What I Wore Today: Protect Ya Neck

January 3rd, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Protect Ya Neck”

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!


“Green tweed with burnt orange accents. Gotta love it. Special thanks to Warby Parker for the two-tone eyewear.”


“Santa saw my Christmas post and brought me these boots. Also got my long-ass Rogue Territory jeans hemmed ”


“Lazy, cold, and a pop of color in the dead of winter repping my hometown team.”


Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Sam


  • Contrapaul

    Heyyo- Outdoor shots!

    All of these look sweet.

  • Z

    Wes. Killin’ it. Love the layering

  • Harry

    Definitely Wes. Sorry dudes. It’s probably down to me being a student that I can imagine hussling that outfit myself. Well played all round though.

    Was in NYC this december – one night I got back from a bar in soho, jumped on instagram and realised I had just missed you guys bar hopping in the same district. haha. Would love to meet you all! Happy new year.

  • Tjay

    Dan stays killin’ it like usual but I have to go with Alex on this one. The sweater, cuffed selvedge, and boots are just too crispy.
    I can’t quit staring at Dan’s jacket though.. Those orange accents mane!

  • cam

    im voting for dan for having the balls to pop his collar to keep his scarf warm…haha ;)

  • Jim


  • Matt

    I have to go with Alex for the jacket and sweater, close to my personal style.Alex that sweater kills where’s it from? Dan is a close second but it’s hard for me to wear that to a warehouse job and stay fresh.

  • Joe

    Dan wins this with Townsend coming in second for still killin it on vacation.

  • J Saltzman

    Wes gets my vote on this round. Real fresh, dude!

    • http://thestyleblogger.com Westley Dimagiba

      thanks homie!

  • MB

    Wes wins this one hands down. I understand the utility, but the popped collar on Dan’s photo does seem a little too purposeful. The elbow patches present the orange well enough to not need more accent. Good showing from everyone though.

    • Michael

      Dan may have popped the collar because it was cold.

  • TO

    Dan has my vote.
    Too sick- reminds me of when we talked about the elbow/nape matching jacket detail over a year ago! Killed it on that design man and fantastic outfit overall.

    Secondarily, The battle of the peacoats: Alex wins up top, Wes overall- Lol. If that makes sense… Both are staying pretty fresh here- what material is the coat Alex and any more detail on the sweater?

  • Eugene

    Go Knicks! But I’m gonna have to go with Dan on this one, that jacket is too sick.

  • Alan

    Good effort from all here, but I have to go with Alex again – I’d wear that outfit for sure. I don’t like the whole ‘expose your melton’ thing, but horses for courses.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      Thanks for the vote Alan! What does “expose your melton” mean?

      • Alan

        By melton I was referring to the back of the jacket collar – as Dan chooses to expose in today’s edition. I appreciate that it is a practical thing to do, but I have heard a couple of people react negatively to people doing this and although I’m a live and let live guy for the most part, I think I share their suspiscion a little bit: it can come across as a bit try-hard. That said, suggesting Mr Trepanier can come off as a bit try-hard at at times is a bit like criticising 101 Dalmatians for having a lot of dogs in it. Peace! :-)

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


          I’m a live and let live guy, until someone I’ve never met tries to stay warm while wearing a tailored jacket, than I have to call them out by referencing other peoples’ suspicions in the most cleverly obscure manner possible.

          Thanks for reading Alan. Keep “letting live”.

          • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

            Dan, don’t be a dick to Alan, he’s on my team.

            • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

              I was just kidding, coach.

          • Alan

            Hi Dan,

            Difficult to know how to react to this one….
            I appreciate being called clever, and it was not my intention to needle you (if that is what has happened). Ultimately Dan, a lot of this style game we both play in our different ways is about communicating with people we will never meet. And this is the life you chose, you’re putting yourself up to the public vote! I stated that it was a good effort from all, so that includes you.

            There’s lots that could be discussed here regarding style, ‘trying too hard’, hipsterism and such – I think other people have said things in comments which hint at this. But it’s probably a bit philosophical, and possibly emotionally charged, for a Friday. Bonne weekend!

            • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

              I was just playing. We’re a lot more easy-going round here than most people assume, it seems.

              A appreciate all of your comments Alan…and I’ve certainly heard much worse.

              All the best to you.

            • Joe

              I used to think it looked like one was trying hard until I moved to NYC from Texas. After that winter, I got it when it got cold and windy.

  • David

    Gotta be Wes…cool detailing on the coat and the shoes rock!

  • TimL

    Giving it to Dan this time.
    Nice jacket and glove.
    Nice to see the beard trimmed and a fresh haircut – styled with some glasses.

  • Adyna


  • Oliver

    Dan. Trimmer beard helps too. Is that a MAB blazer?

    • Ali

      Agreed, the beard really helps! I KNEW there was something that gave Dan the advantage this time… That beard is going through its own style transformation this winter.

  • Marcus Forlan

    Gotta give it to Dan. Wes close second in spite of the beanie!

    But all great looks today.

  • Alex

    I’m giving it to Dan that jacket is next level.

  • Jake

    P.S – What’s the score? I think you need to make standings ;)

  • ATL

    Dan, but Wes is more how I would like to dress.

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    Dan. Hands down.

  • Kris


  • logan

    gotta go with Alex, those boots are just too cool

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      For real. Those boots are super fly!

  • Josh

    Haha, Dan is basically saying today – “come children, lets yeah you how to dress”
    Dan with a resounding yea

  • Bob


    Wes, you’re killin’ me. You had me in your corner the first 3-4 rounds! It was the beanie this time.

  • Luke


  • Daniel

    Dan, he blew you basic b*tches out the water

  • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South


  • Gary-A

    Dann wins! That’s definitely an outfit I’d wear.

  • Mon

    first time my vote goes to…Dan!

  • Jakob

    Wes, Dan close second. Wes’s boots are awesome and denim jacket layering is always really cool. Dan’s jacket is really dope though.

  • Simon allen

    Has to be Dan, looking pretty slick as always.

  • Madm


    Which shoes are you wearing?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Thanks. They’re suede chukkas by Massimo Dutti. Cheers.

      • John

        All of you look good, but that green jacket is awesome. Dan wins.
        Also, how’s the quality on these chukkas?

  • sam


  • Jerome

    I like Alex’s coat, but I’ve got to give it to Wes.

  • J. Lamarr

    I appreciate what Wes is doing with the pom beanie, big fan of those mixed in with classic menswear staples.

  • Pat

    Dan most definitely

  • Tom

    Dan, easily. Wes comes in second.

  • Alex D

    We, followed closely by Dan

    • Alex D


  • bk

    gotta give it to dan. but what are the jeans wes is wearing?? they’re perfect.

    • http://thestyleblogger.com Westley Dimagiba

      they are J.Crew jeans in the 484 fit, I LOVE them.

  • Ben

    Dan!!! With Alex and Wes tied for second

  • Jay

    Dan, love that tailoring