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January Menswear Giveaway: Top 10

January 26th, 2013

The deadline to enter our January Giveaway has officially passed.

First, I have to say that we have some really stylish readers! Our team was very impressed overall. Of the hundreds of entries we received in the past 25 days, we did our best to narrow down the Top 10 below, in no particular order.

Please vote for your favorite outfit using the poll at the bottom of this post, keeping in mind you can only vote one time. Voting ends January 30th at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced on January 31st.

Best of luck to all you stylish gents, one of you will be receiving a very nice prize package:

1. Highland Lambswool Shawl Collar Cardigan by Sir Jacks, made in Scotland

2. Japanese Selvedge Denim Jeans by Rogue Territory, made in Los Angeles

3. Brown Suede “Jodhpur” Ankle Strap Boots by Modern Vice, made in NYC

4. Collegiate Stripe Wool Scarf by Smart Turnout, made in UK

5. Shrunken Leather Card Wallet by Frank Clegg x Dan Trepanier, made in USA

+ A chance to be featured in a post on Articles of Style.com!


1. David T.

1 David T

Why he made the Top 10: He swapped that tweed herringbone suit jacket for a badass leather biker with a perfect fit. 

2. Mustafa K.

4 Mustafa K

Why he made the Top 10: Flattering fit, slim-not-skinny. Subtle mix of grey, brown and washed denim. Tie knot on point.

3. Hilton W.

2 Hilton W

Why he made the Top 10: Simplicity. Beautiful leather piece. Earthy color palette. Perfectly fitting cargos. 

4. Michael S.


Why he made the Top 10: Smart, functional layering. Simple, masculin color palette. Flattering shades. One hint of pattern at the sock. 

5. Raymond M.


Why he made the Top 10: Perfect fit. Sharp grooming. Unexpected pocket square/scarf/sock earthy color play. Attention to detail.

6. Brady P.


Why he made the Top 10: Classic clean-cut prep. A timeless layered look, from the cords to the cable knit to the haircut. 

7. Matt L.

Matt L

Why he made the Top 10: Classic tweed jacket. Sporty layering. Perfectly broken-in jeans and tassel loafs. Weather-appropriate socks. 

8. Isaiah J.

8 Isaiah J

Why he made the Top 10: Confident (not in-your-face) neutral palette. Classic pieces layered in a “current” way.  Slim fit, but not snug. 

9. Corey K.


Why he made the Top 10: Not too dressed-up, not too dressed-down. A perfect fit for anything “business casual”. 

10. James W.

Jason W

Why he made the Top 10: Continental prep with a perfect fit. Beautiful fabrics and color palette. Nice touch with the subtly tarnished lace-ups. 






Thanks for reading – and special thanks to all those who entered the contest.

Yours in style,

Articles of Style

  • R. A. Sasayama

    Hilton was robbed, but Mustafa was a close second choice.

  • http://www.thekacar.com Mustafa K

    “Omg” @Yo – you’ve semi offended me with your “rigged” comment (considering I almost lost). As Dan preaches often, style is subjective and I respect your opinion but no need for the low blow.

    Anyhow, talk is cheap – man up and submit your photo for the February giveaway, here is the link: http://tsbmen.com/22272/tsb-reader-giveaway-february/. If not, have fun watching from the stands.

  • Yo

    Omg, this was obviously rigged. How the hell did Mustafa win? And with that big a margin? Come on. TSB: You should check for fraud.

  • Craig

    Isiah J Killed it!!

  • Jim Setliffe

    I vote for

    COREY K.

  • Mikey M


  • Danny

    Corey K.!

  • Alycia

    Corey K

  • Shawn Wheeler

    COREY K!
    obvious choice..

  • Greg Sweers

    Corey K.

  • Leonard P.

    Mustafa K. has my vote.

  • sds

    Michael S has my vote. Looks like he can wear any style and make it look great. Model material.

  • Robert

    Do any of the winners not have a blog??

    • Michael S

      I do not

    • Brady

      I don’t either

    • Corey K

      I don’t either, but one is forthcoming.

      • http://profoundandcasual.blogspot.ca Profound and Casual

        Yes, James is our main model for the Profound and Casual blog!
        Check us out!

