Cotton Suit Cut-off Date?

January 28th, 2011


Hey Dan,

Love the site. Check it everyday, and all that. Quick question: like you, I love the look and feel of cotton suits – I’m also Vegan and therefore don’t wear wool…so how far into the year can you wear cotton suits, are they summer appropriate only? (I also live in the North East)

Thanks and please keep it coming!


    1. Dress for the Calendar



    Hey Andre, firstly thanks for reading.

    As I’ve advised in the past; don’t dress for the calendar, rather dress for the current weather. There isn’t a specific date that I would stop wearing seasonal fabrics like cottons, seersuckers, linens, whites, flannels, cashmeres, etc. I leave my entire wardrobe out all year long, because you never know, there are warm days in the winter and cool ones in the summer. If the weather is appropriate for the fabric, go for it!

    With that said, because I love the look and feel of cotton suits, I try to wear them as much as possible.  On those sneakily warm days in late fall/early winter, for example, I have no problem throwing one on (with or without an overcoat, scarf, gloves, etc).

    A good trick to making a cotton suit feel more Fall/Winter appropriate: go olive green. It’s a surprisingly versatile and fitting for colder weather. Something about olive looks very wintery, even in a chino cotton. Also keep in mind that there are several winter-weight cotton fabrics such as corduroymoleskindenim and velvet, for example.

    2. Olive & Camel

    Bonus Tip: an olive suit also looks great under a camel (colored) overcoat. Look for one that hits at mid-thigh for greatest versatility. Post on topcoats coming soon.

    Bonus Tip II: lapel accessories are the new pocket squares! Plenty more on this coming soon as well…

    Thanks for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • Anonymous

      What a bulge on the firt photo!!!!! Love it!!!!

    • Anonymous

      is it me or he has a huge bulge on the first photo?? Love it!!

    • Jon

      It is outstanding how well the beige topcoat goes with an olive suit. The red in that tie really grounds the other, earthy tones in the outfit.

      Probably one of my favorite fits.

    • Geeksdofashion

      I love the tie and shirt combo that looks really good.
      Now im waiting for an article on velvet blazers. Since you said velvet. I have one

    • Q

      Hey really like the blog, the style is unique and the content original. It’s really been an inspiration for me to start my own… do let me know what you thank and if you have any tips or advice.

    • Joey Dee

      @khord kutta, there are varying degrees of vegans. Some are of the persuasion not to consume animal products in their diets and it stops there for them. Others however, like AH, take it a step further in denying themselves the use of any and all animal products from beeswax to leather to wool to animal fat found in soaps. It is a choice made by individuals to do no harm to any living thing. I am a vegan that appreciates leather goods, wool, honey, etc, as I view it from the stand point of longevity of the product and for waste reduction purposes. Others like myself choose not to eat meat for health purposes and industry standards. I hope this helps.

      Dan, thanks for the help on the tie, i got the job and am looking to start soon. I also appreciate the forthcoming vegan section, and also appreciate the detail on the lapel,!

      • SB

        Thanks for sharing Joey Dee!! And congrats on the new gig.

        All the best,

    • vali

      Just discovered your blog, I think it’s very, very good. Some otfits are too bold for me, but overall it’s an excellent source of inspiration. Now I can’t wait for your new post! I hope too see some heavy winter outfit tips in your future posts.

      keep up the good work!

      • SB

        Welcome, and thanks for reading.

        All the best,

    • Krugger


      Outstanding, the gingham shirt, the suede boots and the cotton suit is kick ass. Fits you great as well, sometimes with those Bball thighs almost looks too tight but this one is perfect.

      • SB

        Haha. Those damn bball thighs.

        Thanks for reading.

    • Pierre

      Awesome suit, can wait for the weather to change and see what’s good this year!

      Big fan

      • SB

        Thanks Pierre! Best, Dan

    • Mark

      I think that suit would have been killer as a three-piece.

      • SB

        Agreed. Although I rarely go three piece on lightweight suits, only because an extra layer in the summer time doesn’t seam practical. But I guess it does extend the time period you could wear the suit….interesting.

        Thanks for reading.

    • nounours501

      i love the color, very original

    • JMRouse

      Awesome suit and those gloves are killer. I actually have a pair of Gucci’s that I think are very similar to those and love them.

    • khordkutta

      Why no wool as a vegan if the animals are kept alive?

    • Christian

      I love the cotton suit, i’m currently in search of a double breasted cotton suit to wear when working abroad. Great minds.



    • dsc

      Hi SB,

      is it me or are the trousers a bit longer then usual? from what I recall it’s not the first time (previous post I think had you mentioning that you are indeed wearing longer trousers). Is this now something you prefer or just a coincidence? I myself tried shorter lengths and I have to say it works quite well on narrow leg opening, around 7-7.5″ or so.


      • Anonymous

        Maybe because it’s winter.

      • SB

        Hey Tom. These trousers are similar in length to what I have been wearing (slightly covering the back of the shoe). I think they look longer because the wrinkling in the cotton gives the illusion of a break.

        Yes, a shorter inseam works better with a narrower leg opening, and vise versa.

        Thanks for reading.


    • Thecomebackkid

      Hey Sb,
      what’s your take on work boots?
      you got a fan all the way from the philippines man..hahaha

      • SB

        Posts on boots coming soon. Thanks for reading. Hope all is well in the Philippines brother.


    • Anonymous

      Your iron must not work on cotton. (Last picture)

      • John Ryan

        You must not wear cotton suits often, then. Part of their very appeal is their lived in, devil-may-care, so-what-it-looks-good-anyway wrinkled,, storied panache they bring to the table

        • SB

          Well said John. I completely agree. Thank.

      • SB

        I’m not sure there exist irons that don’t “work” on cottons. Slight wrinkling is simply the nature of chino cotton. I actually like my clothes to look a little lived-in (and yes, my cottons a little wrinkled). If you are deathly afraid of wrinkles (to the point that you would make this comment) than I would probably advise to steer clear of cotton suiting (and drive the complete opposite direction from anything linen). Although you are really missing out.

        Thanks for reading.


      • Anonymous

        “iron must not work on cotton”

        shut up.

        • Richard

          Anonymous, did u go to school at all?

          Wait you don’t need to be schooled to know irons have cotton heat settings!

    • Tha tguy

      great post,

      could you do an article on Tie-Shirt combination’s?

      • SB

        Yes, I certainly could. We will add it to the list.

        Thanks for reading,

    • Paul

      The suit, all of it actually, looks fantastic. You wear it well sir.

      Cotton suits from J. Press and the like looks so good and get better (and softer) with every dry cleaning.

      Great post – and I really like the blog.


      • SB

        Thx Paul!

    • Erick A.

      Awesome. just when i thought olive green couldn’t be any more versatile.

      Question: I see you’re wearing what seem to be suede shoes. I currently purchased a pair of suede wingtips and would like to know; how is it that you keep them protected from the elements?

      • SB

        Hey Eric. I typically only wear suede footwear when it’s dry and the forecast is clear. Sometimes, like in this case, you can make it around on wet pavement in the concrete jungle that is NYC. Just be aware of puddles.

        Thanks for reading,

        • Erick A.

          Thanks man. I think I’ll be better off just waiting until all these snow storms are over! haha.

          Thanks for the tip.

    • Les Frères JO’

      Olive suit is superb, very nice color choice ! Camel overcoat also (permanent style), Hyped !

      if you like french men street looks :

      • SB

        Merci les gars. Salut, Daniel