Street Style SoHo, Dec 2012

December 10th, 2012

Another new feature to our revamped Articles of Style Daily: NYC Street Style with commentary from the Articles of Style Team.

It’s been a relatively mild November and December thus far on the East Coast. We hit the streets to see how the stylish gents of NYC are keeping up with the up-and-down weather.

Feel free to share your comments below.

1. Prep School Influence

“Classic American Prep at it’s finest. Slim repp tie to match his slim frame and a stripe sock to pull it all together. Also love the khaki/navy/black mix. Well done sir. ”

2. Mr. Gooch

“Ran into our friend Gooch (as feature here). This guy has amazing personal style, always unique and full of vintage character.”

3. Down-The-Middle

“Here’s a perfect example of combining dressy and casual elements. Relaxed tweed jacket, denim shirt, forest green cords, bean boots, tortoise shades, slick back hair… Well put together, but not too stiff or serious.”

4. Layered Up

“We’re huge fans of chunky cardigans at Articles of Style, and this guy has a beautiful one. From the fedora hat, to the mismatched vest and trousers, to the buttoned collar sans tie…this guy’s got style. ”

5. Unexpected Pattern-Mixing

“Pattern-mixing is tricky business. Typically I wouldn’t recommend camo on plaid but this guy is wearing it well, and with confidence. The details bring together his hip look, like the slim but not tight fit, casually rolled cuffs and well-groomed beard. ”

6. College Style Done Right

“This is what a NYU student looks like, in our perfect world. Youthful, presentable, collegiate. Extra points for the club collar + slim bowtie combination and that awesome moleskin jacket”



Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Photography by Alex Crawford.


  • Gazman

    No. 6 dude looks fantastic – understated, classical and with a touch of elegance.

  • josh cassano

    i just love #6

  • Euan

    Wish you would do more street style posts. You guys always look great but NY is huge and there have to be plenty of people out there that dress pretty interestingly.

  • Jonathan

    I like this alot. I am especially feeling that camo and plaid mixture (one of the things i plan on attempting).
    Well done guys keep it up!

  • Steven

    Dan, all of these new daily posts have been making my life. Keep it crispy.

  • Caroline | Back Down

    Love these – that last look is so perfect.