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The M65 Fatigue Jacket feat. Gagan Singh

October 25th, 2012

When we first met Gagan Singh at our Articles of Style event last year, he was rocking this badass military jacket. Since then he’s become a friend of the Articles of Style crew and we’re happy to have him back on the site.

“Probably the biggest influence on my personal style has been the military. Duffle coats, peacoats, desert boots, aviators, khakis, etc.  These pieces were introduced to civilians via post-war surplus and they’ve become classics ever since.

I’ve always been fascinated by the history behind these pieces and how they’ve become a mainstream part of everyday life.

The M-65 field jacket, for example, is the perfect transitional jacket and has become a staple in my wardrobe.”

Here, the NYU graduate (as previously featured here) shows us three versatile ways to wear it.


    1. Business Casual

    The M-1965 jacket, named after the year it was introduced by the US military, is characterized by it’s four front patch pockets, shoulder epaulets, and removable hood (although there have been countless versions inspired by the original, like this one by JCrew for example).

    Check your local vintage and military surplus store for an authentic original in all it’s glory.

    Here Gagan layers it over a chunky cardigan with chinos and desert boots – perfect for commuting to the office on a brisk Fall morning.

    “The desert boots I’ve had for a couple years now. Initially, when the indigo dye from my jeans ran on them I wanted to clean it off…but now I really appreciate it. It gives them a worn look with real character.

    Just like the M-65, they get better with age.”

    • Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Ray Ban
    • Olive M65 jacket by J.Crew
    • Navy toggle cardigan by BDG
    • Stonewashed oxford shirt by J. Crew
    • Navy chinos by H&M
    • Tan suede desert boots by Clarks
    • Canvas duffle bag by J.Crew

    2. To the Office

    Yes, you can wear it over a tailored jacket. I’m all about creating a juxtaposition between casual/utilitarian elements and formal/business ones. Just make sure it’s slightly longer than the blazer or suit jacket.

    What I love most about Gagan’s style is that it’s timeless and rooted in menswear classics. See here

    “Ah, the Bass Weejuns.

    I’ve worn these on Articles of Style before…if you don’t own a pair by now, I’m not sure why you’re still here reading this.”

    3. Casual Weekender

    Of course, it’s a great everyday casual jacket too.

    Best part is, there is plenty of storage for your daily carry – cell phone, keys, wallet, shades, gloves, small book, secret stash…whatever your pleasure.

    “During my last trip to India I found these awesome leather espadrilles. I bought them in black and brown and they were pretty much the only shoes I wore all summer.

    This particular pair is actually an early sample of a luxury espadrilles line that I’m working on…made in India.”

    • Black aviator sunglasses by Ray Ban
    • Olive M65 jacket by J.Crew
    • Knit sweater by Industry of All Nations
    • Faja belt by Industry of All Nations
    • Indigo jeans by Uniqlo
    • Black leather espadrilles Custom Made

    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Gagan for participating.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • maalox

      Like your style! Would you mind sharing which Ray-Ban model you are wearing in photos 1 and 2. Also I am a grey haired male. Any opinion in what color M-65 would work best – Olive Green or Khaki ?

    • http://www.stillinfinite.com Chris

      I think the jacket he’s actually wearing is the Garrison fatigue jacket which retails for $168 (http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/cotton/PRDOVR~19589/19589.jsp) instead of the Hamilton field jacket (http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/cotton/PRDOVR~93137/93137.jsp) which is on sale for $99 (down from $178) now. The Garrison has the epaulets and the attached hood and is a different color than the Hamilton. In addition, the jacket Mr. Singh is wearing lacks the vertical zipped pockets that the Hamilton has.

    • Moses

      I’ve always loved military inspired fashion. I love how pragmatic the pockets are, while adding a very cool style element.

      Love the versatility of this jacket. From the office to the streets…SWAG

    • Joe

      Great post and what interesting style. The field jacket with the coat and tie was a great look and “juxtaposition” as you called it, just enough to make a 9-5’er feel rebellious. Would have loved to hear more details about the line of shoes you’re making. Also very good point about wear coats as overcoats meaning they need to be longer than sports coat.

      Interesting that the jeans featured are Uniqlo (now available online), but the “shop this look” jeans are substantially more expensive. Maybe the idea behind the “shop this look” wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be.

    • Ryan Arnold

      By the odd chance I was in a Goodwill store today and found the exact same vintage jacket. It is a more military green colour than this one, and will need to go to the tailor but the overall fit is pretty good and it only cost $9! Was a great vintage find day

    • Keaton

      Good point, Cam. I really miss the videos as well. I’m sure the team has some new video content in the works!

    • cam

      are you not doing videos anymore?

    • http://ucantaffordthis.blogspot.com/ Travis

      I love the contrast of the desert boots with the navy pants – the mixture of both the textures and colors is astounding.

    • Eddy

      Love this. I can dig it. Very “every man”, but done very well and with personality

    • Alan

      Although I’ve softened a lot on the whole ‘preppy’ thing, I still find the ‘khakis with jacket & tie’ look to be jarring. This is probably the best I’ve ever seen it pulled off, so kudos to Gagan.

      I picked up a beige cotton knee-length parka from the Summer sale at Cheap Mondays (also £15). Longer in length, so not quite the flexibility – but moving to Brighton, a proper Parka has its own magic.

    • Sandeep

      What a sexy man.

    • Jimi Brady

      I need a jacket like this in my life. I’m a big fan of practical clothing (so many pockets…).

    • Don Pierre

      A casual jacket presented in a classic and elegant manner. Good Post.
      Style Beyond Fashion
      The Golden Gentleman Club

    • Johnny

      “Luxury Espadrilles” S.W.A.G. Want them!

    • Joe

      Love the M65 jacket. I have a particular one I bought at Target and it’s a rugged gray number from Converse One Star that’s modeled more after a Belstaff Trialmaster and less of a M65 jacket. I find that to be classically rugged with an edge. I like that just like Gagan here, I could wear that Branson Moto Jacket with practically anything: It worked with practically everything from a cotton blazer to a tee-and-jeans combo. Just awesome! Perfect if it had been made with waxed cotton and came with a pullaway hood.

    • AJ

      Look one was creepy for me to look at as I own (and wear regularly) literally the exact same boots, sunglasses, and cardigan. Guess I’ve been dressing myself right!

    • TO

      Gagan Style! Korean pop jokes aside, Gagan is well put together here, as usual. I wouldn’t have expected to see a M65 jacket over a blazer.

      Sweet about the espadrilles! Love the leather version and that you are designing your own, very cool man. I can only hope they show up on here sometime soon:)

    • ian

      just a tip the belt is industry of all nations woven faja belt

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        As credited in the Featured section.

        Thx for reading Ian.

    • Kien

      Love the M-65 jacket, its so functional and timeless. Managed to get one last year from H&M sale for £15 ($22).