    • http://acollectedgentleman.com Isaiah Johnson

      my blog is acollectedgentleman.com

  • Brendan

    Mustafa K

  • Jonathan


  • Jan

    Corey K

  • Hector

    Mustafa K.

  • Anonymous

    Corey K.

  • Anonymous

    #9. Corey K.

  • Sam

    Michael S. definitely has my vote!

  • Adam G.

    It’s between Mustafa K and James W for me, but I think everyone really brought on this one.

    I found Mustafa’s fashion blog http://www.thekacar.com in the comments. Does James W have a site too?

    Good luck to all.

    • James W.

      Haha, I considered it, but realised I’m not disciplined enough to write regularly and have absolutely 0 photography skills. Maybe I should reconsider…

      I do pose for my friend’s blog if you want to check it out: http://profoundandcasual.blogspot.ca/

  • Susan West

    I think Michael reminds me of John Kennedy Jr.dashing, sophisticated and makes me swoon. He wears the casual outfit very well. He’s got my vote.

    • Michael S

      One of the nicer compliments I’ve ever received. Thanks for the support Susan.

  • Anonymous

    VOTE CORY K! he’s sexy ;)

  • Jon

    Mustafa K.

  • Chuck Norris’ beard

    Mustafa gets my vote.

    • Cameron

      That’s a powerful vote indeed.

  • Chris

    Corey K

  • Rose

    Mustafa K.

  • Robby

    COREY K.

  • Matt S.

    Corey K.

  • http://trucsdhomme.blogspot.fr/ Tipo

    I like the style of Michael S., very natural and good looking, perfect.

    • Michael S

      Thanks Tipo, all the best

  • Mustafa Kacar

    Being a long time reader of TSB, it’s truly an honor to have made the top 10 (Whatever the outcome is). Dan, it’s great what you’re doing with this contest and the evolution of the website overall. You’re definitely changing the game. We are all stylish m’fers. Congratulations to every one!



    • Anonymous

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    • Gulden

      yazik sana bucali. bir turk olarak yurttaslarimdan utanmama sebep oldugun. Bir okula yazilmaya ne dersin? belki diger insanlarin yazdiklarini daha iyi anlayip dogru yorumlarda bulunabilirsin.

  • Maryann


  • Patrick H.

    Love the edge with #1

  • Brady

    Very excited to have made the top 10! Thanks to the TSB team for putting on the competition and giving the readers a chance to show our personal style. Feels great to have been considered one of the top entries and that the classic style I love was well received by the same people I get inspiration from (even if I have the fewest votes haha). Also glad to have found some new blogs to check out, some serious competition out there, great looks guys.

    Cant wait for next month, thanks again TSB!

  • http://styleln.tumblr.com Jesse

    @Brady P. Am I crazy or is that the chemistry building at Indiana University?

    • Brady

      Good eye Jesse, it is indeed!

      • http://styleln.tumblr.com Jesse

        I go there!

        • Brady

          My fiancé is a chemistry grad student, its a gorgeous building

  • Robert

    I’ve added The Dapper Diamond District, Mustafa’s blog, and Profound and Casual to my fashion blog digest. This competition has had a very obvious congealing effect on the fashion culture within the TSB community; a real meshing of style. I appreciate the publicity this has brought to the blogs I otherwise would not have visited. Thanks TSB for being so magnanimous.

    • http://profoundandcasual.blogspot.ca Profound and Casual

      thanks for the love! Keep checking us out. We have lots to offer.

    • Raymond

      Thank you very much for the support!

    • http://thekacar.com Mustafa Kacar

      I appreciate the love Robert!

  • Jules

    Michael S.

  • Joe

    Great looks! I entered and had fun doing it, not because I thought I had a chance of getting up there, but to support what TSB does. I’m glad I did and I’m glad to see the great entries. I think TSB has been great help and confidence booster to those who use it.

    Still trying to pick my vote, it’s not easy (though it doesn’t hurt to be named Mustafa, that alone is putting that entry up the list).

    • Mustafa Kacar

      LoL @ Joe – thanks for (maybe) voting for me.

  • LouCaves

    All these gents look good. My vote went to David T., as he didn’t go with a blazer or trench. I’m a biker so I’m a little biased, too. Love this site!

  • Lindsay O.

