The Universal Coat feat. Davis Gooch

January 25th, 2013

Nashville native Davis Gooch, as featured here, knows a thing or two about breaking-in well made clothing.

As a production assistant at Freeman’s Sporting Club, Gooch is a student of practical design who understands the long-lasting value of getting the details just right.

“The jacket featured here is an unconventional but hyper-functional wool overcoat. Lined with 1000D Cordura (a urethane-coated nylon fabric often used to make weatherproof backpacks), it’s windproof, waterproof, super versatile and unbelievably warm.”

Here he shows us three no-fuss ways to wear it.

    1. All Business

    “I like the collar on this overcoat because it’s quietly versatile. Pushed up, it’s a nice junction between traditional overcoat and peacoat. Folded down, the mini-notch lapels make a shape similar to that of an old-school shawl collar car coat.

    I am disinterested in looking the same everyday [as you can see here]. I enjoy mixing up silhouettes and appreciate the contours of different outfits.”

    I love how Gooch takes classic conservative pieces (like the striped oxford, vintage wingtips and blue blazer by Brooks Brothers), has them tailored, beats them up, and puts his own unique-but-subtle spin on them.

    “The pants are the Winchester trousers by FSC. Fit on these is slim, but straight through the leg with a full rise. A little tailoring and they’re great for dressing things up.”

    2. Casual Utilitarian

    “This is just a casual utilitarian everyday kind of thing. I try not to shop a lot, so finding brands that work for me makes it easy.

    I also value sturdier fabrics for my personal wardrobe. They last longer and get better over time.”

    This jacket is so versatile because it carefully toes the line between “dressy” and “casual”. The shot above also highlights it’s unique weatherproof lining which is highly functional, not to mention very cool.

    “Pants here are the denim version of the FSC Winchester. I left these un-tailored for a slightly slouchier fit. Shoes are Clark’s Desert Mali Boots for Supreme.”

    3. Weekend Chill Out


    “Third up is some seriously cozy stuff. Borderline ‘derelicte‘ sh-t!

    I love being warm, especially without a ton of layering, which makes this jacket perfect for a chilly evening…So warm.

    Truck stop beanie does a bang up job of keeping my head warm too.”

    “Trusty long sleeve pocket t-shirt made of durable hemp fabric in its natural color.

    Vintage canvas camouflage pants from Sears Roebuck circa 1940s, also very warm. I dig the silhouette on these because of how slim the fit is around the waist and hips, and how baggy/short the legs are.”

    “On my feet are a pair of oddly esoteric Nike Air Max ’87 sneakers. These ripstop nylon, smooth leather and suede sneaks were released as a tribute to the late great Oregon runner Steve Prefontaine.”

    Even in his most laid back casual (“hobo chic”?) look, every piece has a backstory that speaks to Gooch’s personality and individuality – now that’s personal style.

    • Neutral/orange beanie Vintage
    • Grey wool “Ruster” overcoat by FSC
    • Neutral l/s hemp pocket shirt Vintage
    • Camouflage canvas pants Vintage by Sears Roebuck
    • Multicolored retro air max 87 by Nike


    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Gooch for participating.

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

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    • YL

      This guy’s got swag. His outfits are so simple but speak volumes.

    • Jordan

      Dirty sneakers, dingy t-shirt, old beanie, baggy and faded pants,cigarette…not sure about if that was a joke or a real look, but i respect his effort and culture. I am sure that look appeals to many less fortunate people

    • Sneakerhead

      The sneakers in look #3 are actually Air Max 1s from the Skulls pack.

      • Gooch

        Good work! AM1 is the name Nike gave to the original “Air Max” sneaker, one of the first with an air bubble in the midsole. It’s also known as the Air Max ’87, as there were many Air Max editions to follow (’90, ’95). The Skulls pack is a nod to Pre’s Oregon high school Cross Country team. The Marshfield Pirates logo was the skull and crossbones you see on the back of both shoes.

        Like Dan, I am a retired (eh, recovering) Sneakerhead.

        • Westley Dimagiba

          let me find out you know your sh*t Gooch!

    • Changingman

      The black shirt in #2 looks excatly like a black Levis denim shirt i bought in mid 90’s. I still have it and love it, but , its way too big.

      • Alex Crawford

        Could you get it tailored?

    • RH

      Awesome coat, have been looking for something just like this. Ive tried on similar overcoats where the shoulders and sleeves fit pretty spot on, but the waist isnt really tailored or fitted, giving off a boxy appearance. I know its meant to fit over a suit/jacket comfortably, but is it worth getting tailored, or would that be too pricy?

      • Dan Trepanier

        Sliming down the sides should cost about $25-40. Which is worth it, in my opinion, considering men tend to wear outerwear more frequently than any other category.

        Cheers mate.

    • Simos

      That ring looks great! Does it have a backstory too?

