not post the above

      • Alan

        Ha! It is good to see Jireh climb from lower mid-table to a solid 3rd place showing.

  • ksteezy

    get ya votez up fambz

  • http://undefined undefined

    AUSTIN all the way. wish i could vote more times for him. in love wit his jacket. major swag

  • Kyle Leon Norville

    I didn’t hesitate to put my vote in for Vlad. The colors and way he put that outfit together. Amazing! Much congratulations (in advance) to the winner though.

  • Jace

    Thanks for all the votes guys.

  • Gatzby

    Elkin has my vote,his ensemble is something i could wear for a night out on the town but also rugged enough that i could wear to work,im a lumberjack.

    • http://undefined CT

      Aren’t you doing the same, supporting your friend in every post?

  • Jeff

    got to go with jireh

  • Kevin

    I just realized that winning these monthly giveaways is as hard as winning the presidential election. You gotta be radical enough to get picked by the TSB team, but then you gotta be conservative enough to be voted by the TSB readership

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      Nailed it.

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      This is hilarious… Because it’s true. Smart.

  • NT

    Da Elkin gawd lookin like he gotta drop a duece. Gets my vote NTswag

  • http://undefined Tracklegs

    Philip A has my vote!!! Style and grace :)

  • Sam

    I’m seriously torn between Jace and Jireh. Austin would be on that list, too, if he’d worn black shoes.

  • Vlad

    I’m so humbled to be part of the top 10 here. Thank you very much.

    To answer a few comments.

    @AK I know Nagy L he’s also Romanian and i know his coat too. His has a chest pocket as seen here: http://www.stilmasculin.ro/Haina-portocalie-si-cravata-tricotata . Mine hasn’t

    @Marcus Forlan

    I wore the same outfit with grey pants and it tones it down a little. I put on these pants for this outfit because i think the color matches very nicely the one of the topcoat and also the palette seen in the nature at the moment.

    Thank you again.

    • Marcus Forlan

      Yea, I agree. Your choice of pants is great with this outfit and I think it works better than a grey would. Mirroring the fall colors is a great look.

      Note that I was nitpicking cuz the competition is so stiff! There is v. little separating all of these 10 looks imho.

    • AK

      Thank you, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar. That’s a fine jacket. I might have to pick me up one. Good luck with the contest and congrats on top 10!

  • Raptor

    That boi Vlad M has the looks, the body and the apparel to make it work.

    He’s got my precious vote.

  • Nathan

    Jace is on point from H to T! Loved the entire look. Fashionable without being pushy.

  • http://www.certified-official.com Glen

    Elkin the gawd got my vote, tough comp this month

  • ninjahood

    we don’t dress like this in da heightz

  • http://www.certified-official.com Glen

    Elkin the gawd got my vote, stiff comp this mouth

  • Chad

    #6 definetly, the colors are what persuaded me.

  • CJB

    All these fits are hella dope! Dont fool yourself thinking anyone of these dudes are slacking cause they all nailed there respective looks.


    Elkin got this. Dude got swagger for days.

  • Wm S

    Honorable mentions?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Later this week on TSB Daily.

  • AK

    An aside: is Vlad M. rockin’ the same coat that Nagy L. did in last month’s runners-up list? I swear they are almost identical. I certainly can’t tell the difference.

  • jimmy

    Elkin, with Philip as a close second. Looks like he rolled out of bed and threw that on with ease.

  • Ja’viya

    I voted for Jimmie w., I love his color scheme and the loafers…

  • Sergio

    My dude Elkin for sure, I’ve seen other fits of his and definitely he has style.

  • Brian

    Man, really tough choice between Jace L and Elkin C. Could be that I’m on a denim jacket layering kick or it could be that they seriously rock it.

  • Eugene

    Jimmie W.

  • http://undefined Ben

    Loving the layered look on Austin numba 7

  • Marcus Forlan

    Toss up between Jace, Jimmie and Joshua S. Can’t decide right now.

    • Marcus Forlan

      Went with Jace in the end. Should just go with my first choice from the outset.

  • http://undefined Tie bar Shmy bar

    My man Austin is not gettin enough love here. The tie bar is ballin and that cardi is tight. He’s got my vote.

    • Alan

      I like the tie-bar too – it’s one of those cases where it works even though it shouldn’t. It needed to be an one-incher though.

      The cream cardigan is what makes it all work though.

    • Anonymous

      that tie bar missed big time

  • http://undefined Jessie

    I’m definitely voting for Austin G. #7. His style is someting I’d totally love to wear. If I had the money, I’d totally buy that jacket. His glasses are so snazzy also. Great outfit.