    Corey K.
    Effortless style.

  • Brian B.

    Congrats to everyone that was chosen in the top 10 and everyone who entered the contest. The fact that a mass number of men care about their appearance is refreshing to know. Thanks to TSBMEN staff for this wonderful site.

  • Luke

    Everyone looks good, but Isaiah got my vote for his creative layering–I’m really feeling it. Interesting that Corey and Mustafa look the most like models – not just in terms of how they’re dressed but their features, build, etc. – and are the clear front-runners at this point.

    • http://MRDIY.INFO Spartacus

      Well said, if you haven’t checked out his blog man check it out: http://acollectedgentleman.com/ . Isaiah is a aficionado of fashion when it comes to layering, he has a great sense of style. I also voted for him.

  • http://MRDIY.INFO Spartacus

    Do any of the contestants have their own blog? I am interested in following Raymond M. if he has one.

    • AK

      Ditto. Raymond’s look is solid gold.

  • Brandon

    Are you guys sure you want everyone to see the results of the poll right away? Just curious.

  • Chino

    James W. outfit, very simple but elegant

  • Laurence

    Congrats to all selected participants. My opinion is that David slayed the competition what are you voters looking at???

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Style is subjective, we all have our own opinions – that’s why it’s a worthwhile conversation.

      • Laurence

        It was a rhetorical question in a sense… And a subjective ploy to get votes for the homey David

        Looking toward to see who wins and the future contest this year big ups to TSB

        • Jim Trake

          I’m also impressed by David’s combination, it’s not common to mix such pieces and achieve good effect. I found his blog, which might be found at: http://secondhand-dandy.blogspot.com/

          • Laurence

            Thanks homey Imma check it out….

            • http://secondhand-dandy.blogspot.com Secondhand Dandy

              Thanks Laurence, that was quite cunning, as at first glance I also considered your comment as not positive towards me. Such kind words encourage me to work on my personal style, thank you very much!

              David T.\Secondhand Dandy

  • Kevin

    Congrats to the finalists. Great looks all around. I only have an undergraduate’s money to buy close with, and Northeast Ohio isn’t known for it’s clothing stores, so I didn’t really pull a look together in time. Still, I’m up for the challenge the next time a contest roles around.

    This does bring up a good question though; what (if any) suggestions would you guys have for someone like me outside of a major city? It’s a big burden, since there aren’t many tailors around me, and most seem stuck in the 80s/90s big suit looks. I know you guys are big supporters of thrifting, but would you have any additional advice for someone like me? I love your site for inspiration, but I want to at least try and up my game with the little I have.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      Don’t worry Kevin you’ll have another chance next month, and every month thereafter! Living outside of a major city gives you one huge advantage: thrift stores. They won’t be picked over like they are in bigger cities. Also, if there is any tailor in your city, even if their style is usually stuck in the 80s, if you show them photos of what you want and walk them through the alterations I’m sure they’ll do a fine job.

      • Kevin

        Thanks for the suggestions Alex. Keep up the awesome work.

    • AK


      I don’t know where in Northeast Ohio you’re located exactly, but if you’re anywhere near Euclid, there’s an awesome tailor on 185th street. The place is called Euclid Tailoring, and it’s run by this Russian lady who definitely knows her way around a needle. Her prices run a bit higher than average, but it’s worth it in my opinion. There’s not much she can’t do, in my experience. I’ve personally taken her some thrifted garbs and she’s been able to do ’em up something proper. Best of luck, friend!

      • Kevin

        Thanks AK, I’ll have to check her out some time.

    • Robert

      The best way to build a style that is uniquely you, would be to start trying things that you like. The fit can be a bit of an issue, but there are many well cut pieces available from even stores like target. Style is a life-long journey and cannot be accomplished over-night. In fact that is the beauty of it. Fashion is in the eye of the beholder; not bound by what we see, but what we perceive. A pocket square can be cut from any clothe you admire. A tie clip can be bent to your preferred tightness, your pants can be as loose or tight as you feel most comfortable and that goes for the length as well. Show the world what you feel most well-put-together in and they will respond to the spirit of your style even if they would not practice your choices themselves.

  • Anonymous

    David T.