      • Dan Trepanier

        I’m sure it does. Maybe I can get Davis to respond…

      • Gooch

        Yes! Thanks for asking. I have quite a few Laotian friends back home in Nashville, and a couple years ago I attended a Lao New Year at a Buddhist temple in Tennessee, and bought this from a very sweet, small lady. The figure is Yak, a deity/demon who is a symbol of protection. It’s no sterling silver heirloom, nonetheless one of my prized possessions

        • Jay

          Gotcha, what is the size of the coat, I’m thinking of buying it but not sure of the sizing. I’m usually a small (36) in a blazer.


    • Joe

      Big fan of the Gooch. Killer set here, I especially love the first look. I’m adding it the set of all time favorites, which includes this one . I can understand that not everyone may dig this as much as I do, but it’s clear that he makes his clothes his own and gives some thought to how he presents himself.

    • John

      What the hell? Was he even trying in the third set of shots? Looks like he just got out of bed.

      • Dan Trepanier

        I don’t think he was trying at all…and I think that’s the point.

      • Michael

        I get the third look. It’s not for everyone. A youthful, edgier look. If I did a version of the third look, I’d put a a nice button-down collar, heavy cotton shirt, maybe in a plaid, rather than just a tshirt though.

        • Alex Crawford

          Me too man. I dig the third look so hard. I also dig the heavy cotton button-down idea, but I think I would stick to a cream or white color.

    • TimL


      Sorry…. I awalys wanted to say that… .and now I just did. :)

      • Dan Trepanier


    • Pete

      Uninterested, not disinterested.

      • Alex Crawford

        Actually, while uninterested has only one meaning, disinterested has two, one of which is completely interchangeable with uninterested. Though the way Davis used it may sound strange, it is still grammatically correct. Source:

        • Wes

          Interesting point, Alex.

          • Alan

            It may be grammatically correct, but it’s not very stylish.

            • Alex Crawford

              Yeah, but we’re all about creating your own new and interesting personal style here at TSB men, haha.

    • John

      I don’t really like the baggy camo pants, but other than that, an awesome post (as usual).

      I really like the first look! That coat is amazing (and unique).

    • eric

      to many pics of smoking lately, got it people smoke, but why promote?

      • Well,

        why complain?

      • Dan Trepanier

        I feel you.

        But our moto is “keep it real”. If we’re shooting someone, and they want to smoke, we’re not going to stop them.

      • Rory

        Damn you style blogger. After seeing that cigarette I decided to take up smoking. I’m now up to 60 a day and have a complexion like Keith Richards. Sadly I still suck at guitar.

    • Brady

      That coat is amazing! My favorite pieces are those that walk the line of casual and sophisticated. Well done Gooch and TSB team, another great post!

    • Prasanthan

      LOL is he lighting up a joint in that first pic?

      • Prasanthan

        First pic of the last page i mean

      • Dan Trepanier

        Could be a self-rolled cigarette. It’s up for interpretation :)

      • Brady

        He is wearing a hemp shirt..

        • Dan Trepanier


          • Jakob

            It would certainly fit the type, lol.

    • Mr E

      Bloody hell!

      You certainly make it difficult for a New Year’s resolutionist when you feature another cigarette in your photoshoots.

      That is the third time this month, chaps.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Well, not exactly.

        Sorry mate. It’s not really by choice. No one at TSB is a regular cigarette smoker, but when we shoot our featured guests we want them to be comfortable and natural.

        We are not trying to promote smoking! Stay strong Mr E.

    • Rory

      Looks great, love those coats but I’ve always hesitated when it comes to getting one as I am 5’8″ and an overcoat that falls just above the knee looks a bit odd to me. Am I wrong here? I have a peacoat that is a bit shorter as a compromise so is that my best option? Thanks

      • Chris

        I’m also 5’8″ and feel the same way, so I’m eager to see Dan’s response to this.

        Maybe get it shortened a bit at the tailor?

        • Dan Trepanier

          Gooch is 5’9″.

          To answer your question, a tailor can shorten a piece of outerwear…but I wouldn’t spend the $ unless it’s necessary.

          • Alex Crawford

            I’m 5’6″ and I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this coat. As long as a coat doesn’t come past the bottom of my knees I won’t get it tailored.

            • Rory

              Cheers guys. One of those things I was always told that only tall guys can get away with overcoats.

              I’ll definitely reconsider now.

              • Dan Trepanier

                Old fashioned passed-down “rules” like this were one of the major inspirations to start this site.

                Guys have been conditioned to be limited in their wardrobe. Truth is, if you learn about clothes, develop your own style and dress with confidence, you can wear just about anything.


                • Chris


                  Speaking of length, what’s your take on length of a button up shirt worn un-tucked?(Look #2)

                  I’ve always tried to get it to hit mid-rise or a bit higher, and felt like when its too long it looks less masculine/sloppy/out of proportion.