  • Bobbybooth

    Tough competition. Few faves though – Jace L looking sharp – nice threads, although the denim jacket thing seems to be everywhere. Philip is smooth as hell. I like those gold touches, though this is the kind of outfit that can only be pulled off by the lucky few. Top for me, however, is that fella Elkin. Its an ace photo, true, but everything fits perfectly and I dig those camouflage bottoms with the hat and that duffle. Looks like an army & navy started doing bespoke.
    Good show!

  • Myles

    Really unique pieces on Jireh!

  • Kayla


  • Mackenzie

    number 7!! Austin!

  • Wes

    Ace 4 Jace.

  • Brady

    Looks like a lot of vintage pieces and personal style this month. Throughly enjoying these contests so far, submitting and seeing all the other readers out there!

  • sour steve

    I spy w/ my little eye.. some 4inch lapels that made me cry.


  • Alan

    Agreed with Joe here, Jireh isn’t getting enough love for a really simple, well executed outfit – it’s not ‘badass’, but it’s the understatedness of it that really makes it work.

    Honourable mention to Philip A. – nice formal pumps.

  • http://www.aepictureblog.blogspot.com ELKIN

    this is awesome, thank you TSB…good luck to the rest of the fellas im undecided between Austin and Jace.

    #tap-tap-pull :NThat

    • Austin

      Thank you, if you are the Elkin in the contest then I love everything about that picture.

    • Marcus Forlan

      And if you are the ELKIN in that pic – you should be voting for yourself! Not the competition. lol.

  • TomDiginson

    My vote goes to Elkin C

  • Kiel

    Buncha cool dudes.

    #3 Elkin, because he looks like he maybe wouldn’t get beat up by those construction workers for wearing a toggle coat and a raspberry cap.

    …I definitely WOULD though.

  • http://undefined KW


  • Brady

    Jace L. looks like the clear winner to me, great fit w/ the denim and that top coat is baller!

  • Joe

    My vote is with Jirah because he mixes patterns, textures, and separates together to make a seamless and well proportioned outfit.

  • Kevin

    I beginning to wonder if not having a professional grade camera (or friends with one)will prevent me from standing a chance to win this one day.

    • http://undefined Ray

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Photo quality certainly helps the outfit translate, and stand out from the hundreds of entries.

      That said, composition is more important than quality. Only 3/10 of the photos here I would consider “professional grade”, but each one thoughtfully and cleanly delivers the outfit.


    • http://undefined Dave

      Kevin, If you’re in decent light, you can get a very good quality photo with a cellphone camera these days – some of the above don’t look like they’re taken with anything better than an iPhone or Samsung camera.

    • Marcus Forlan

      You only really “need” a professional grade camera in dim / low light conditions.

      During a bright day outdoors, a good compact will deliver some great shots.

      Good luck!

  • http://undefined undefined

    I wish this was 10 pictures of Elkin, then it would be a hard choice.

    • sour steven

      Maybe he could turn down the contrast in one of those other 9 so we could see the undistorted colors of his outfit..

  • Tough competition

    All these guys are fly in their own way! Love it

  • http://undefined Grizzly

    Elkin. Because I love him.

  • http://www.stunodpictures.com Jason P

    I voted for Vlad because that is the type of color palette I would wear. He pulls it off well and is about the same body type as me. It inspires me and I know I too can pull it off.

    • Marcus Forlan

      Great color palette, yes.

      But I think it is a tad overdone. If he went neutral with one other element (e.g. the topcoat) then I think the outfit would have been better.

  • John

    I voted for Austin! The tie bar may be a bit too high, but I like the colors!

    • http://undefined steven

      tie bar too high and under a cardigan

      • John

        Well, it isn’t literally under the cardigan, but I see your point! I haven’t seen that to be honest! Still, I like the overall look!

    • http://undefined Tie bar Shmy bar

      That tie bar is sweet! Love those boots!!

      • Brady

        Tie bars fine, it’s just in the wrong spot and under a sweater which is a bit redundant. But it’s all about personal style, so rock it how you like it!

    • John

      I’ve been thinking about it and while it’s not really useful under a cardigan (since the cardigan does the same job), it can’t be seen if it’s positioned correctly and it provides a nice little detail if one had to remove his “outer” layers!

  • Mitch

    JOSH S.! Without a doubt!

  • Ard

    voted for Phillip, I like the black in black theme

  • Nico

    And the winner is… Jace!

  • Brent

    Phillip! Smooth

  • Vickie

    Jace L….that smile! You got my vote!

    • Aaron

      and his Mommy loves him.

      • Vickie

        She sure does…..

        • Vickie

          after all…I am his #1 fan and his biggest supporter…I got him all these votes!!!

      • Marcus Forlan


  • http://thekacar.com Mustafa K

    My vote goes to Jace L., well done sir.

  • Robert

    My vote is for the duck boots and army jacket.