What I Wore Today: Tough Guy Tailoring

January 15th, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Tough Guy Tailoring”

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!



“I really don’t like breaking out heavy winter jackets. When the temperature drops I just layer up.”



“This is a very simple manifestation of my favorite kind of style. Some classic southern work-wear ish.”



“Blurring those business/casual lines here. If you’re doing the sneakers with dress pants thing, go with a pair that is simple, uniform in color, and similar in tone to the rest of the outfit.”



“On some Bane sh-t today with this vintage shearling bomber. Let the games begin!”



Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Jack

    Dan, the pleats are great since they are so practical and give a nice drape to the pants. The waistcoat is also well done.

  • ian

    yikes dan, those pleats are doing you no favors especially with your hands in your pockets I think you are of too average size for pleats to be beneficial for you. and wtf an odd waistcoat under a bomber, that both sounds and looks (in this case and in my opinion) atrocious. alex wins

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      I couldn’t disagree more, but thanks for sharing your 2 cents Ian.

      • Sam

        I disagree, Ian. The cut of the pants gives off an awesome jodhupur-ish look that, with the coat, makes his whole outfit very classic aviator in style.

  • Carlos


  • Ali

    Towni wins it for rocking the Colorado dad look
    (which I dig, don’t get me wrong on that one)

  • Paul

    I vote for Wes. I’m a sucker for tonal blue layering!

  • Zaire

    Dan killed it. Loving the waistcoat and that bomber, christ. The way he was able to meld all of his colors together into one amazing fall pallet really made it work for me and those pants.

  • Jeff

    All strong, but gotta go with Towni.

  • Tjay

    Even though Mr. Bane over here is straight killing it with the shearling, I have to go with Wes here. The colors come together real nicely.

  • Dave


    Lovely mix of pattern, texture and colour.

  • Amsterdam

    Alex ftw

  • mon

    alex for the functional clothing with good fit

  • Gary-A

    Wes ftw.

  • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South

    This has been the closest for me, but I gotta go Alex for simplicity…and Bulleit.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      Thanks! I really enjoy your blog, are you guys based out of Houston?

  • Alan

    Team Alex!

    It’s quite funny, Bulleit would be considered premium bourbon over here in the UK. Like all proper British gentleman I drink gin, scotch and the occasional cognac of course……

  • cam

    u gotta give it to dt with that look like he knew this one wouldn’t be close

  • Daniel

    Bane, then Wes.

  • Elbert

    Dan’s, on the simple merit of being bad ass. (And of course the Bane reference – “Behold, the instrument of your liberation!”) My man Wes with a close second. Townsend probably would’ve made it a tougher decision ’til I scrolled down and saw those New Balances, lol. A bit too casual of a complementary element for my liking.

  • TO

    DAN. Destroyed this one. So Santa was good on the shearling then, eh?

    I like Wes’ vintage “high-gorged” vest (this should be brought back as an option IMO) and one of the top workwear looks I’ve seen from Alex.

  • http://www.joshua-gold.com Josh


  • Chad M.


  • Ralph Malph

    Dan, followed by Wes, Alex and Town

  • Samuel

    Dan, Wes, Townsend, how do you guys style your hair? I have incredibly straight hair that just wants to grow straight down my forehead and I’m looking for some ideas.

    Sorry Alex, done the shaved head thing before haha.


  • Jim

    A four-way tie. You guys all look great today.

  • Sam

    Wes: Killing it! You’re the clear winner. I love the colorplay with the plaid shirt and the mismatched jacket/vest combo (I’m assuming?). Simple, but awesome and super creative.
    Alex: I really like this outfit, but you look a little bulky on top. Those boots are badass though!
    Townsend: I’m digging the shirt/tie/down vest combo, and those pants are perfectly tailored, but I’m not digging the sneakers, I’m sorry. Props for rocking them though! Maybe in a less stand-out color they would look a little less casual.
    Dan: Close second to Wes, but I think he nailed the fit better. You look damn awesome though, dude. Badass coat that matches your badass boots? Killer.

