How to Properly Wear A Tie Bar

December 7th, 2012

– Placement is key. It should be worn around the sternum, just below the chest muscles.

– The tie bar should be the same width, or slightly narrower, than the tie. Never wider.

– It sounds simple, but it’s purpose is to fasten the tie to the shirt. So make sure it’s not swinging around on the tie.

– Lift the top of your tie slightly before attaching it, creating depth with a subtle “bow” above the bar. To accommodate for this, you might want to fasten your tie a touch on the longer side.

– Tie bars come in  countless shapes, styles and metals. The easiest to pull-off is simple and silver. Don’t forget to match your metals.

– Wear it straight across. Perpendicular to the tie, not at a weird angle.

– Make sure your tie knot is on point: properly dimpled and not gapping off the collar.

– Don’t wear it with a waistcoat, cardigan or sweater vest as these pieces already hold your tie in place. A tie bar here can seem redundant.



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Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • rotescholar

    Wearing the tie bar at an angle looks much better than horizontal, in my opinion. Alan Flusser agrees in Dressing the Man, by a principle of elegance.

  • Calvin

    Dan what is the kind/material of the tie your wearing in this photo?

  • Mina

    Hi, just wondering – is it appropriate to wear a tie bar with a double cuff shirt with cufflinks and a pocket square? Or is that a tad too much?! I can’t seem to find any advice on this.

  • Franklyn

    Thanks again for another great post!

    Though a tie bar with a waistcoat or sweater vest sounds redundant, I have found it quite useful. I use my tie bar to prevent the tie from moving loosely under my waistcoat as well as to keep the nice ‘bow effect’ from the knot to the tie bar (as you mentioned in point 4 above). My rule it to never allow the tie bar to show when wearing said waistcoat.

    • Dan Trepanier

      I like that move. Again, these are guidelines that can certainly be broken.

      Thx for reading

  • Joe

    How about a how to properly match a tie? I know you’ve touched on this before with pattern mixing, but some simple tips would make for a nice feature or style tips section (e.g. when to wear striped vs geometric vs solids, with what kind of shirt/suit/event, or how to pick out which colors to match, etc.).

    • Townsend

      Great call Joe! We’ll get to work on it…

      Thanks for reading!