  • http://acollectedgentleman.com Isaiah Johnson

    Hey Dan, I’m curious to know what made you pick that outfit of out all the ones I submitted to you

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Hey Isaiah. It came down to a team vote. Best of luck!

  • Jack

    Personally, I don’t find anything inspiring about any of these looks. They are all very safe and basic, nothing that says “this is my personal style”. They all look very much the same and boring. Just my two cents.

    • Robert

      Jack, I would have to agree with you. Although, we were not given a direct explanation of each piece from the point of view of those who submitted. I also feel that a few of these felt like the photographer was getting the choice and not the actual outfit. I was very impressed with the photography, but not necessarily the outfits.

      TSB, would you consider releasing details on how the winner put together the particular look that claims the win? I think that hearing from the winner about how a particular piece of their winning look was an heirloom or was chosen at a swap-meet or re-purposed, etc. I would hope that none of these outfits were a result of a Saturday’s shopping at the mall.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        We plan on featuring the winner, if he’s up for it…

        Good luck to all.

        • Robert

          I would expect nothing less from one of the best… I look forward to the winning announcement. Thanks Dan.

      • Sam

        Jeez, everyone is so critical of these choices.
        Since this is a style website I would expect that the top 10 were selected based on overall outfit style. I would hate to see that someone was chosen because of the story behind an outfit, just as much as I’d be hate to see someone get chosen because of the photography.
        A feature is a great idea to provide insight into a particular style, and potentially provide some new ideas. But who really cares how they got the outfit.
        Competitions are meant to be competitive, but some of these comments are aggressive.

        Big fan of TSB. Looking forward to future competitions, maybe I’ll have the gall to enter when it’s not so frigid here.

        Thanks for the ideas TSB; From Windsor Canada.

        • Luke

          I’m with Sam here. Backstory can be interesting but I like the idea of contest like this being based purely on what you can see.

          And to the people complaining about how boring these outfits are: get some perspective.

    • Alan

      I broadly agree; I don’t know what else these guy submitted, so no judgement on them. I was considering entering in future months when I have more time, but being part of some preppy bro-down has little appeal.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Feel free not to enter Alan.

  • Jason

    Matt, for sure.

  • zawady

    Where I find ‘MIECHAEL S’ blog?

    • Michael S

      Thanks for all those supporting me and awesome looks for the remaining 9. As Isaiah said, I’m pretty bummed on the photo chosen above of me out of all the options I submitted. If you’d like to see more shots from that shoot, feel free to check me out on Instagram @micha3l_s where I am exclusively posting. Best of luck to all.


      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        We felt that was the best photo you submitted. Good luck.

      • Wine & Cheese

        Youre sounding real whinny there Michael S…. Why didn’t you just submit your favorite photo then as the contest instructed? In my opinion your style in the weakest in the 10 and you’re lucky to have been included.

        • Alex

          Lol, your response is spot on.

        • Michael S

          Wine & Cheese – I don’t know who you are or why you are attacking me with aggressive comments. I submitted multiple photos, as the contest instructed, assuming more than just one would be posted. That’s clearly not the case, and that’s ok. I was simply responding to Zawady’s post. And frankly, I don’t appreciate nor do I think TSBmen’s team appreciates angry, bitter people like you sitting behind your safe computer posting comments that offer nothing positive to this blog.

      • Marcus

        Dude – if you had a fave – just submit the fave and stick to it.

        Don’t submit a bunch and then complain that your ideal one was not picked.

  • Alan


    Not going to criticise anybody individually, but as a general comment: why so serious?

  • imza.N

    Mustafa K.’yı destkliyoruz.En şık O.Göster TÜRK’ün gücünü Mustafa!..

    • berna

      Mustafa harikasın,seni destkliyoruzzzz

  • NN

    Ray FTW

  • Marcus

    Great photos for all the Gents, but Mustafa has such a clean and cool look. You can get more about his style at http://www.thekacar.com

  • Tjay

    If Corey didn’t have that scarf I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be in the lead right now haha. Hilton or Raymond should definitely be in second place right now though.

  • Paul

    Brady’s look is perfect. The blue vest gives it a perfect “pop” of color.

  • Marcus

    All great looks! Especially liked David, Mustafa, Hilton, Matt and James – just cuz they are more my speed.