    • http://thestyleblogger.com Westley Dimagiba

      great assumption Sam hah

      • Sam

        Hey now, from that picture it could totally be a cardigan.

  • Kien

    Towni & Alex!

    Hey Towni, just went down to Uniqlo today and bought the same down vest in dark brown, it goes very well layered underneath many of my jackets and coats, currently wearing it under a Barbour International jacket.

    Alex – love the piaid overshirt, currently looking for a similar one which is ‘weighty’ and substantial, possibly with pockets.

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Hey Kien,

      Love the idea of layering it with a barbour… two of my favorite pieces!

  • Jakob

    Dan totally killed it. That Bane jacket is just super fly.

  • J Saltzman

    Wes wins again!

  • Brady

    Dan wins today. Wes is looking very sharp, but that top button didn’t do it for me.

    Gotta love the movie inspirations lately!!

  • Tony


  • Daja

    Dan — that jacket is too legit. Love the waistcoat as a layering piece and the hem of the pants is perfect.

  • Josh

    Gotta give it to Wes. Even though Alex is holding my fav cheap bourbon

    • Brady

      Since when is Bulleit cheap? That’s quality bourbon IMO

      • Jake

        25 bucks? get some Basil Hayden’s even…

        • Brady

          Not saying there aren’t better options in a similar price range.. Woodford being my mid-range choice. Just dont consider it cheap is all

  • Crane

    Wes is killing it today.

  • Dustin

    Alex’s look is my favorite today. Love the southern work-wear look.

  • Henri

    Gotta give it to Wes!

  • Sergio


  • Jerome


  • Brian

    Dan. Really like the cut of Wes’s jeans though.

  • http://hotwhiskey.tumblr.com bob

    Dan, because that coat is stupidly awesome.

  • DJ


  • Joe

    Giving it to Alex this time. Still can’t believe those boots are made by CAT. Very nice. Sorry Townie, I can’t get with the chunky sneakers with slacks thing. Dan and Wes rocked it and were a close second.

  • Marcus Forlan

    Guys – what about going more social – let ur followers create profiles, start discussion forums and interact more between themselves. More eyeballs, engagement for you and more fun for members.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      We are working on something like this… More on the topic soon.

  • Marcus Forlan

    Town, no Wes. No, Town. No, Wes. Damn – both Town and Wes!

    Dan was rocking it too but could not get over the bulk of the pants cuz of the pleats. Just a pers thing – if I am going bulky or busy on top, I try to keep it clean n sleek on the bottom and vice versa.

    For me, Wes always nails the fit perfectly.

    • http://thestyleblogger.com Westley Dimagiba

      Perfectly? Just made my day man! hah

  • Kiel

    Gotta give Alex the love on this one. I really really want some kind of tight, lightweight henley to layer under a collared shirt like that. Really breaks up the whole “look I have a tee shirt underneath this” thing. The flannel jacket is beautiful and the boots as well. That’s the kind of thing I could probably get away with wearing in an Idaho winter.

  • http://exis-collecti.tumblr.com Josh

    Dan man, the love the pleats and the textures at play!

  • AK

    Dan for the bomber, for the pleats, and for the Bane reference. Haha. “Take control of your city.”

  • Dave

    Townsend for me, with Wes as a close 2nd. The green trainers are not what I would go for but look great. Love the gillet too.

  • Ben

    Wes, then Alex.

  • John

    Dan! Seems like you found that B3 you wanted for Christmas (although I think Bane’s coat is better!)
    I like Townsend’s look! (he would be first if I didn’t love shearling!)

  • Bob


    Looking sharp, sir. Love the shoes.

    • http://thestyleblogger.com Westley Dimagiba

      Thanks Bob!

  • http://www.twitter.com/iPodschun Derric

    Townsend. If Wes unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt or had a tie, I may have chosen him.

  • Pat

    Wes definitely, Towni would’ve had it except for the shoes, just a little too casual for my liking

  • http://Www.greenlightrally.com Ryan

    Wes gets first place Townsend second!