How to Dimple Your Tie

January 31st, 2013

The details can set a man apart, and the tie dimple is one of those small things that can go a long way.

Here’s the trick to getting get it right, with a four-in-hand knot (which is the only knot we recommend because it’s the most visually appealing, in our shared opinions).




1-5: Tie a four-in-hand knot, making sure the tie is not twisted in any way. The key is to tie it a hair on the short side so you can pull it tight into position (no sloppy loose knots!).

6. When you’re ready to pull the knot tight, grab both edges of the tie just below the knot.

7. Use one finger to push-in the middle of the tie directly below the knot, creating a “ditch”, while keeping the edges untwisted and in place.

8. Holding the “ditch” in position with one hand, pull on the front and back ends simultaneously. The harder you pull, the more pronounced of a dimple you will create (and the smaller the knot gets).

9. Button the shirt collar and fasten the knot up onto the collar.

10. Adjust it until it’s just right, and you’re ready to go.



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  • DP

    I remember Fonzworth Bentley referred to the dimple in the tie as “Wall Street Cleavage”

  • LouCaves

    Thanks for highlighting a “small” timeless detail. The four-in-hand is the first knot I learned (’83) thanks to my step-father. The dimple is standard for me.

  • Vic

    Four-in-hand seems to be THE knot right now. It’s a wonderfully simple knot even though a personally prefer the more symetrical Pratt knot. But that’s the beauty of ties and knots. You can wear and tie them to your own liking. As long as you wear it! ;-)

  • Jase

    Yup. That pretty much did the job. I usually just stuff my finger into the centre and hope it turns out. It looks a little too symmetrically perfect now though!

  • Solomon

    Hey Dan can you have the same type of dimple with a half windsor knot?

    • Townsend

      Of course!

  • Gazman

    A dimple pretty much comes naturally with good quality silk ties. Ties sans dimple are usually that way because the wearer has manipulated the dimples out – or the tie is a nasty polyester one.

  • Spence

    The details make you a king! thanks so much for this. makes a surprisingly big difference to your projected image.

  • alex

    there are so many better knots than this one ! not impressed !

    • Dan Trepanier

      Can you define “better”?

  • JoeTav

    Bravo !!!!

    Well Done !

  • jemz

    A video is worth a thousand photos…


  • HD

    Such a great article, very helpful.

  • TO

    One of my favorite aspects of menswear, tying a “perfect” four-in-hand complete with a dimple:) Will have to try this particular technique! Thanks for sharing.

  • AK

    I am so damn grateful for this site.