    I have been meaning to ask you guys and this post reminds me – you should have more user generated content / looks. Like a WIWT post for readers. But organized and searchable. It can add to your site with less effort on your part and generate more eyeballs.

    You guys are doing great stuff – keep it up.

  • Kevin T.

    Great post and glad to see the top 10 of this contest, they all look nice. Raymond hands down! The only one with a full beard and he’s killin’ the clothes.

  • Jack

    Maybe I shouldn’t have let my embarrassment over posting a promotion on Facebook get in the way of entering myself in this competition.

  • G

    Raymond hands down.

  • Josua

    Corey’s and Jason’s fits are really the only ones with completely congruent fits, all other fits are really nice…except one piece (for example hiltons which is easily the most kick-ass, but the fit simple needs some more rugged footwear)
    Also, the sleeves on the biker-jacket are a bit short

  • Philip

    Mustafa’s look is amazing – polished and perfect. Corey is winning because he’s super thin and can wear what this website tends to overpromote in skinniness.

  • John

    I voted for Isaiah. I was wearing the same outfit (different colours though) today.

    Would love to see some detail shots and even better, more looks (although that would make it much harder for you to pick the top10)

    • http://acollectedgentleman.com Isaiah Johnson

      Thanks John. Nice to know we have the same taste. If you want to see more of my style check out my website. acollectedgentleman.com

  • http://profoundandcasual.blogspot.ca Profound and Casual

    James W. representing Profound and Casual blog! Sick outfit!

  • Gazman

    James for me. All good though and extra points go to all for not using a smartphone for a prop!!!

  • Name (optional)

    Whoever doesn’t roll or cuff their pants. With an extra point for no tie bar.

  • Shawn

    Loved Mustafa K. and Matt L. outfits! And I recognize Isaiah J. from A Curated Man tumblr!

  • U

    Now the poll is closed and I cant vote for Mustafa…. Looks like Dan forgot to pay polldaddy ;-)

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Sorry. Poll shouldn’t be closed. We’re fixing it now…

  • Ryan

    Really tough call for me between Raymond and Corey. Both great looks. In the end I voted Raymond as I tend to prefer a more business dress style and thought he showed great understanding of the interplay between colors in his whole ensemble (not that Corey didn’t). I really think it’s a tie between those two.

  • Brad K

    Love Mustafa’s classy cool.

  • Michael

    Is that a ToJ jacket David T’s wearing?

    • http://secondhand-dandy.blogspot.com/ Secondhand Dandy

      I found this biker jacket in a thrift shop and it is the one of my best secondhand finds – warm, fitted and made of extremely thick and flexible leather. It was made by some of korean brand, specialising in biker’s items.

      David\Secondhand Dandy

  • Jordan

    Great looks! Amazing to see all the different styles and individuality on display. It is hard to pick one! Well done guys.

  • Kim

    James for sure. The fit and colour perfectly executed.

  • Gabriel

    I thought they had to smile?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Not a requirement, just a suggestion to sway more votes :)

  • Wieczorek

    Corey definitely wins it, however Mustafa was pretty close.

  • Sam

    Voting for David because he shows the most personality through his clothing. Can’t make out what’s on his lapel, but I love personal touches like that to a simple outfit.

    • http://secondhand-dandy.blogspot.com/ Secondhand Dandy

      Thank you for your kind words, Sam, one of my main purposes is to add some personal touch to classic combinations and I’m glad you think it is visible in my outfit! This lapel pin was attached to the jacket when I bought it. I decided not to remove it, for some kind of tribute for the previous owner, who was a real biker. If you wish, you can visit my blog for more pictures and close-ups :)

      Kind regards,

      David\Secondhand Dandy

  • Wes

    Corey K, for sure.

    Now give me that scarf.

  • Mac

    Raymond’s look is very sharp, but I personally like jeans more than dress pants. Corey got my vote as I’m really into business casual and that is something I can totally see myself wearing.

    • Ben B

      Excellent choice!

  • Eugene

    I voted for James for the perfect fit and color palette. Hilton is a VERY close second though, that jacket is gorgeous and the fit is on point.

  • Ben B

    Corey K,
    all the way.

  • AugustA

    Defiantly hilton. If been on his website alot lately and I love his style.

  • Joe R.